{cowboys. & girl}

Saturday, July 28, 2012

These Texans sure know how to do pioneer day. pony rides, bouncy house, water slides, spinning apples, cotton candy, blue snow cones, & lots & lots of french toast from Great Harvest Bread co.  
We have to start outdoor activities silly early around here so not cook to death.
Monday night we had a Family home Evening about the pioneers. The kids took an interest & really enjoyed the celebration. 

{bowling with neighbors}

Saturday, July 28, 2012

bowling shoes-check
great neighbors-check
a cute 3 year old birthday girl-check
some heart melting brother moments-check
tears because we had to leave-check check check.

{10 years}

Sunday, July 22, 2012

T was asking all sorts of questions about college today. 
who chooses my classes?
how long is each class?
where will I live?
What will I eat?
What kinds of classes can I take?
Is there a lacrosse class?

& then it hit me!
10 years!
That is all.
Just 10 years till we pack up his things & ship him off to university.

& it reminded me how fleeting this season is. 
Its incredibly hard & trying & dirty & smelly.
But its also hugely full of blessings, learning, hugs, songs & time together.

10 years until the first leaves the nest.
I have to soak all these babes in now.

(oddly enough T, the collage bound 7 year old was not feeling the pesky little brothers & opted to avoid us during this particular evening.) 


{rainy afternoon}

Thursday, July 19, 2012

T 100% on his own made this amazing tent in his room.
the kids thought him the hero of the day.
Snacks, music & a bit of pillow fighting 
all in a tent.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sometimes it is easy for me to forget you are still so little. 7 is still just a little boy. You must feel that we require so much from you. I often worry that I ask you to do too much. I never ask you to change a diaper or anything gross like that, but I do ask you to go get this & go get that all day long. When Daddy & I pray at night we always ALWAYS pray that you know in your heart how much we appreciate you & what a big help you are! You truly are. Days go smoother when you are near. You take Britt into your room & you guys play for hours without a single tiff. You show Maddox patience that I only wish I could offer. You are quick to Presley's aid when she is fussing for something out of reach. You still like to cuddle & I know I sometimes say awful things like "buddy its too hot for that." I hope you forget those moments or at least forgive them. Because I know someday you won't want to sit on my lap & snuggle up. Just the other day I was kissing your cheek. You pulled away & asked "are you always going to kiss me? when will you stop that?" I laughed & told you that I would Never stop kissing your cheeks & that the more you resist the more kisses you would get! smooch! I told you I would show up at your school just to give yoga  big kiss in front of everyone. We laughed.  I tell people you are an angel. The perfect boy. My goodness I mean it! You really are a dream kid! you get straight As & love to learn! You work hard & enjoy it. Only occasionally do I hear a "but I did not even make the mess in the playroom." & you are right..those brothers are two twirling tornados! You are affectionate & polite & thoughtful. You are creative & your testimony is so much bigger than you are! You amaze us. Daddy & I talk about how lucky blessed we are to have you daily! I hope you see yourself as we see you! I hope you know our hearts are so full of love & gratitude for you! 
Love you T-ster!  
Love, Mommy
ps: I love that you still call me mommy...keep it up!
pss: I think you are cute to boot with your missing teeth & those big kid teeth that look way to big for your mouth growing in! 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The sun was setting & the boys had been making "potions" in the back yard. Muddy, wrinkled & with popsicle stained lips they were marching to come in for the night. I commented on their cute juice stained lips & they offered me this. 
We sort-a love each other a lot. 

{Paper airplane}

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When women gather in groups it is inevitable that 3 things will discussed.
#1: making babies (I do not mean graphic stuff here)
#2: having babies 
#3: raising babies

Before book club started, Rod asked if we stuck to book discussion pretty well or if it was essentially a  girl's night.  I assured him that we would be discussing the book in length & that the discussion leader was pretty 
good about keeping us on task. 

I was hosting this month & tucked our 4 into bed (not that they stayed there! they had spying to do!) & Rod retired to read in the bedroom.  The ladies arrived, we had treats & sat to begin...but this time we were slow to start. so instead we began with #1. moved onto #2 and were rounding onto #3 when an orange paper airplane sailed down from upstairs to the floor by my feet. I thought---those boys! so silly. But with further inspection I concluded that this plane was not the work of a 3 or 5 year old. It had to be from Rod. I opened it & read it out loud for the ladies. We were laughing for a good while after that. 
I will add that we did get around to the book discussion. 

  I have a funny guy. He keeps me laughing!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One of the (many)  things I go gaa gaa over about our church is how world wide, no matter where you are or who you are given the opportunity to serve & work. LOVE IT! I have the privilege of serving the girlies in our ward. They are cute & sweet & SMART! Oh geez these girls are bright! We wanted to do a service project this month so my partner in crime, Allison & I put together the idea of a popsicle stand where all proceeds go to a local organization that aids displaced families in finding transitional housing & meeting their basic needs. Right now school supplies are big on their have to have the girls strapped on matchy matchy adorable aprons & clipped on some cute hair pieces, & rounded up a good crowd. They raised a good amount & seamed pleased as peaches with their accomplishment. I love these little ladies....

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