{weekend rundown}

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This weekend kicked me bad.  I am sitting down finally. But Being busy is not always bad, just means we are getting things done...and there is nothing wrong with that. We had a ward picnic. The kids buried their shoes & I had the pleasure of finding them. They ate hot dogs and watermelon. The bishop & his wife taught me how to grill. Go ahead laugh. We left good and FILTHY and short one pair of Presley sandals. When we arrived home it was 5 in the showers or tubs to shake off the remnants of a fun picnic. It has been reported that Britt still has some sand in his ear. Cute boy. After a good scrub down the babies went down for naps & the boys headed out to play with the neighborhood friends & eat cake for M's big birthday! It was a fun day for the children. Once they all hit the hay Rod and I read & reread our talks for Sunday. We had the privilege of sharing our thoughts & testimony of our beloved Prophet. I am not a great public speaker. My legs wobble, but for the first time I was not sick to my stomach over it. We have known the members of this ward for 3 years now. I felt comfortable with their faces looking up at me. But more than that...I had 3 little boys, one of which sat with his super sweet Primary Teacher looking up at me wide eyed and proud. I told a story about Maddox & he was beaming. His smile was so big that his nose was all scrunched up. I had to laugh while sharing my story. Those sweet faces of Tre, Britt & Maddsy were all I could see. How could I be nervous? Rod's talk was fantastic & he always throws in such flattering comments about me. He is so kind to me. He calls me his sweetheart in all his talks. This weekend also marked the start of a new calling for me. I miss my little girls in activity days, but I am already enjoying my new responsibilities. I love that the church requires much of us. It challenges us to grow & be better disciples of Jesus Christ. I hope our children see our eagerness & willingness to serve whenever & wherever we are asked to. & now I am gearing up for a short week of school for the biggers. Very exciting! I see easter egg hunts in our future.
As a side note it is almost 9pm & Presley is demanding with her signs for me to 1. paint her nails pink. 2. braid her hair like Ana from frozen. 3. get her dress ups from her bathroom closet. 4. put a tiara on her head & mine.  all while she is in her bed, where she should be dreaming. She is definitely the princess extraordinaire. 


Sunday, April 06, 2014

There is one thing I hate about Conference.
It ends.
The words start to fade, and the feelings become distant. I want so badly to hold on tight to the moments that touched me most this weekend.
Its not always easy to keep the children busy & happy while we attempt to soak in the words that have been prepared for our day.  We miss much of what is being said, but sometimes it gets quiet & the roars dull & I hear that thing that I needed to hear, that will compel me to improve, to move. I like to think that angels quiet the crowd so I can be filled up with the ways I need to help guide these little ones back to our Heavenly Father, that we might all be together for eternity. 

“You are an eternal being,” said the Church’s Presiding Bishop. “Before you were born, you existed as a spirit. In the presence of a loving Heavenly Father, you trained and prepared to come to earth for a brief moment, and, well, perform. This life is your four minutes. While you are here, your actions will determine whether you win the prize of eternal life. In a sense, your four minutes have already begun,” he said. 
“The clock in ticking."
Of course I thought of my own  "4 minutes" but my heart also went to the children. It is very much my responsibility to help them with their time here, their time with me, which seems to be passing me by faster & faster. 

Elder Teh gave four “treasures in heaven that we can lay up for ourselves.” I thought this was fitting & went so well with the analogy of our "4 minutes" here. These treasures are the things i hope to gift to my children that they might have these things for themselves & to share. 
The first treasure to acquire includes the Christlike attributes of faith, hope, humility and charity. We have been counseled repeatedly to put off the natural man and … become as a child’" (Mosiah 3:19).
“Second, we need to put more quality time and effort in strengthening family relationships. …”
The third treasure involves serving others as a hallmark of a true follower of Christ. “Jesus said, ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me’" (Matthew 25:40).
“Fourth, understanding the doctrine of Christ and strengthening our testimony is a labor that will bring real joy and satisfaction.”
Elder Teh  finished with this...“I bear testimony that our priorities, tendencies, inclination, desires, appetites and passions will have a direct hearing on our next estate. Let us always remember the words of the Savior: ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’” 
I pray that Our 5 & in fact, everyone around us sees where my "treasures" lie, where my heart is. 

{never forget}

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our neighbors mostly all have family that live near by. But for us our neighbors are very much our family here. We gathered our folding chairs & The G family pulled their grill curbside. All this spontaneously on a pretty evening. Gabby sent me a text the other morning & it was a picture of a quote that read "you never forget the neighborhood kids you grew up with." I know without a doubt that our children will always hold dear the memories they are making with these wonderful families.


Monday, March 31, 2014

The weather has been beautiful. It seems to put us all in a great mood. We spent much of the weekend outside playing. Presley was out jumping on the trampoline in dress up. Rod joined her. I love watching them together. Rod is so tender with his little girl. & she is so affectionate with him. But on occasion she makes him work for a kiss. 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our adorable little neighbor, C invited Presley over to watch Frozen.  We hurried home from ballet class, sent Maddox off to school on the bus then walked in the rain down 3 houses. We felt rather spoiled when we walked into a party! Andrea made snow with the children, they ate cupcakes & other treats. The movie started & the children each received a blanket and popcorn. Presley returned to me all smiles & with painted nails. Her way of showing me her happiness since she still struggles to find her words is to hug me tight. She hugged me over & over again. 


Monday, March 24, 2014

 After church it seems like a mad dash to shove food into their tummies & put them down for naps. 3 hours at church can really wear out the babies. The bigger boys have "quiet time." They read, color, tinker on electronics, dig out the play doh. whatever it needs to be quiet. Im a crazy person when it comes to quiet time. Complete compliance or else! Like I said...Crazy person. When naps have been had its always very obvious that we won't be on schedule and kids will be getting to bed later than usual & thats just part of late church & late naps. No complaints here. This Sunday was much like others before it. Shirtless lounging & brother hugging. Nothing special. But I imagine someday these pictures of just a regular old sunday evening will be pretty special to me.

{Arizona prt.4}

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mom & Dad, 

The kids walk  run into your home like 5 little swirling tornadoes of energy & personality. Each one demanding something different. Christmas brownies, play doh, markers, your iPad, your attention. I never see you skip a beat. I never see the look of  desperation during their storms.  I  feel it on my own face, but never see it in yours. You act as if you yearn for this chaos.  & that is why you are the most magical of grandparents. You embrace each of these babies. You make sure they each get a moment or two or three alone with you. You listen & hold their hands. Your patience seems limitless. Spilt juice (again)? no problem! fingerprints (on everything)? no biggie!  loud squeals and tag matches in the house? Lets join in!  Mom & Dad, you are blessings in the lives of these children. They find their identity in this family of ours. When we speak about families here at home or when they draw pictures at school...its never just 7 people. There are 9 & a dog, named Luca.  You are every bit a part of their everyday as Rod & I are. Thank you for being here for us even when the miles keep us physically apart. Thank you for loving the messes & the noise! We love you & certainly never take you for granted. Not for a second. 

I love you. 

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