Monday, January 15, 2018

It rained and I spent almost 90 minutes looking through bin in the garage storage to find umbrellas for the children. We haven't needed rain boots or umbrellas in years.  The kids thought they were pretty clever while I was hunting down real umbrellas. I love their humor!

{Last day of 2017}

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Years Eve fell on a Sunday this year, so we stayed at home and spent the night setting family goals and playing games. We kicked off the night by changing into PJs right after church. We had a mini pinnate that Cooper insisted we needed. It was a big hit & Cooper was so proud that it was his idea. When the sun set we threw 200 glow sticks in the hot tub and inflated light-up balloons. We put on suits and climbed in. We set family goals. Some of the ones we set are....
1. Read the Book of Mormon again (at least 18 verses a night) 
2. Pray for missionaries and opportunities to be a light and show love.
3. Increased temple work as a family-Indexing, temple visits, family history.
4. A family trip
After we were all good and wrinkly we had s'more dip and coated to the new year with sparkling cider, chocolate milk and water. We watch the little Netflix countdown & at 8pm the kids were tucked in bed ready to awake in 2018. 
I hope this year brings wonderful things for the kids. some things we are already looking forward to so many fun things! Here's a few...
Tre goes to Italy in April
We have a little vacation in the works for spring break for the 4 younger ones
Britt is going to Disney with his 5th grade class
Presley gets baptized in June
A Disney Cruise
Rod has his last year in the USAF as a doctor. 
Cooper starts Kinder
Britt goes to Middle School
Its going to a big year! I can't think of a better bunch to make memories with and grow with then this sweet family of mine! 

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