{my saintly son}

Thursday, June 27, 2013

(our date night earlier this week.)

Tre is hiding out in "Omah & Opah's room" (thats right the kids have named the guest room Omah & Opah's room.) 
Its quiet time here, although to be honest..its more like "Maddox go back to your room" time. The child is much like his Daddy, cannot sit still. Nothing wrong with that.  
Tre, I am sure. has no idea how excited I get when I look at him.
The boy has success written on his forehead. I know that he is going to be something great in his life. 
He works hard, he gives all he has, he is smarter than most grown ups i know (myself included.) 
I miss him terribly when he is out of the house. Whether he be riding his bike up & down our street or, as in last weeks case. at scout camp. (he had so much fun! & my friend Aida, his leaders ent me tons of fun picture through the day of T & his buddy Tommy doing scouty stuff. archery, woodwork, bb guns, swimming, hiking. you know guy stuff.) 
Its very obvious when he is gone. He is my 3rd & 4th hands. 
I move a lot slower when I do not have my first by my side.
He & I are in sync. 
I tell him what I am fixing up for supper & he has the water boiling for me without me asking.
I love my son. 
My parents are kid napping the 3 biggers next week for 2 weeks of fun on the sun.  (its been 109 there lately. yikes!) I know I will be juggling without T here to take a ball or two.  
He is a saint.
Saint Tre. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our she baby is looking bigger each day.

even though she still easily fits into the 18-24 month sizes most days.

Her 3rd birthday fell on a friday.
a friday that her Daddy was scheduled to work a 24 hour shift.
We decided to postpone the festivities until the following day.

She had us sing to her several times & insisted we relight her candles each time.
Presley is enchanting.
sensitive, yes. 
sassy, sometimes.
sweet, always.

we still say we wish she were a twin. We could happily raise 2 Presley girls. 

The morning consisted of donuts, candles, presents & 
one very exhausted father who had just worked the night shift.
But he wanted to be up for her birthday breakfast.
A good man indeed.
& let me make note that he has carried on the tradition..
flowers for our baby girl with a note to keep. 
it melts me how much he loves her, & her him. 

She hesitantly opened her new doll house decor & people from her Omah & Opah. 
We brought her doll house down from her nursery & she played house while
in her new nightgown & her curls tosseled about from the night. 

After nap time we took the children out for dinner.
The restraunt was NOT a hit. 
Presley clung to me for dear life & the boys were even nervous. 
(but the most fun part: we asked for no onion for Rod's meal & they slathered it with onion...& he is allergic. yikes.)
We dragged our selves home after a not so succesful meal out with 5 wee ones & sat down to birthday cake for presley. & then moose decided it was his birthday too...& so we sang to him too. 


Presley has had a rough few months.
Anemia has kept her pretty darn lethargic. 
Right now She is not a typical playful girl.
She is serious. 
very very serious.
She wants to sit in her spot on the couch & thumb through pinkalicous books all day.
When I take her outside, she will find q piece of chalk and silently draw.
When we go to the pool...she fills her watering can & pours water by the pools edge.
I pray she will living up soon.
her juice each morning is a cocktail of supplements.

that aside...

she is my perfect dolly.
I love that sweet baby.
I do. 

{make a wish}

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Presley cakes turned 3.
She is still a baby, right?

more pictures via phone later. 

{nuts and country music}

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The kids love their Dad. 
Who doesn't? (love their Dad or Rod?) 

When T was born he was not sure what to make of him.
He was this fragile little 6 pounder with lots of needs.
When Tre had his first smile. 
It was given to Rod.
That sealed the deal. Best buds.

Britt arrived & was such a sleepy little thing.
Rod would arrive home from medical school 
and drop his bag & head straight for our always sleeping baby.
He loved rocking him by the window next to our bed.
Britt's favorite playmate is his Dad. Legos anyone?

Maddox. Oh geez.
Rod has had endless supply of patience with our 3rd.
When Maddox was born he was born crying SCREAMING.
(not much has changed)
But Rod would swaddle that baby up tight 
& let me have a run to every night.  
Rod would "shh shh shh" and bounce bounce bounce.
Just tonight Maddox was at top volume at the dinner table.
Rod reminded him we should talk softly with a smile. no yelling. 

Our girl was born & the man who swore up 
& down that he only wanted boys
was smitten! 
He fell hook line and sinker for that sweet round face.
He supported my bow making addiction.
& could often be found just staring at the sweet girl we thought we would never get.
He often would stop by Gap to search the sale racks for a new dress for his daughter.
He was in his groove as a father & Rod was proud of his brood.
especially his pretty Presley. Or Diddy as he calls her.

With years of experience under his belt he is now the busy father of 5.
The uncertainties he had with our first newborn long gone.
He handles cooper like a pro. 
He has even started to change a diaper or two ;) 
He kisses bellies and tickles toes better than anyone I know.
(I know a lot of toe ticklers.) 

It melts my heart to look at the father Rod is. 
He is pretty fantastic.
I pray every night that our boys will be much like their Dad as men.
That would please me. 


I used my no-skill-video-making abilities & put my kids in front of the camera to make this for their Dad for fathers day.
I loved hearing the kid's talk about their dad. We love him! 
(spoiler: Presley is a nut & Rod likes country music.)

(turn my wacky blog music off first at the bottom of this page.) 

{her last day}

Thursday, June 13, 2013

where the heck is June going?

We are adjusiting to having all 5 chicks in the nest. 
Ill be honest. 
It can be brutal.
But we are learning what works & what does not work.
Im sure we will hit a stride soon.

Presley girl makes me cry. Big happy tears. 
I am still in awe of her. She never gets old. 
she loves to twirl on her tippy toes to pretty music.
She takes a bow at the end of each tune.
She is a dream come true. 

Today is her last day in the twos. 
I could cry.
Big happy tears.

Here she is doing what she does everyday.
sitting in "Presley's spot" on the couch, 
with post nap pigtails 
thumbing through book after book after book.


Sunday, June 02, 2013

June 1st. 
The day we know as Britton's eviction day. 
The baby just would not come into the world 
& so with the aid of doctors...he was evicted. 

As a baby he showed us exactly who he would be as a boy.

He is my sweetheart. 
I will whisper in his ear... "whose my special boy" 
He will get his big toothless grin beaming & point to himself.

This birthday...
George Strait ruined Britt's birthday dinner.
geez George! 

The entire city was at a stand still in traffic & I swear to it...every parking garage had NO vacancies.
George was in town. 
So we gave up.
Britt came up with a plan B...and like his usual self...was easy to please.
He wanted 5 guys hamburgers. 
not exactly the special dinner he had originaly requested...but he loved it just the same. 
& I loved that there was parking. 

We did our traditional birthday breakfast & presents in the morning too.

& the real treat of the day....
this video my mom & dad made since they were not here for Britt's 6th. 
We have watched it over a dozen times. its not old yet! 

Now that is love! 

{the ball}

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kinder is a hoot at B's school. 
The things they teach those littles is just incredible. 
to wrap up the year the kinder kids had a fairytale ball.
Each boy & girl dressed as their favorite fairytale character.
Britt has always loved the story of Jack & The Beanstalk.
So we made him into the beanstalk & then applied a 
cutout picture of Britt as Jack. 
Britton thought it was way too fun to be both jack & the beanstalk at the same time. 

The kids had a treat & then danced to some fun music.
After about 10 mins of visiting with other sweet moms & taking pictures with friends Britt & I agreed...
it was time to sneak out.
But first we had to get T from his class so we got his attention & we all left school a hair early to go get frozen yogurt to kick off Britton;s birthday weekend! 

So relieved that all these presentations are done...
I have been running! 
Next week is end of school year parties 
& making our summer bucket list! 
we are ready! 

{musical review}

Sunday, June 02, 2013

School is wrapping up & with it so are all the projects & presentations. 
the 2nd grade students at T's school put on a show.
Each class sang a particular song. 
(many of which are texan pride provoking. loved it!) 
We got to watch T perform as well as all our little friends from church & the neighborhood. 
Ill be honest here. 
I was feeling rather sentimental & shed a few tears. 
Im so proud of Tre & all our little 2nd grade friends! 

3rd grade here we come! 

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