{The start of the end}

Monday, May 07, 2018

 Last week was packed with fun activities and achievements for the kids. Things seem to speed up as the school year wines down. We have a wax museum presentation next week and muffins with Mom, teachers appreciation week, field day, finals,  and graduation ceremonies all in the next few days and its fun to watch the children work hard and succeed.
Last week Presley had her school musical about summer vacation. She was fantastic. she remembered everything and was just the cutest little Disney goer. When they told her to dress up like she was going to Disneyland she did not want to just wear a t-shirt...she had to wear her tutu. always the cute tutus. She is known for her big southern bows and tutus around here. Coop really enjoyed cheering sister and other little friends on.
That same day Tre was inducted into National Junior Honor Society. He worked super hard this school year (well every year.) even with HS classes as a 7th grader to keep his grades above a 3.8 and to accomplish the required in school and community service hours to be a candidate for NJHS. He did it! We are so proud of him and his determination. The whole gang went to watch him and clap for him as he received his pin. T is such a good example to his younger siblings of giving it your all.
We finished off the week with tacos and swimming with our best friends. We are all ready to finish off the next two weeks and start our summer vacation! Bring on Pjs, movie nights, swimming all day and lots of being together!

{Conference & Easter & a homecoming}

Saturday, April 07, 2018

I hope my children read through all my notebooks that I keep from each conference weekend. I always try to write down more what I feel than what I hear. This particular conference I tried to write down the things I needed to act upon after each speaker.  It was such an exciting Conference weekend. Watching the children stand to sustain our new beloved prophet was touching and a smile was plastered on Rods face & mine for the rest of the day. We missed having T with us. He is such a good kid and is going to play catch up and listen or read a talk in his free time till he has heard all the talks. Each year as the kids get bigger we experience conference differently. This year Britt, Madds & Presley sat and listened so well. Coop did great on Saturday but come Sunday he had ants in his pants. We played our usual conference games and puzzles. We ate tons of baked goods and even made homemade pizzas between sessions on Saturday. Easter morning the kids were excited to see the easter bunny had come. They were so good about waiting for the Easter egg hunt till after the morning session. As excited as they were all about the Easter Bunny visiting they were even more excited to have big brother back after his travels to Italy. We postponed Easter dinner till after we got him back. It was so fun having the kids make and hold up signs as he drove up to the house. My momma heart about melted as they tackled him in the car...and as if that wasn't sweet enough the boy brought home such thoughtful and fun souvenirs for each sibling. He wanted to east and shower and sleep but not before handing out the treasures he collected for them. It was a memorable Easter! 
Now my next big task is collecting all the Italy pictures from his phone and his teachers, friends, facebook etc... to make him a book of his first trip over seas. 
Also...I don't know what I will do when he leaves home for a mission, college, and starting his own family. It might kill me. If I could stop time. 

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