{stretching days}

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Everyday Coop does something else, something new to show us that he is leaving behind his days as a baby. Its sad really. An end of an era. He is one & I know he should be using the bottle less, but I cannot help but try to stretch these days. I go to him at night when he cries out. I pick him up. I take him into the corner where the rocking chair is & I wrap him up and rock back & forth while he drinks warm milk. Its dark and still. Just the sound of his quick breaths between sucks. I love the way babies lips curl when they nurse or drink from a bottle. I am going to miss seeing that. I'm going to miss baby cooper. Toddler Cooper has proved to be just as lovable though. He is smiley and adorable. He is into EVERYTHING. Every kitchen cabinet, every closet, every drawer, the pantry,  the trash oh the trash! And lets not forget the toilet paper & toothpaste. Never a dull moment with that sweet buddy. Presley is doing her part in keeping him crawling. Every time he stands up or takes a few steps in her vicinity he gets a little shove from sis. He gets bravest when she is playing in another room.  He has started to sing and says choochoo (our family nick name for paci) and Mama, Dada, Baba. The starting words. He loves to dance about & climb stairs. He hunts for remotes and knows how to remove all the backs to find the batteries. He opens doors, and can yell a mighty scream when he wants out of the high chair, he looks cutest in his moccasins and flannel shirts, like a little mountain man. He makes my life better. more complete. Babies have always had a way of centering me. I imagine baby cooper will always be BABY cooper...
even when he is 18. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday the children had off so the mommas from the street took the kids to the park for pizza and play. These little ones are such good buddies. They are such big hearted and kind children. 
Its such a comfort to know our babes are growing up with such a wonderful group. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

I love that the church has such a strong affiliation with the Cub Scout program. T gets extra time with good friends from church & learns all kinds of truly useful skills (like making his momma eggs or cookies.) We get all stressed out over pinewood & end up putting the wheels on the day of, but once we get ourselves to the church & get that thing weighed we take a deep breath and enjoy the friendly competition. The past 2 years have been hard with Rod's schedule. we get lots of help. Last year Bryan Carlson bailed us out last minute. This year My dad carved the car out with T weeks in advance, and Rod helped with the paint job and I went ahead and ruined it in the end by mistake. But we want pretty or fast?!  The Oliveros Family helped with the graphite this year & so ...there were many people involved in Tre's taking of 2nd place. We are so grateful for all the help!!  It was a really tight race! Everyone had such fun cars! Britt & Maddox are anxious for their 8th birthdays so they can be a part of the fun! 


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The weather was pretty so we picked up some chicken & headed to the park for dinner. When we get out as a family the children are drawn to each other. They really are such good friends. Tre loved watching the babies swing & try new things on the playground. He is such a tender hearted boy. Maddox was brave & found himself a bit higher than he was ready for on the ladders & ropes. Britton wondered about enjoying the fresh air. Britt is our boy who would rather stay in than go out. It took some convincing to get him to come along, but once he was out & exploring it was easy to see he was enjoying himself. Presley enjoyed it most of all. All smiles the entire time...well until we said it was time to go. Cooper loved swinging. If the swing stopped he would bounce and kick in an effort to get moving again. All this was Rods spontaneous idea. He called at 3 & suggested we head out side for dinner & let the kids play.  It was such a fun evening. 

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