Sunday, February 22, 2015

We have done this since Tre was 4 & Britt was 2.  He have the boys give some thought as to who they might want to give flowers to on valentines day. Tre sticks with Avery Grace every year because he really cherishes their friendship. Maddox misses his sweet Ms. Mindi, but had a sweet classmate, Elle in mind. I met her Mom at Kneaders a few months back & we hit it off, & turns out they are members of our church. super fun family. Poor Britt! Ella Grace was not around! Valentines day happens to be her birthday too! The big 8! So we left her little bundle of red tulips on the door step. Her Mom & I always get a kick out of the yearly pictures thought because Ella Grace is a good head taller than Britton. Its funny. We love the little valentines our boys picked out! They are all very lovely little girls! Our boys are generally outgoing, but not do they get shy when they knock on that door. I can hear their little hearts beating. I am so grateful for a husband who is instilling these ideas of being a gentleman in our buddies. I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who wants to not just have a good time with our children, but wants to teach them & prepare them too.

{right now}

Sunday, February 22, 2015

While 1/2 the country is buried under a whole lot of snow with temps in the negative we are really eating up this Texas spring. The flowers are already starting to bloom on neighbors trees, pink & white (reminds me of our Kentucky house.) & dandelions are sprouting up in the yard. A little glass of yellow flowers rests next to my kitchen sink provided by sweet little flower pickers. The warm weather means walks to the park, and walks to the market. Rock collections & bug hunting & laying in soft a bed of clover that  has taken over part of the yard. It means open windows. It means maybe the bug that has plagued us for 3 weeks is almost over. I wear sandals, they wear shorts & skirts without tights. All this makes motherhood right now beautiful.

{Kinder Cowboy}

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rodeo days is a lot of fun for school aged children. They learn a bit about Texas & Rodeos & even have a day to dress up. My sweet friend Krista Lent Maddox this fantastic & eye catching get up! Oh man it was so fun getting him dressed that morning. I have a hard time imagining raising our babies anywhere other than here. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The boys are taking Piano lessons. I love hearing them practice. I love that they LOVE to practice & go to lessons.When i hear them playing I think of my Memere & Pepere & the organ that lived in their house. Reminds me of the first song I learned to play on that organ, Silent night. My Pepere was so patient with me. I miss them, but they left me a lifetime of memories & lessons!  The weather was dreamy the past couple of days so while the boys had lessons we went to the park, only leaving to swap out a boy for another. 80 degrees is not bad for mid January. It was a beautiful evening that's for sure. Maddox & Britton played while Cooper & Presley paired up. Tonight bedtime was rough. Its hard putting so many littles to bed alone  night after night. Then came the homework check. & Do not get me wrong...I really really Like T's teacher. She is amazing & the perfect teacher for our bright T, but with that said...her homework scares me to death! Its lengthy & involves a lot of Mom time. I was struggling to get T headed in the right direction on a long assignment that involved a collage so I called my lifeline. Rod. He whipped out ideas in 20 mins. Love him for that! It was such a huge burden off my shoulders! I know he feels badly for being gone months at a time, but he finds his way to help me out back here at the home front.

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