{Almost over}

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its almost over
Rod heads back out west for 2 months of rotations at the end of the week.

This will be the last Sunday together for a while.

Did I ever mention that this month was bliss?

It was. It felt comfortable.

{Fiddeln' friend}

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday night we drove down to Cumberland Gap.
(Dang cutest little town around.)
We met up with friends
to eat & listen to our pal Craig play with a local bluegrass band.

(Notice the overalls. My hot stuff husband & his
friend Craig decided if we were going country
they were going all the way!)

The Sclaters, Sowbys, Pritchards, Allens,
Shawvers, Englands & Jones' came to show Craig some love
at Webbs Country Kitchen!
I really love this area
& this ward
& the fact that Rod can wear overalls &
no one takes a second look.
--- Priceless! ---

{Hello blessing!}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our crib has been broken for months now.
We didn't have money to replace it
(FYI: med school students don't make much money. haha)
& were beginning to worry how we ever would.
Low & behold
Pottery Barn came to our rescue (again! They are fantastic!)
(although I have to say I believe this was a blessing far beyond pottery barn's control. Deffinitly a prayer answered!!)
We sent them our broken but still beautiful spindle crib.
(I was sad to see it go. sentimental reasons.)
& 4 days later we received a brand spankin' new one from them.
They discontinued my lovely spindle one.
but Ill take what I can get!
no complaints here.
While Rod put it together
we reminisced the time we put together our first crib for our first son.
now we had 3 little helpers happy to assist!
funny where life takes you.

One step closer to being ready for baby boy #4's arrival in 3 months!

(not to say we need to do much. with 3 boys already we pretty much have it all covered!gotta love that!)

{the farm}

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rod is completing a surgery rotation this month.
He has spent the last 2 weeks with Dr. C.
& Rod could NOT be happier if he tried.
The guy is just great!

Turns out his family is too!

They invited us to their farm!
so we washed our jackets and boots off from our friday night excursion to the hollar
& headed to the farm.

The boys loved all 6 of their just perfect children!
Tre even had a little buddy his age to play with.

I loved talking with Dr. C's wife.
she has it together!
& She makes a killer potato salad & ribs!

Rod & I both enjoyed the hike around the property with Dr. C &
Rod got a few rounds off.

We all left talking about when we can see the C. family again!
soon we hope!
just minutes after leaving they were called in to surgery.
pretty funny if you ask me.
(not thrilled with what photobucket & blogger have done with the pics. they just dont look as good as they do fresh from PS. boo!)

{Feeling rather loved.}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We know the sweetest people.
Trey & Sandy Smith invited us to spend the afternoon and evening with them on Friday.
Visiting with the Smiths is always a treat.
Sandy cooked up my favorite as always.
I love her. She has talent coming out her ears!
The boys saw animals &
we all went on an evening walk in our boots around the holler.
(go ahead google "holler" )
Tromped through mud &
listened to Trey's great stories.

and tonight was a ward dinner at church.
The boys were passed around & showed lots of love.
we feel very loved & cared for.
& tomorrow evening is bound to be another goodie.

{snow days}

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The belly & I just were not up for heading out to make snowmen.
Inside we all stayed.
(Britton's face is permanetly dirty. I can wash it as many times as I like, but the filth will forever return.)

(T gathered some battle scars on his face over the weekend.)

(we cage our kids.They dont like it.)
(see that belly? Im already head over heels for that little guy in there!)
now waiting to see if T will have school tomorrow....
I hope not!

{Love from Kentucky}

Sunday, February 14, 2010

hope it was sweet!

(Rod is the cheese to MY macaroni!)

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