{lacrosse & a suit}

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tre has been super busy with advanced classes at school, a new instrument, stake choir, scouts, & 2 lacrosse teams. He is always on the go...& if he is not he is willingly helping out with siblings, house work, even cooking. He is so much like his father...always looking for opportunities to serve & learn. 

I am so proud of him. He is constantly surrounded by roughness at his school. It not ideal, but its actually the best fit as he is able to take classes at 7th & 8th grade level to keep him challenged, none of the other schools were able to move him up at his pace rather than just his grade. The boy is incredibly smart! Today after school we sat down & talked about how he felt about his environment & then we read a talk by President Monson & watched the LDS message "Dare to Stand Alone." It made me cry because I realize Tre often has to stand alone, but more than that...I am proud beyond words of how he is willing to choose what is right & work hard. He is a good kid! Always (almost) grateful & loving. 

Tre turns 12  this December & we had big plans to buy him a suit for his birthday as he will be receiving the priesthood then. But when he joined the stake choir he was in need of a jacket & we thought..what the heck lets just give him a new suit, shoes, belt, ties now. Watching him put on his tiny little JCrew suit with his dad just bought broke my heart in two. Those two have my heart. Tre is getting big fast. I don't want to blink. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This conference was incredibly different than any other for our family. I spent the week prior preparing activities & treats for the children because I would be leaving for Utah with the young women from church. We had tickets to Sunday morning's session & lots of things on the agenda to do. Amongst those we went to a BYU game, to see the best saddest movie ever about my friend Maria's brother, The Last Descent. We sobbed loud & long! Our eyes were incredibly puffy the next day! We went  to visit the SLC cemetery & saw where many church leaders were laid to rest. We ate lots of great food & explored. We visited temple square & the visitor's centers. I missed the children, but really enjoyed my time with the great girls & Kim Stephens. This calling has helped me grow in ways I never anticipated. I feel more deeply rooted & edified with each meeting, activity, lesson. I love my girls! The children survived, but more importantly Rod did, & made me feel like I was doing the right thing going with the girls. I love that he makes sure I can fulfill my calling & attend church activities designated for the girls & woman. He really has figured out how to run the ship without me!  Back to conference...Sunday morning's session was perfect. We had fantastic seats & all had our notebooks out & ready to fill with thoughts & inspiration. President Monson is simple amazing. He is frail in body, but strong in spirit! His words were short, but the meaning deep! I am so glad the girls & us leaders could be in that conference center to hear the words of our church leaders. I will never forget the things I felt & heard over the conference weekend. 

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