Saturday, September 28, 2013

The week flew by.
thanks for the memories & hugs & support & the spoiling of the 5 & all the loads of laundry folded & dishes washed. 
Now I  just have to remember how I do it alone everyday. 
(I would also like to add that I am not sure why blogger wants my 
b&ws to be all sepia-ish. -weird.) 

{a week in the life}

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Mom was a trooper this past week.
My dad was here saturday & sunday & then took off to Houston for work.
While Dad was gone my mother accompanied us everywhere. 
She lived a week in the life of a mom of 5. 
as Tre would say. 
"It was Cra-Cra." 
Speech, errands, taekwondo, activity days, scouts, church, ballet & tap, appointments, phone calls to & from the school, pre school, parent orientations... I could go on. 
She was the best company! 
& When my Dad came back Friday they threw a birthday bash for Luca the Dog (but lets be was for the kids.) 
& while they partied with the 5...Rod & I snuck out for a group date with neighbors. it was a great time. Lots of laughing. 
Never a dull moment. 

{the princess & the pie}

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple pie & afternoons in the back yard with family.
Omah & Presley made apple apple pies. yup. two apples there.
the children jumped on the death trap as i see it. 
Our tramp has seen better days. the net ripped & the spring cover is disintegrating in the Texas heat.
(Santa is replacing both.) 
I just don't watch & hope for the best. 
Mom of the year award right here. 
Presley pranced about in dress ups all day. 
I love when my Mom & Dad visit.
Omah & Opah bring the best out of all of us. 
I slow down & breath, Rod worries about my tasks being daunting less, the kids have more arms to wrap around them. 
We cannot wait till we live near each other again.
Sunday dinners, sleepovers... 
it will be a beautiful thing! 

{& then...}

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The children were playing as the sun was setting.
the activity of choice was tumbling. cartwheels. flips. & the likes. The girls were cheering on my boys as they did their best to flip across the front lawn.
& THEN...
the surprise they had heard about all day 
arrived in a red rental car. 


 Omah, Opah & Luca are here! 

{etc etc etc.}

Friday, September 20, 2013

Stopping to breath seems to be a luxury these days.
I live in the car.
Scouts, School, Taekwondo, ballet, tap, activity days, 
birthday parties & speech therapy, church, PT conferences 
etc etc etc...
The children are really enjoying themselves
which makes it all worth it. 
I love watching them develop their talents & interests. 

This weekend will hold lots of photo worthy hugs and moments....
but as Tre often reads this blog/journal 
of mine I have to be hush.
a surprise is coming this way for the 5. 

Hopefully I will be better about pictures...and not just instagram this upcoming month.

This little buddy is just so fun.
The boy does NOT ever sleep. ever. 
but He is a happy baby, & that makes my sleepless nights much more manageable.
I love happy babies. Heck, I love all babies. 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 months.
Getting big.
& he loves it! 


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Backpacks are back on the hooks in the entry closet.
School started last week for Tre, Britt & Maddox. 
Although by the look of these pictures you would think Presley is ready for the big bus too.
(she is sporting Maddox' old backpack) 

I want to spill my guts here about how hard a week it was for Britton. But I kind-a feel like I am throwing him under the bus if I do. Lets just leave it at the fact that he is such a tender hearted little guy who is super bright & gifted but really really REALLY wants nothing to do with school. He tries to leave reguraly. I have already cried while talking to his teacher & I try to make it a rule in my life not to sob in front of people I haven't known for at least 48 hours. I try to reserve the crazy for friends & family. But after a week of beating myself up over it all...I am feeling optomistic that someday, with help & love, he will figure it out. Maybe Ill laugh about his antics someday too. I really hope so. But for now I have come to accept that this year will probably be a lot like last year for that sweet buddy of mine. & that just breaks my heart.

To Britton's teachers & staff, 
May the odds be ever in your favor!  

oh yes, & we finished off the day with fresh baked cookies & chats. 
Maddox is not sure about pre school. He is scared of the school nurse & her antibacterial spray for cuts.
that kid is just the funniest. & he lucked out! He has Britt's beloved Mrs. H! She will be perfect for him! 
Tre is being Tre. Perfect & hard working. He likes his class & is making new friends. He is thrilled to be back in the classroom. 
& now I put on my gameface for another week. 
(but I don't wanna!)
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