{Saturday & Sunday at Duck Creek}

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Saturday Morning everyone got ready for the day & the kids again went outside until the first session of conference. Once conference began everyone gabbed a spot & settled in to watch & learn. Overtime the kids saw a speaker or a leader was quoted they got to pick a prize out of a bag with that leaders face on it. The kids loved it & it helped them stay engaged & know who was speaking. After the 2nd session of the day we returned to the lake again, it was just as fun as the day before...except this time Presley & Nicholas both fell in getting super wet & putting an end to the afternoon. Hot showers, a warm dinner & a movie for the kids while the Dads watched priesthood was a good way to end the day.  After the children went to bed the grown ups sat up chatting & catching up sans kids. I love these people so much. They are family.
Sunday Morning we packed up & readied the kids for conference again. We planned to stay for the AM session & then leave after & listen to the afternoon session in our cars. The kids had a harder time focusing on day 2 of conference but they sure did try. After packing up the cars & cleaning out the cabin we all hugged goodbye and drove our separate ways...but not until I broke the under part of my car while driving out of the driveway. Leave it to me. Thank goodness that Rod, The Crosby's, & The Keys had not left before me. Yikes. Travis & Rod cut the broken part off on the side of a mountain road...& then the trip home began.
These reunion conference weekend are always just what we need. Good friends & good memories all with the words of our general leaders. We are already planning the next one!

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