{The Crew }

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These little faces are my sons' friends.
I am so grateful they have these sweethearts
to play, scream, run, dance, jump...& even fight with.
This is the Crew.
is there any question that my children love Ms. Laura?!
Today we went to the Finklea's home.
We love going out there!
Laura made her yummy Taco Soup...I am still wanting more!
& The kids played.
We waited until the elementary school across the way got out for the afternoon
& then we got the kids ready & in strollers
to take them to the playground at the school.
Just as soon as the babies were buckled in
& big kids on climbed on their scooters & bikes
it began to rain.
We let the kids wiggle in the sprinkles for a little while
then inside we all reluctantly went
to watch a movie (or at least 5 minuets of it.)
with cookies & cadbury chocolates.
The boys had a blast &
I just love my friends Laura & Tamsyn.
So much so we are doing it all over again at our place tomorrow!
My Turn!

As of late Tre is all about complaining & points out what he doesn't have or doesn't like.
"Im too Hot, Im too cold, Im too itchy,
Im hungry
(even though he just ate 3 snacks in a row)
Im tired, Im not sleepy, Im antsy,"...on & on...
I realize its bordem & give him a task when this dialogue starts.
But Its been on going.
So tonight at bedtime I decided Tre & I needed a heart to heart.
I told him of all the things that make me happy (him included of course)
I had looked up a story about happiness
in the "Friend" (a magazine for young children that our church distributes)
& read it at bedtime to Tre & Britty.
Are You Happy?
I explained To Tre (& my slightly distracted
1 year old) That happiness
is not always affected by what you have or dont have.
You can look for things to make you happy just like the farmer.
So then I asked T to tell me all the things that make him happy.
He could have gone on & on.
I told him that when he feels grumpy & unhappy,
He can think of all the happy things in his day.
I am a firm believer that
you can be happy with anything you are delt.

you just have to choose to be.

& so Tre & I wraped up our bedtime bonding with hugs & kisses.
On our counter on a tile reads:
"In all of life have much fun & laughter. Life is to be enjoyed.
not just endured."

President Hinckley, I couldnt agree more.

{Spring Break Take 2!}

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today was just plain old fun.
The boys were all sweethearts (all 4 of them)
So I decided that after lunch I would walk my sons up to
McDonalds for a small ice cream cone.
They really seemed to enjoy the treat!
The remainder of the day involved non-stop movement!
We turned up the Mama Mia soundtrack & some of the kids favorite sing-a-long tunes
& danced till we couldn't dance anymore.
The boys finished all their silly & rather creative dance moves & moved into the bedroom to practice scaring their mommy with all their climbing &...
Maddox has been making a turn for the better.
His tummy seems to be kinder to him these days.
He has discovered his hands, toes & most recently has discovered...
I enjoy being a mom...but today just took the cake.
The boys had me smiling & laughing all day!
Im excited that I get Tre all to myself for another week!


{School Break Mistake!}

Monday, March 30, 2009

I made a pretty big mistake last week.
Rod & I had checked & double checked & triple checked
the online calendar for Tre's school.
It said spring break was the 24th, 25th, & 26th...
pretty random we thought..but we went along with it.
This morning I put T in his school uniform, zipped up his jacket
& put on his back pack. packed his snack & quarter for his milk (remember when milk cost 10 cents?) & I put all the boys in the car.
as we pull up to the school..I see a ghost town.
not a car, not a teacher, not a crossing guard or kid in sight.
So I return home with 3.
put the babies down for a nap & look
in Tre's school folder from September to find the yearly calendar.
in bold print I read-
"spring break: March 30th - April 2nd" what?
I got out my little (actually its rather large) pre-school activity book & stickers
and schools in session....

{Saturday in short}

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We threw together a dinner last minuet with friends.
We all contributed, & together we made a yummy meal.
The Finkleas & the Whitings came over,
& while the kids played us grown ups sat down & laughed & chated.
It was a fun night...
but thats to be expected when we are with our friends!
Rod had been out all day home teaching,
so It was great to see him walk through the door this afternoon.
We missed him all day, but really enjoyed spending time with him tonight.
We had a fun saturday & loved having our friends over!

{This is how Wii Bowl}

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We arrived home yesterday in time for naps.
We needed to rest because Our Ward had a Wii bowling tournament last night.
It was both hilarious & fun!
There was a little bowling set in the hall for the kids to play with
while us adults battled for title of
best bowler.
Team Sclater!
Our Competition looking fabulous.... The Whitings!
& the winner?
Tamsyn dominated & took 2nd,
while I came in 3rd &
Jeremy wrapped it up in 4th.
I don't think any of us had played Wii bowl before.
It was such a blast.
I loved watching the whitings bowl with their snazzy outfits.
they are such a fun family!
I love our Ward.
everyone is so sweet & friendly.
It was great to spend our evening with them.
Britt & Kailyn enoyed scribbling on the record board .

Maddox was cuddled & loved on by our wonderful ward family.
We really enjoyed ourselves!
The best part of the night was being back with Rod.
We really missed him.

Now we are missing Omah & Opah again.
We had a great visit with them!

my bragging corner:
Tre just sat here coloring all the while counting to 100! he skipped 75 & 76, but im impressed!
Maddox really enjoys grabbing on to toys now. & he loves to sit up (w/ help of course!) & he slept for 7 hours last night! WOO-HOO!
Britton scales stairs perfectly now. I can almost trust him! & the boy is talking up a storm these days!

{While away...}

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tre & Britt are having a blast playing together &...
being brave while trying new things like riding a carousel &...
Maddox is growing!

{on the road again}

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We skipped town... again.
This time I packed up the boys & a few toys
and headed to North Carolina to see Omah & Opah.
Tre is on spring break!
The big boys jumped out of the car & both ran to Omah for hugs.
We had some snacks & stretched our legs in the back yard.


After dinner we each chose a treat
from a tower of sweets.


Before Bed the boys were cuddled
& Opah Read one of our all time favorite books aloud.


The boys put on their new jammies & said there prayers. Even Britt folded his little arms for prayers tonight. (see below-yeah I know..I should have been bowing my head too...but the camera was there, & he looked so sweet... I had to. )

I put the big boys down to dream with smiles on their faces.

Daddy, we sure miss your hugs & kisses!
sweet dreams!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

After spending all of yesterday buckled in.
I thought the boys could use a day of
wiggling & running.
So we walked to the end of our street
& played at the elementary school play ground.
I love watching the boys play with each other.
I love watching Britt try with all his might
& heart to climb & keep up with his big brother.
I love watching Tre's tiny lips curl into a smile
when he pumps his legs so hard to swing higher & higher.
I love knowing that someday Maddox will be chasing
after his brothers & getting grass stains on his jeans too!

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