---->>>> 4

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maddox celebrated his 4th birthday. Nothing too fancy, just family, love, cake & presents too. Maddox was feeling ill so we laid low & watched a movie & ate popcorn. He says it was the best birthday ever.

at 4 Maddox:
likes knock knock jokes
loves to make up stories at bedtime
demands that its his turn for prayer every time
introduces himself as "Maddox William Sclater"
sleeps with his alligator & sleepy blankets still
likes to play with Britton
can be sweet to Presley
makes up a name for the new baby every day
loves going to speech & seeing Ms. F.
loves all food. will try anything.
says when he grows up he wants to "drink soda" (we are a no soda for kids house.)
plays dress up as heroes & detectives
is fast on his bike
loves a good snuggle in the rocking chair
plays star fall reading on the iPads
has 21 nursery rhymes memorized
Loves his primary teacher at church
likes to have jobs to do
falls asleep in the car instantly
has the bluest darn eyes anyone has ever seen. ever. no really. ever.
hates to sleep

He is my tricky one. The one I hit my knees for the most. He has the biggest heart & the sweetest grin of baby teeth. We love that boy through & through.  He is such a lovable little guy! 


---->>>> November 22nd

Monday, November 26, 2012

Omah & Opah are here.
We could not be more happy about that!

Omah & Opah cooked up a storm in our kitchen. 
This prego momma was told to rest up.
I did however make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
(Rod assures me that I will be back to my energetic self soon. I am feeling so zapped.)

The boys went for a walk with Opah to get things to make a centerpiece.
We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
We made our gratitude tree leaves. lots of them!
We sang christmas songs,
Daddy read christmas books,
couch naps were had,
we drove every single wheeled toy we own.
& we ate a gourmet massive dinner.

Rod was with us. & that alone is a blessing.
he gave up his day sleep before his night shift to participate in the holiday.

Maddox threw a 3 hour off & on fit  because he wanted to BE AT the parade...
not just watch it. we drew maps & tried to explain to him that actually making it to the parade this year was not feasible. He did not believe me. so instead we just rocked in a 
rocking chair until he settled down.


---->>>> evening time

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



the weather is gorgeous, not too hot & perfect for shorts & play clothes. Omah, Opah & Lucca are here.   The children are enjoying a less structured week of play & sweets! 

In addition to this week being full of yummy food its also about family. Perfect time for THIS .  

---->>>> trophy

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sports are over for the fall season. We made it with the boys each on different teams with busy schedules. 
Today was the awards party for the Sharks, Britty's team. He was a happy camper when he received his trophy & cake. Madds was even given a medal since he had tagged along for the lunch party. 

I have had a few more ultra sounds due to some fun pain that takes my breath away. They just wanna keep an extra eye on the babe. Here is the latest picture of Baby boy as of yesterday. He now has cheeks like Presley, Lippies like Maddox, nose like Britton, & hopefully will get T's disposition. Although he made a few grumpy faces when we were pushing on him.  


looks like a S baby for sure!  Now to name him. 

---->>>>this week

Saturday, November 03, 2012

We made it. We had a busy week here & with a big 9th month belly I was not sure we were going to make it. ( I am a major whimp this pregnancy. usually it does not slow me down...but man alive I am dragging this time around.) But we took it one step at a time & everyone took a turn reassuring mommy that its going to be okay. 
1st came an ancient greece program for T & his 2d grade class (pictures to come.) then halloween night trick or treating & just tonight the elementary school's fall festival complete with rides & carnival like food.  The kids had lots of late nights with sports & festivities. I know they will really enjoy waking up on their own tomorrow morning. 
The man of the house has been working some wacky shifts in the ICU so he missed most of the week, but we sent lots of pictures via iPhone to help him be a part of halloween week. He works dang hard & I make it a point to talk to the boys about their dad & how he loves us so much that he has to sacrifice the fun nights so that we can have all our needs met. I want them to feel that same intense gratitude for him as I do. 
 Because Rod was working through trick or treating our neighbors chipped in and did S family head counts & even refused to let me pull my wagon of kids. & again tonight we had lots of loving friends helping with the 4 as they ran from ride to bouncy house to game. We even had dinner dropped off to us tonight with fresh bread. 
I feel very loved! This weekend marks a more leisurely one with a few sports games & cold/sore throat recovery for us girls. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I know Presley looks content chowing down at the festival...but I will tell ya. The poor girlie was in need of some serious snuggles from me & anyone else who would lend a hug & an ear as she fussed away. I attribute it to the heat & the noise. It was just too much. The boys on the other hand were devastated when I said it was time to go. I am glad they had such a fun night.

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