{Presleys slide show and pictures}

Sunday, July 08, 2018

{Presley gets baptized}

Sunday, July 08, 2018

I am sitting here trying to place all my feelings into words. Yesterday was incredibly spirit charged. I felt it, Rod felt it, The children & my parents felt it. There were tears and reflection and I honestly can't even begin placing it all together enough to put it all down. 
We have had 3 other children baptized. Each baptism was special and beautiful. Each child was hugged and loved and celebrated. But this time while sitting in the chapel after Presley & Kiersten were baptized I was overcome with emotion. I had my parents and all my babies in the same row. I looked at them and saw eternity. I then saw the rows behind us...The Keys and the Crosbys sat behind us supporting us and loving us and loving our little girl. Then came the confirmation and I was overcome once more. There around my daughter stood the three men who introduced the gospel to me. The Three 19 year old boys who brought me to church when I was a teenager were now in a circle with hands on my daughter's head blessing her to receive the Holy Ghost. My heart couldn't take it. The gratitude I felt made my heart physically ache. I have all of this. I have the gospel, a husband, children, joy because three 19 year old boys just weeks before their missions to different countries of the world were bold enough to tell me what they believed and live what they believed. Fast forward 17 years and we have 14 kids between us. We are all married and their wives are my sisters. These are the people who we will grow old with and go on trips with and celebrate becoming grandparents with. These are our people, our family. Having my parents and these two special parents here for Presley's baptism made the spirit almost tangible. The love was thick. Presleys glowed and grinned and I don't want to forget how shy Pres was being in front of everyone so when good ole Uncle Charlie and Uncle Travis went in for a hug after the confirmation she bent away. We all got a good laugh at it. 
So many wonderful people came and helped out. Sister Patti Peterson spoke about the Holy Ghost, Sister Jill Gibson played the piano, Sister Laurie Peters made the programs, Kim said the closing Prayer, Carli  made the beautiful sign I asked her to make for the welcoming table, Debbie came in the changing room after the baptism to do Presleys gorgeous braid wreath, Travis & Charlie served as witnesses. So may people came and loved our Girl. Our hearts are full. 
After the Baptism we went home with My sweet parents and the Keys and Crosbys to eat and play, chat and celebrate. the kids all get along so so well and had a great time. I can't help but smile when I see these honorary cousins playing and getting along. We watched a slide show set to music I made for Presley. Lots of tears were shed. Theres something about watching a baby grow to age 8 in just a few minutes that pulls on the heart strings. The guys ended up having a big nerf gun fight with the kids and it was too cute. Kids swam and ate and we all had a great time being together. My parents had to return to Arizona so we hugged good bye and are excited to see them again in just a few days. 
After the guests had left for the night and the children were in bed Rod and I were able to sit and talk about the highs of the day. Listening to his blessing on Presley was my highest. Watching the families I love all in the chapel together was wonderful too. Rod expressed how much he loves our Presley. He truly is heart broken over how fast they are growing up, especially our girl. 
It was an amazing day. I hope we always remember the spirit we felt. 

(I love the pictures of the guys with Pres...think Full House and 3 men and a baby. so funny!) 

{Crosbys come to town}

Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Crosbys took time out of their summer to come see us for Presley's Baptism. It meant so so much to us. The Friday before Presley's big day we dinner and swam with Oma & Opa & the Crosby Family.  We see them often but this visit felt extra special. 

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