{Las Vegas gets a snow day}

Friday, February 22, 2019

 Wednesday night it started to snow. We let kids get out of bed and go outside to play. It kept on coming & the temps kept on dropping so we were certain there would be no school on Thursday. I mean, this city has not seen snow since 2008! They have 2 plows from what I have been told and it wasn't just our area, but all over the valley. The kids went to bed late with dreams of a snow day. I set my alarm for 4:30 when the school district said they would if school would be in session or canceled. When I woke up everything was white! & it was still snowing. I thought it was in the bag. But wouldn't you know it! the dang district decided that school should be in session. Now a lot of people might laugh that the city was expecting a cancellation over 5-8 inches. I mean that's not a lot, but this is not Utah, or Michigan. This city never gets snow! They don't have the tings needed, like salters to make it safe for driving. nOt to mention kids don't have boots and thick jackets here. Its sneakers and sweatshirts for desert babies. So the kids walking or waiting for busses would be ill prepared. Teachers reported busses being 2 hours late to school and kids walking arrived with wet shoes and socks. Well, after convincing rod to get on board with my plan...I decided to keep our 5 home! I mean its been 9 years since my kids had a snow day. Cooper & Presley are 6 & I wanted to give them this day to make memories! & we did! no regrets! We were out in the snow by 7am building snowmen, throwing snowballs, catching snow flakes on our tongues. The kids rode bikes and scooters too before we were ready to sit by the fire and warm up with cocoa. Then Rod & I thought the cherry on top for the day would be taking them to the movies and buying lots of treats and popcorn! We saw the Lego movie 2 & we were the only ones in the theatre! it was a blast. at the end during the credits the kids danced and sang at the front. Again I realized that keeping them home was the best thing we could have done! We had a blast. The movie was just the best. I loved when the characters started to sing about how things are not awesome, but that's okay because they can't always be awesome, but we can try to make things better! What a positive message. I am a cryer. I cried. Life is full of not so great moments, but you make the best of everything & help each other along the way! We went home and finished the day with pizza and Tre studded for a trig test in preps for returning to school the next day. The snow had stopped, and I made lunches. Then we got a call from the school district that there would be no school the next day (Friday) due to cold temps over night that would result in icy conditions. I told the kids and they celebrated by jumping up & down and screaming on the couch. I laughed. is Friday & it was a beautiful day! 55 degrees, sunny & perfect for going to our favorite soda shop & getting waffles from the waffle truck. It's funny...on the snow day there was school. on the sunny warm day there was a snow day. We are all having a good laugh over it and enjoying our 4 day weekend! We will always remember our snow dayS in Las Vegas.

{lacrosse season}

Friday, February 22, 2019

Its another spring! Which means its time for spring ball!  I love watching T & Rod warm up before games! We have had a surprisingly cold few weeks & this game 
was the night before we got snow in Las Vegas! 

{Valentines 2019}

Friday, February 22, 2019

Our little valentines had a great February the 14th. The boys brought Presley flowers and macaroons (her favorite treat!) every year the boys go outside & knock on the door until Presley answers the door. Her little faces lights up every single time. We made valentine pails for the 3 elementry babies this year & the kids loved them. The 3 younger ones also handed out super cute valentines that reflect their fun personalities. Britt was relieved that he didn't have to bring flowers to a friend this year. He is getting to that silly age where things feel a bit awkward. WE think it's adorable. Tre brought candy from Lolli & Pops to a few friends & the kids brought some to teachers too. we had our traditional heart shaped waffles. The kids know This is a tradition I grew up with. My mom was the sweetest & gave me her old waffle iron & the sound it makes between waffles is the sound of my childhood. I love that we have these special traditions. Just like every year the kids heart attacked each other's bedroom doors & ours as well. those little drawings & messages are treasures. WE definitely felt the love this year! 

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