{Spring Break-part 2}

Monday, March 28, 2016

Because it was Easter weekend we had a few visits from the Easter Bunny! He left notes for each day of Holy Week. We watched some videos & had some short little lessons. We even had an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of the resort left just for the 5. They were so excited! & so full after eating all the treats left for them! I used to dread sharing a hotel room with the kids, but I love it so much now! We all sleep so well snuggled up sharing beds. The children seem to be better friends during & after these little family trips! I really love it! We had such a wonderful visit with Omah & Opah. Lots of sunshine & new memories! I am so grateful for all the help my parents have given me during these past 6 months! In fact...when they got home my Mom called sad because she missed us all. Now I am 100% positive she is a saint. 

{Spring Break-part I}

Monday, March 28, 2016

With Rod leaving his station I was feeling overwhelmed and worried & cried for about 3 weeks straight provoking Rod to ask my parents to help me. My Mom has been living more at my house than her own the past month and a half. I was not sure it was such a good idea honestly. I was worried that my bad mood would affect our relationship. I was just in a bad spot. But the day she arrived things turned around. I felt so much better! I had someone to talk to & help love on my littles. She was here the week before spring break & then as soon as the kids were off from school she took them back to Arizona with her. Leaving me with an empty house & some much needed time to check things off my list like a visit to the dentist, Time at the Temple, garage organizing & naps, bubble baths & long runs.  It was really productive & wonderful. But it was just as wonderful to get them back into my arms. On Thursday of break I met up with my parents & the kids at a Resort on the south side of the City. We had a great time! The Pool had a beach complete with sand & pool side services. We ate fruit platters and smoothies, & lunches. Presley was Tre's shadow & he was so sweet to build her castles & play with her. She's a riot! Her poses kill me. I wonder where she gets these poses of hers! The days of candid photos are lost with that one. She sees a camera and she becomes a mini model. All girl! We went to the arcade & the kids had a good time playing to win. We watched movies & ate brownie sundaes in bed. We played outside in real grass. REAL grass! My mom even took off her shoes and played tag with the 5. 

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