{Mission Beach Prt. 7}

Sunday, November 18, 2018

4th annual friend trip is in the books. It was another fun reunion. We left with all the littles we brought so I say that's a success. This year we had lots of playtime since it was not over a conference weekend. The kids made wonderful memories and I left loving these people even more than I already did. They make me want to be better, kinder, happier. I also loved having Rod around. His hours have been wonky as of late and when he is not at his hospital he is at another hospital or another hospital or in Virginia at other hospitals. He is a busy guy working hard to prep our family for the next step...whatever that is.  I do know this though...these reunions aren't stopping anytime soon. 

{Mission Beach Prt.6}

Saturday, November 17, 2018

We have always wanted to see the San Diego temple in person. The pictures of its bright white sides and intricate stained glass have always left me longing to visit it. Before church on Sunday we got all 14 kids dressed in their Sunday best and we headed to the Temple to walk around and snap a few pictures. It was a beautiful morning and the temple was even prettier in person. Coop was not feeling well so right after sacrament meeting we gathered our babies up and headed back to the house while the others followed not far behind. Coop had a fever and felt pretty crumby most of the weekend but was not ready to claim defeat. He tried to participate in everything. He was the first to fall asleep most night. Presley and the girls could be heard talking about how excited they are to go inside someday. slow down girls! 12 is not far off and its breaking my heart how fast time is flying by. We joked that we would have to plan these friend trips around weddings someday so that we can go to all 15 children's weddings. Lets not even talk about that. My heart can't take it. 

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