Halloween...what a treat!

Friday, October 31, 2008

6:30am: Kids up
8:30am: Tre has a fun day at school with a fall festival party!
9:20am: Rod goes to school for EPC & studying then class
9:30am: Appointment in town
10:30am: arrive home & let britt wiggle after being strapped in all morning
11:20am: Pick the T-man up & lisen to his days adventures!
12pm Lunch
12:20pm: Nap time & Quiet Time. Mmmy runs like crazy time!
*Mommy showers, mops, gets costumes ready, bakes, cleans bathrooms, misc...
2pm: Britton is up from sleep & super duper GRUMPY!
2:30pm: Mommy screams in pillow
3:00pm: saving grace arrives--Rod & our friends the Finkleas
3:30pm: load up car, run to walmart for candy...because we totaly forgot to buy some
4:15pm: arrive at Tamsyn & Jeremy's house for a yummy dinner
* Chili
* Hot dogs
* Potato Salad
* Sparkling Punch
* Fruit & Veggies
5:15pm: Trick or Treat Whiting's neighborhood
6pm: Head over to our home
6:20pm: Trick or Treat our neighborhood
7pm: Dessert
* Candy apples
* Cake
* chocolate peanutbutter bars
* Ice cream pie
* cup cakes
* candy...of course!
7:40pm: Kids meltdown...the que that it is time to wrap things up
8pm: bath, story, prayer, songs, kisses, hugs and sweet dreams
8:30pm: Mommy & Daddy Crash!
Happy Halloween!

Tamsyn & I couldnt decide whose house to do halloween at this we did BOTH! double the food, double the door knocking for treats! So we had a progressive dinner of sorts. It was a fun night & all our friends marveled us with such creative & DELICOUS treats!! Lara brought punch with a frozen hand taht was so cute! Tamsyn made Mummy dogs & a frozen jack-o-lantern ice cream pie, Laura made her fabulously yummy peanutbutter bars, Heather made a potato salad that I wish I had snuck home with me, and the sloans wre the surprise guests & offered great company! Our friends are amazing! What a great halloween!

Sclater Sick-os

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The sclater home was full of sniffles & tears this morning. Tre has been battling a cough this week, but without slowing him down..until this morning. He & his brother were playing & his cough started to act up. He coughed & coughed & coughed...& then the inevitable happened. So after some kisses & cuddles I settled him on the couch & opted to keep him home from school toady. Britt has been battling teething & all the side effects that go along with it...the runny nose, the irritability, the sleeplessness. So I settled him on the couch too. We laid low all morning in our sweats trying to keep warm & comfortable. By 10:30am Tre was feeling much better & ready to play. So we made some cookies & then Tre went off to play while Britt held onto me for dear life for the entire day. The boys are in bed & britt is restless, but I'm hoping both will settle in & be rested & ready for Halloween! Tre has a school party tomorrow--a fall festival--& Im just so excited for him! He has been talking about it all week! Heres to hoping Tre & Britt wake up feeling better!

Happy Birthday Mema!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is my grandmother's birthday. 32nd birthday, right gammy?
We love her so much. She makes us laugh & really loves to hug & hold our boys! She keeps busy with making her house a home. It looks cuter every single time we visit! She loves her family & all of my childhood holiday memories take place in her & grandpa's houses. She makes yummy meals & knows how to have fun! We love you Grammy! Have a fantastic Birthday! Sending you all our love!

More about Monday

Monday, October 27, 2008

Britton had a really hard day today. The boy is getting 3 teeth & is just miserable. he decided to play & take off his clothes at nap time rather then sleep & I am certain he regretted his choice by 4pm when our guests started to arrive. Rod & I are pretty confident he will sleep well tonight.
Tre ran errands with his dad in town today. While in wal-mart Tre asked for a new match box car. Rod said not today because Tre already has so many. Tre's response was this: "not for me daddy! For britton!" Now who can say no to that?? So with 97 cents in hand Tre bought his brother a new car. And in addition to thinking about his little brother he asked to buy me a lil'treat at the check out line. Its fun when Rod tells me these little moments he has with our Tre. I feel so proud that he thought of others before himself...which is VERY hard at 3.
Rod had "Fall break" today and again tomorrow. Unfortunately...for a med student there is no break. Its a very demanding & requires so much effort. He is studying even as I type this. He takes his education really seriously because he wants to provide for our family. I love him so much!
As for was another day as mom & wife. Did a lot of house work & laundry & ran some errands in town. Played with the kids & had Tre be my special helper while giving extra love to our teething Britt.
Baby has been extra squished these last 3 days & has been pushing hard on my right side. Sometimes he pushes so hard I swear he is going to burst right on through. I will say this is really my only complaint. I love having this little boy inside. This pregnancy has been a dream! Most days the only indication i have that I am even pregnant is that i have a huge belly & can feel him moving.
That's today for us. We are happy, the boys are deep in dreams, & Rod & I are a bit sleepy. It was another fabulous Monday!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Plot: mothers attempting the unimaginable
Characters: 7 kids from age 4years to 1 month & their silly parents

oh well we tried.

Tonight we had a pot luck or sorts at our house. We just love the Finkleas & Whitings! They are so amazing! Tamsyn made her YUMMY YUMMY rolls, & a Halloween treat that I should have taken pictures of 'cause it was so adorable. And Ms. Laura made one of her FAMOUS salads. The girl can make gourmet salads...and homemade dressing! My contribution was a penne dish with Italian sausage, red & orange peppers, basil & olive oil. The kids had mac & cheese. After dinner the guys went into the playroom while us girls stuck by the food. We snacked & chatted. The guys (as rod put it) "Broke up fights & saved lives." Our very own super heroes! Having 7 kids all under 4 running around has it hazards. We girls don't get the chance to chat much with out the kids so the guys try to take over when we all get together. It doesn't happen often that we can finish a whole sentence when the kids are around...although last night after a sister in our ward's mother's funeral the three of us stood outside in the freezing cold in skirts having a good ol' time talking, knowing that our kids were snug in their beds & we had a moment to mingle. I'm pretty sure the funeral home management thought we were some strange ladies. It made for a funny memory! We had a fun night & now we are looking forward to Friday night. We have a neat night planned so we are excited!

Mr Pumpkin Head

Saturday, October 25, 2008

who needs a Mr. Potato Head when you can make a Mr. Pumpkin Head on your own? The boys were slightly irritated with me today as I decided to clean while they were awake ( I usually Try to save heavy cleaning for when they are asleep.) so As one of the activities we cut out parts of a jack-o-lantern & pasted them onto pumpkins. They had fun being silly & trying new combinations.
Rod was able to help another sister in the ward this morning with her home. He really enjoyed himself. & then this evening I had been asked to give the opening prayer at a baptism. So we put on our Sunday best & headed to the church. Its always such a wonderful experience to see someone baptised. I love watching Tre looking on with such interest & fascination. Tre & Payton were pretty cute sitting side by side talking about when they will be baptised & about the woman being baptised.I love opportunities like this when Tre sees the gospel truths with his own little eyes. What a blessing.

Trunk or Treat

Friday, October 24, 2008

When Rod & I got home with the boys after the ward Trunk or Treat, we rushed to get the kids in bed by 8:30. 2 hours past regular bath time. & we were all feeling it! After we got the boys snuggled in for the night, we sat on the couch & talked. A lot about family. A lot about the ward family. I know I have said it before, but I love our ward here. I knew we were supposed to be here even before we moved. It was the clearest insperation we have ever recieved...but when we arrived & attended church in our new ward we KNEW why. We know that the people here are so kind, & so generous & just plain fun! You can feel such a spirit when around each of them. They have blessed our lives tremendosly & my heart is full of gratitude to each of them. Our bishop is amazing. he has a full schedule, medical school professor, doctor, husband, father, and yet he ALWAYS has time to help a ward family member with a medical problem or just to listen. He loves the gospel & is vocal about his faith. He is bringing students & faculty to see the love taht our heavenly father has for each of them. We feel so blessed to be here. Thinking about leaving the ward near breaks ne into tears (not to imply that making me cry is hard...because lets face it, I cry at all things.) The ward had a great time getting together & loving on the kids. They had so much fun! Britton was everywhere..i mean EVERYWHERE, the boy acted like he knew exactly where he was going, he had a mission!! & Tre was enjoying his costume & friends! There was such a good turn out! I love seeing my family so happy. Rod once again had that happy glow as he always does when around the priesthood of our ward. (lucky for him there is another service project today! yay!) We loved every game, every hot dog, & every smile from a friend! We are now all excited for the 31st! Tre is already itching to wear his uniform again!

Happy Halloween!
for a flash back look at our photo bucket site in October 2007. Look at how the boys & their friends have grown so much! The link is on the right side of our blog!
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