Summer Lovin'

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sclaters definitely love the summer! With Rod gone for all of June we have really tried to enjoy July and get the boys out doing some fun things. We went to a water park, had a BBQ with friends, played at the parks, went hiking, just had a fun month! We even found time to get some house work done with the help of a friend. and earlier in the month Rod and I ran away together! We left the boys with Omah (poor Omah was left to tackle our boys alone as Opah was away for work.) and went to historic Charleston SC. It was incredibly romantic. We really enjoyed each other. I have such an amazing husband! He continues to impress me with his thoughtfulness every day. The boys had such a blast at Omah's while we were away! Here are some pictures of our summer here in Kentucky!

Blue about the Blues?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its official (Rod would say it has been for months. he seems to have the talent for predicting the gender of unborn children. silly guy has never been wrong. not once!) We are expecting another Boy! Thats right...If I wasn't out numbered before I am now. We are thrilled to be expecting another sweet boy! Its fun to think of our boys wrestling, getting dirty, playing on the same sports teams, going on missions (over lapping missions mind you) , meeting sweet girls (whom I will LOVE as my own since it seems we may never have our own little ladies--only a few more tries, and Rod says they too will be boys. ha) We are just so happy that this little peanut growing inside is doing well and is strong. We have been blessed with such healthy little boys and we are ever grateful! So, the question I got today a lot was...are you disappointed? And no, I am not. I really wanted the big bows, the chance to help my daughter pick out a wedding dress, see her raise a family of her own...but Its just not what Heavenly Father had for us this time around. Boys are beautiful and fabulous. They love their mommies unconditionally. so I am excited to be loved and to love another sweet Sclater. I do feel however like we sure let a lot of people down who were really hoping for a darling girl. But im certain everyone is just as thrilled as we are! So no blues about all the blue in this home! ITS A BOY!!!

Porch Insperation

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rod and I were sitting on the front porch of our home the other night enjoying the fire flies and each other. We usually wrap up each day with a recollection of funny moments the boys provided for us that day. This particular night our conversation lead to all the funny moments we have had as parents, some truly funny, while others funny because we just didn't feel like crying at the time. We remember a lot, but also realize we have already forgotten some of Tre's comments that bring us to laugh for days. And our little Britt, heaven knows he will be giving us a life time of memories we wont want to forget. And so here I am. I once was an avid journal keeper, but with few extra moments journaling has taken a back seat. I hope to use this blog to cataloge some very adventurous days with a house full of boys & to share these moments with our family and friends. We also will be phasing out our photo journal on photo bucket and posting pictures here instead. We will keep our photo bucket site active so we (okay, me) can all look back at the past 3 1/2 years of Sclater smiles! So thanks to a little talk on the front porch we are now officially a blogging family!
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