{Utah day #4}

Monday, July 31, 2017

I had hoped Tre would take a ton of pictures of his fun away from us, but then I remembered he is a 12 year old boy. He was too busy to think about pictures. But I snuck a few from the last day. Parents didn't really go & watch each day, but whenever we were driving somewhere we just "happened" to find ourselves parked along the fence watching for a few plays or drills. He looked great. I love that he has found his thing... & even better that he is good at it & loves working at it! He was exhausted after a fun week. He slept for what seemed like 2 days when we got back home. 

{Utah day #3}

Monday, July 31, 2017

After a few days of walking and being out of the rental house we decided to have a more low key day with next to no walking for Britt. We drove through Provo Canyon and passed all the beautiful water falls and river and reservoir. We made it to Heber City and climbed aboard a super cute train to tour the beautiful reservoir and mountains. The train was adorable with music and snacks. The train was even held up by some bandits out for our gold. The kids loved it & teased the robbers. The Robbers only left with a fake dead duck and the kids thought that was hilarious. There was fiddle playing and gun slinging, rope twirling...all things western. It was a good time & something the kids will always remember. Of course we missed having T with us, but he was having fun at BYU lacrosse camp. When they weren't on the fields they had a talent show, went to 7 peaks water park, movie nights, night games...all of it. 

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