Saturday, April 27, 2013

my relationship with Presley,  my only girl, has changed.
Sometimes I feel like she just does not want me.
Or maybe she does not need me.
The petite little thing used to snuggle with me on the couch every single morning.
She used to wrap her fingers around mine & lead me up the stairs to play with her babies in her room.
She hardly looks at me.
I cannot help but think she is mad-ish with me 
for having a new baby.
After all, she was the baby. & We sure treated her like it. 
Still do really.
Its been weighing on my heart.
I sure try to make special moments with her every day.
Paint her toe nails. help her with dress up. read her some books. 
Today it was an extra long bubble bath that I joined her in.
We played with Tinkerbell's hair & hummed made up songs.
She really is my special treasure. almost 3 years later & I am still awe struck by her. How did I get so lucky?

Presley the mermaid...

here she is mad that I was washing her hair. poor dear....but that scrunched up nose is pretty sweet.

Curls like mom. I never know what to do with mine...& now I am not sure what to do with hers... 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poor Presley.
while my 4 boys & I were doing this....

she was doing this...

sick babies are the saddest. 

speaking of babies... our he baby, cooper had his audiology appointment. I really do not know what to say about the results. They were not good. He will see the ENT next & has blood tests ordered now to rule out some things. He is such a happy boy though & for that I am grateful as all heck! 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well-p it finally happened. 
T's name got picked to bring home the class pet for a weekend.
I was dreading it!
Rumor had it "Acro" blind, deaf & the kicker...ate her babies a few weeks ago.
a real charmer.
gag me. 

But home she came & the kids were thrilled.
Because I am nuts I made the kids wear gardening gloves while they held her.

Tre was too much. He really hammed it up for the camera.
Dont be fooled. He loved having the responsibility of having that little gal over for a visit. 

I will say...I do not see a hamster in our future.
But it was a treat to see the kids so excited. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Because Tre's lacrosse team plays games on Sundays Tre only practices with them. 
well lucky us! 
Saturday they had a scrimmage.... & so all 7 of us loaded up & went.  This just might be his thing! I was super proud of the confidence & focus & skill he displayed! I kept thinking..."that's my kid!"  

playing goalie like a champ...

hanging around...

sunglass thief! 

getting the ball! way to go #3!

someone misses coaching....


Thursday, April 11, 2013

In conferences past the kids seemed pretty quiet & did really well for being so young. I mean 2 hours 2 times a day for 2 days...that is a lot of sit & be quiet time. 
something crazy must have seeped into our drinking water this time around. 
crazy would be an understatement.
But with that I TOTALLY get that they are young. 
Tre was sweet.
The boys were being so loud that he could not hear well so often he could be found standing right next to the television or computer so he could hear better.
He is a spiritual giant in that skinny body! 
This conference seemed particularly geared towards the family. or maybe that just what I needed to hear & so it jumped out the most to me. 
I love the talk about successful marriages most of all! 
& the talk about chastity! which was a great segway for "the talk" that Tre will soon be receiving from mom & dad about such matters. 
one part of the conference that i carry deepest in my heart is when it was said that the hours of dinner & bedtime are of utmost importance. Of course I knew that already. But It was a refresher that I need to really REALLY focus on building up the little self esteems, building good relationships within the family & building testimonies. I always try to put my electronics away when the boys get off the bus. Now I mean business. I took facebook & email off my phone...making it just a phone. 
I don't want distractions from the things that matter most in my life.
Someday they will be grown & gone & I do not want to remember their littlest years with regret of waisted moments. I want to soak them in while their shoe sizes are still smaller than mine. 
It was a wonderful weekend with lots of renewed ambition. 

Saturday morning the little boys had a special outing with dad to get mulch & do a kids workshop at home depot. spring is in the air & its time to refresh the yard. They were excited..although this picture sure does not show it..which is why I find it hilarious. sillies!

this is what conference with 5 looks like....

This was our new game. Each talk we gave the kids a word. If they heard their word they got to pick a treat! they loved it. some words were...priesthood, gospel, heavenly father, savior, scriptures...

sack lunches & busy bags for the kids...

{Mass & Baskets}

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Easter bunny came Saturday to Omah & Opah's house since we would be arriving home on Sunday. The children were excited about all their treats. Chocolate was consumed all day...which lead to a super fun start of our drive back home. SUGAR! 

Sunday we watched THIS & talked to the children about how special a blessing it is to know that we have a savior. 

But let me back a up a few days. I grew up Catholic. not the kind that go on Easter & Christmas either...the real deal...Catholic. My parents did a wonderful job instilling faith in my childhood. my mother taught catholic education. My dad worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs so I could attend Catholic schools.  I am eternally grateful to them for that. I think of how many children do not have God in their lives & it breaks my heart. One observed holy day is "Good Friday." The day in which Christ died on the cross for our sins. My parents were going to Mass Friday night (as always) & I thought it would be a wonderful experience for Tre. Mass is beautiful; with its music, chants, prayers, candle light. On good Friday the stations of the cross are walked. Tre was glued to my side for the 90 minutes. His eyes bright with wonder. He asked great questions & I loved sharing a bit of my upbringing with my eldest. I also loved sitting in church with my parents whom I could not love more. Oh man I love them. 

our Easter eve & Easter morning....

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