A Fathers Wisdom...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When Rod & I were dating he would almost daily say...
"Some people are fireman, some people are doctors, my job is to make you happy!"
I remember him saying this even in to the early years of our marriage.
Recently he has started to sneak this idea into Tre's little head.

Daddy: Tre, what is Daddy's most important job?
Tre: To be good to mommy
Daddy: What is Britt's most important job?
Tre: To be good to mommy & not climb onto the TV.
Daddy: What is Tre's very most important job ever?
Tre: To be so good to mommy!

I hear this same conversation over & over! Its too funny.
I think Rod is starting to instill in his son the same deep & profound lesson his dad instilled in him...
"happy wife, happy life!"
this bit of Dad sclater wisdom just cracks me up!

I love watching my sweet husband with our boys! I love the way they look up to their father...I could not have picked a better man to teach my boys how to be men!

Let the battle begin!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The battle between fast Sunday & hormone induced cravings was at its worst toady!
Competitors: Fast Sunday vs....

Only Good Boys Are Invited!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Things have gotten out of hand here at the sclater house. Our Tre has become quite the sassy pants with attitude to boot. I had exhausted every single form of parenting known to man & NOTHING was working. So if you can't beat 'em...JOIN 'EM! Okay, so were not all becoming sassy, but Rod & I decided to stop for a moment & just have fun with the boys. No more pulling our hair out...instead lets have a teaching moment disguised as a party. So today I quickly put together the most pathetic excuse for a party. We entitled the party "The Good Boy Party" & ONLY good boys were invited! ONLY good boys got gifts, & ONLY good boys received treats. Call it a bribe, But Ill call it an excuse to stop the tears (those being mine. haha)& just have fun with my fabulous guys!

So let me explain. I had planed a super yummy chicken & artichoke sauce over pasta with goasted potatoes & sauted geenbeans in red peppers...with a dessert of homemade race track cake when we had a little bit of....

That would be a picture of my right hand after having stitches put in it today. Turns out its not such a hot idea to try to squish a trash bag with sharp open cans in it into a trash bin. YIKES! I went to pick up Rod from school with a bloody dish rag, he took a peek & brought me to the clinic at the med school. His professor sewed me up & sent me on my way with a prescription of perkisat. So rather then my lovely dinner we had frozen pizza and cup cakes Tre picked out at the grocery store. We had a lot of fun as a family. We flushed the "naughties" down the do this by coughing them out of your belly in to a tissue and flushing them down the potty. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! My husband is one clever guy! We played a "is it nice or naughty to...???" game. Of course Tre won:) & We played with new toys & read new books & just laughed & smiled! It was a welcomed change from the ordinary evenings of fits & time outs. I guess we need more cake & parties in our life!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

These thoughts of fall begged me to make a treat that just screams fall in Utah....

Those simple cookies reminded us of some really unforgetable times. Now we are in a new home, in a new place &...

Heres to hoping (& knowing) that...

Guest chef in the Sclater kitchen

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rod had a round of tests just finish, just in time for another round to start...but before they do we took advantage of today and had some fun, & got some house work done. We (by we I mean my sweet husband) pulled some bushes out for me that were just driving me crazy in the yard. He also painted my yard sale find, which is really exciting, because I wasn't sure how i was going to get all that done with the boys at my feet. On top of that he had already decided to give me and the dishwasher the night off by getting Chinese for us. It was fun! The boys ate noodles & rice till their tiny tummies content! Rod is such a great help to me!! I just love that guy to pieces!

The missionaries stopped by also. Now, let me first say I love & appreciate each and every young man & woman who so willingly serves our father in heaven! Its just that some missionaries are simply driven & love the gospel with such sincerity that it shows in all they say. (this is where I brag....) I know my husband was that kind of missionary, because he is that kind of man! I know he used every moment of his 2 year service to the Lord with steadfast faith & sacrifice, it has stayed with him & he continues to serve whenever & wherever! I think both Rod & I were thrown for a loop with the new set of missionaries assigned to this area. THEY ARE FABULOUS! we had a great visit & then right as they were ending their visit Elder Martz says "we wont be back unless you invite us to share a message with a friend." HOW GREAT IS THAT?!? I cannot even begin to explain how many missionaries have sat on our couch just chatting while they could be finding those souls who are prepared!! Do not misunderstand me, we love the visits, but we love knowing that missionaries are using their time wisely! With the missionaries we talked about a story Elder Bednar shared about a set of missionaries who stayed in his home too long. Before they left, they asked Elder Bednar if he knew anyone who they could share the gospel with. Elder Bednar said that he would not trust them with his friends. That they waisted much of their night in his home, and urged them to use their time better! What a great challenge! Rod & I were so excited! Watch out southern Kentucky!

A Bit about Britt

Friday, September 19, 2008

Full name: Britton Kenneth Sclater
Nick Names: Britton-Bear, Bamm-Bamm Rubble, Britt, Britty,Houdini, Pigpen, Linus
Birthday: June 1st 2007
Favorite foods: Pasta, broccoli, green beans, peaches, apple sauce, graham crackers, raisins, & anything his brother is eating.
Favorite pass times: Walking, banging, rummaging, climbing, dancing, breaking things, making us laugh, wearing things on his head, cuddling his blanket, giving kisses.
Words said: Daddy, Momma, More, Babba (bottle), Blay (blanket) and various animal sounds, along witha hilarious tongue noise he makes...indescribable really.
other useful information:
Britton has a bi-fib uvula (go google that one. haha)
he thinks the dinning room table is a dance floor
he only kisses his daddy
he thinks he is his brother's size
Britton's favorite toy is a plastic hammer,& boy he likes to hit! thus-"Bamm Bamm"
he babbles along to music
he hums when something tastes good
he conducts music at church
Britton is happiest right before he falls asleep in his crib
he will pass you his blanket 1st if he wants to be held
he gets mad when he cant keep up with Tre or eat treats that Tre can.
he fights back, & picks fights
Britton undresses himself for bath time
he has the ability to be down right FILTHY at the end of each day. thus-"pigpen"
he can climb out of his high chair & does even though strapped in
he claps when he sees a pool or playground
Britton won't sit still for more then 5 seconds
he thinks the kitchen is his personal playroom
he likes walks in the stroller or wagon
he can give dirty looks, and the biggest smiles
Britton will be a big brother at 18 months old
he loves to share & give toys to other children
he carries his "sleepy blanket" everywhere. It goes where he goes!
he laughs so hard when we say no, or he is doing something naughty
Britton is a hand full, and a heart full!
he loves the song your my sunshine, he is our sunshine
he is a gift & a blessing
he teaches us more then we will ever teach him.
Mommy & Daddy love you Britt!

In other news...we are still Happily growing!
The belly at 29 weeks in all its glory! This sweet Boy gets the hiccups all the time & loves to party at night. We already love him so much! How blessed are we?! 3 sweet & silly boys! We are so grateful!

Sclater book review...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"No Jumping on The Bed!"
By: ted Arnold
Tre says: "Walter is pretty naughty. He jumps on his big boy bed & it crashes through his floor. He should not be naughty. Im not Naughty. Im a good boy today. Right mommy?"
Britton says: (Translation provided by Mom) "The pictures in this book are fun to play I spy with. But on a more personal note: I jump in my crib, in attempt to get out of it. I think I'll have it mastered in a few weeks."

"Bad Dog Marley!"
By: John Grogan
Tre says: "Marley wants to be a good dog. But he ruins everything EVERYTHING! But He is a good dog and saves baby Louis. Marley likes cake too."
Britton says: (Translation provided by Mama) " Mom is pretty good at making the diffrent voices. hey mom can we get a dog? Ill take him for walks. I promise!"

"The Little Engine That Could"
By: Watty Piper
Tre says: "The pages are bright & happy & The blue engine was a big big helper. She likes to say "I thought I could over & over. And she did."
Britton says: (again a translation) "This is one of my all time favorite books to rip pages from."

Reading is never risk free. this poor book was a martyr for the cause of our afternoon of page flipping.

Tre's school update...
I want to remember all the fun things T-man tells us when he gets back to our arms after his morning away at pre-school. Some fun things he is learning...
1) Patriotism. He says the pledge, and sings God Bless America
2) Verse Memorization. Each week he brings home a memory verse. We put it on our fridge and each time we pass it we practice the verse. The boy has a great memory
3) How to use scissors...& not draw blood
4) Proper glue usage...does NOT include placing it in...lets say..your brother's hair.
5) How to stay out of the "sad seat", or in Tre's to get placed in it. Our little brute has been on the "sad seat" 2 times in the last month. dear dear Tre, what will we do with you. You are all Boy & theres not a darn thing we can do about it!
6) how to spell & recognize basic words
7) How to be a friend. "To have a friend, you have to BE afriend." Says Tre. I think he got that from "Yo Gabba Gabba" and not school. That ones still undecided.
8) Not to pick his nose. He came home one day and says. "YOu know Mommy. Buggers are not for dinner!" and proceeds to sing a little diddy all about it. Thank you Miss Shannon for teaching our son the most bazaar song I have ever heard.
9)Bible stories. Today Tre got in the car and as always I say "Oh Tre-bear I missed you so much! Did you miss me? blah blah blah. What fun things did you do with your friends today?" and he says "We learned a VERY special bible story about a baby!Can you guess the babies name mommy?" I say "Baby Jesus?!" he says "Noooooo Mommy, I already know that story. Baby Moses is the baby's name!" He explained the entire story in 3 year old terms & it reminded me that this school is good for him. So yeah theres no Book of Mormon, but thats what home & church are for!
10) How to go to school looking nice and spiffy in his uniform & come out with dirt and juice everywhere with his shirt untucked & shoe laces untied. I actually love it. I love seeing that face filthy and smiling after our 3 hours apart. I love the way he runs and trips into my arms.
So...I had said this school was getting a trial run from us for a month, and then Id evaluate the situation. Im thinking this was a great choice for our little guy.
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