{Goodbye October}

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

October seemed to come and go so quickly. Its November already & the kids wear jackets to school in the mornings and ride bikes in shorts in the afternoon. Its such a pretty time of year here. I didn't want all of November to fly by without documenting the last bits of October & the early bits of this month!

heres the run down...

a huge messy explosion of home made slime with the neighbor friends. All the kids came in with glue and slime in their hair, shoes...head to toe.  I had to hose down the drive way and walk up to the house. oh the mess. scary thing is I committed to let them do it again this week. But they all had fun.

Halloween night. We trick or treated just around our part of the neighborhood. They had a blast. 

With Rod gone I was uncharge of the boys' rain gutter regatta boats. We did the best we could. They looked pretty rough but even so...Britts took 2nd in the whole thing! We were pretty darn excited! I love Madds' boat. so sweet! We miss our guy. 

& then there was this. Oh man it was so incredibly fun! Tre's new travel team (we switched which was super hard, but we needed him to play with a team that was fed into by the schools where we lived so that he traveled with some of his MS team mates. complicated & sad...but he is starting to really find his place & prove himself. especially after this weekend! anyhow...) had a tournament & they were undefeated! Tre only let 3 balls in the entire tournament! he splits role as goalie, first time ever! and honestly we were a bit nervous about that...but it has been such a great thing! The other goalie, Matthew is the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. he & T are such great supports to one another. They are not competitive with one another instead they see themselves as one unit and of one team. Its awesome! & His parents are such great people too. We all get along super well and Matthews Mom, Michelle and I like having each other during games. Goalie moms can get super crazy with anxiety. Its nice that we all have each other & the boys can share the weight of goalie together. Huge blessing! Sadly T & Matthew go to different middle schools so they won't have each other during those games. They are both amazing goalies! lucky for our travel team!! 
It was a tricky weekend because they made it to final 2 and the final game fell on a Sunday... I shared these captions and pictures on social media over the weekend... so proud of my guy. even though it was so stinking hard to miss out! 

Sunday Morning:  
Yesterday T’s travel team finished off day 2 of this weekends tournament undefeated. Bringing them into the final 2. The championship game is today. Sunday. 5 years ago T made the choice not to compete on Sundays. It has become increasingly hard as he has become goalie (and a dang good one!) the past 3 years & as he has traveled to tournaments away from home. But last night he questioned if he should make an exception tomorrow. He was high on the wins (I was too!) & wanting in on tomorrow’s big game. We prayed & read the words of latter day prophets and decided to sleep on it. This morning our buddy woke up resolved that he would do what he knew was right. So he suited up for church & strapped on this tie & prayed for his team! He is such a good example to me! #byulacrosse#choosetheright

 I posted this around 6pm Sunday night:
We have an app that reminds us of tournament schedules & has real time score updates. Even though we were not at today’s last game (T made the personal commitment not play Sundays)... we sure were jumping up & down excited when we saw this & got a call from a sweet Mom filling us in on the game! It was a nail bitter of a game with overtime and an end score of 6 to 5. The boys are officially champs! I can tell more victories are ahead! And I think this solidified with T that we are blessed if we do what is right! #choosetheright

and here are the champs! Undefeated and so dang happy! That last game was crazy...or at least that is what we were told by moms who called to fill us in & by watching the scores change in real time. Winning this tournament really made T feel like a part of the team. Its not always easy to walk into a new team, but he proved himself and earned his place! So proud of T & all these boys who played fierce and with all their hearts!

{Trunk or Treat 2017}

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Another Trunk or Treat! The children always look forward to it & we do too. The kids were all very certain about what they wanted to be this year. Gone are the days of family costumes & themes, but its okay because I love seeing their little personalities. Britt & T are always big on the laughable costumes. this year T was Jake from State Farm & Britt was Colonel Sanders from KFC.  Cooper is all about ninjas, so he was excited to be a power ranger-green, his favorite color. Maddox wanted to be some kind of killing robot that he insisted all his friends were going to be, but after several chats about violent games etc...I was able to persuade him into an iron man type suit that we both felt we could compromise on. Presley is always hard...I have ideas and I try to point her too, but she has a mind of her own, as she should, and wanted to be a fairy. They were all very excited about the final looks. The children loved walking around with friends. Britt wilted pretty fast and sat in the back of  the van handing out candy while I walked around with his bag for him. Cooper had the messiest bloody nose and walked around most of the night with tissue blocking his nose. Poor thing was so embarrassed by his bloody nose. We came home with lots of candy & the trading began right away. It was a great kick off to all the trick or treating ahead of us. 

{Magic Mountains}

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The children had off from school today. We decided to finally go & visit the colorful art work that we pass overtime we head to California. Its called the "7 Magic Mountains." Britt was in awe of it & Maddox googled all he could about how the boulders found their way to the spot where they stand now. Tre was a huge help and carried Cooper & settled Presley who was not amused by "nature" as she put it. I love her. It was a beautiful day to stand under these huge pieces of art. So glad we live so near the Keys so we have great friends to explore with.

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