{Holiday Weekend}

Monday, September 01, 2014

Last week was a sneak peek of things to come, but then we were thrown right back into summer mode with a 3 day holiday weekend. Natalie planned a party for Saturday night & we had yet another great night with neighbors. The big water slide is always a hit. The children took a quick break to eat & returned to the slide until the rental guys came to deflate it.  The cherry on top of the night  was that my mom was here to join us. She was such a help to me this past week with the new school schedules & routines. Tomorrow we hop right back on the school bus, but the extra few days of summer schedules was appreciated. 


We also had a wedding & went out for an impromptu burger place with neighbors for lunch. I snapped a picture of Tre & his buddies while gussied up for church. Thank goodness for instagram & iPhones! 

{1st day}

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The obligatory 1st day pictures. Their expressions crack me up. From fake smiles to laughing. The boys are too much & Presley was a riot! I asked her if I could take her picture. She says "yeah. sure momma!" & then hops on the front step & turns her back to me. sassy pants! She thought she was pretty funny. We are so lucky that parsley's little friend who lives just across the street is in the same Pre-K program as Presley. They were a comfort to each other & held hands as they walked to their very first day of school! The big boys acted like old pros & Maddox refused to admit he was nervous, but his face said it all as he walked in a line to his kindergarten class. I was so so glad my Mother was here to assist me in all the running around the first day brings. Her excitement for the children really helped the children feel confident & thrilled to get back in the classroom. Maddox came home exhausted & told his Omah that he had a "hard day." because it was so long. But they all were happy & ready to take on the school year when they arrived home. Presley even announced she was "proud of myself" I definitely worried about that baby girl, but she did it! They all did! 

Here are our Pre-k, kinder, 2nd & 4th graders! 
The S family is taking over!  watch out H.O.E.! 

{Eve of the 1st day}

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our 6th Back to school dinner. 
The traditional meal of Spaghetti & meatballs with Garlic rolls & salad.
Sparkling cider for toasts & the yearly character challenge. 
We challenged Tre to plan ahead. He is a hard worker & we really want him to keep the end in mind. He has big dreams & if he wants to get there he needs to plan for tomorrow. Britton tends to spend much time alone. He enjoys it. Playing games alone, reading alone, playing legos alone. We challenged him to be a friend to someone who needs a friend. We hope it will encourage him to look around & notice the other children near him, & hopefully he will step outside his comfort zone a bit. Maddox really needed this challenge. The boy is a bit sassy, & talks over others frequently. we want him to listen 1st & think & then respond or act. We are working hard on that one. He just has a lot to say! This is Presley's very 1st challenge. It was hard to think of one for our sweet & sour birdy. In the end we hope learning to be with others 3 hours a school day will help her learn to be calm even in moments where her words are struggling or someone is not understanding her. Calm responses would be a wonderful development. Its hard to believe we have 4 little students now! Rod gave the children their yearly back to school father's blessings. Presley decided she was done mid blessing & hopped off her seat & ran off giggling! Oh well...its the thought that counts right? 

Heres to a great 2014-2015 school year! 

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