{Presley goes to a dance}

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My heart just about burst last Friday night. Presley has been waiting for weeks for the father daughter dance at her school. It was a disco theme so she & I searched high and low for a disco inspired outfit that was still girly and cutesy. After school on Friday we took all afternoon painting her nails, doing her hair & makeup, finalizing accessory choices. After she was done getting ready we had Rod stand at t he bottom of the stairs for the big reveal. All the boys were so excited for Presley. Rod is amazing. He is so thoughtful and through in all areas of his life! As a father he makes sure to always go the extra mile. He bought Presley the cutest little wrist corsage. I fell for him all over again. It was darling to watch him present it to her. She kept telling me all night how special she felt. I was able to watch much of the dance via school live cam. I loved catching little glimpses of Rod and Presley dancing together. Presley loved seeing her girlfriends and danced on stage with them too. I really do love this school and its efforts to make each child feel special. Moving south of the city was definitely the best thing for our 5. Presley was tuckered out after her fun night of dancing and being out with just Dad. I hope she remembers this night forever! I know Rod & I will! 

{New Baha}

Friday, March 09, 2018

After weeks of patiently waiting, Britt's new Baha arrived. He was anxious for the day he could retire the band. This new product from cochlear allows us to push off surgery even longer. The device its self works better than his last one and the hardware for wearing it is super discreet unlike the black band he has warn for months now. The cochlear representative met with us and our audiologist on Wednesday & she brought along the accessories we ordered for his Baha. We ordered a mic for teachers and a color kit to change the exterior color of the headgear. We set up the Baha to Britt's needs and shaped the headgear. He smiled just as big as the first time he could hear. This new way of wearing the device gives him confidence. We have been so blessed that no one has picked on him for his band. The school students and staff are fantastic. Before the appointment ended the rep from Cochlear gave Britt a tote with so many goodies. The best part was that the Cochlear mascots is a moose. Britt has had a stuffed moose since he was a baby and it still lays next to him in bed each and every night, tattered and loved. The glow from Britt as he pulled out a stuffed moose with its own Baha and a moose coloring book amongst other things is indescribable. Biggest toothy grin! I love how this boy sees sunshine in everything! He is amazing! & can barely see his headgear!We love cochlear!

{February rush}

Friday, March 09, 2018

 February flew by & it brought valentines treats and a visit to Oma & Opa's house in Arizona. It was a wonderful busy month & we are already counting down the weeks till pool weather & summer break!

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