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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It seems like we are out every day doing something.
We kind-a like it that way.

I have a gagillion pictures of the last 3 weeks....
I figured I would post just a couple, but I got carried away.

We really enjoy seeing the Crumbly family. our boys are starting to get into star wars & the crumbly boys are all about the it made for some fun one afternoon!

Oak Ridge TN has a fantastic childrens museum that our kids love. we were lucky enough to go with some friends. I think us adults had more fun then the kids.
just look at these class clowns...
Photobucket Rod played teacher. great lesson plan Rod!
We headed to Gatlinburg, TN to visit the aquarium. the boys explored, whilE presley & momma snuggled.
(us girls do love to snuggle!)
There are lots of parks with in 10 minutes of our home. We have been meeting up with friends for play,
church activities & birthday parties.
It was pretty stinkin hott, & Taralyn was laying down on the side walk...sweaty little mads thought she had a good idea & layed down too...
poor ellis....

About 40 mins up the street here in Kentucky is a small water park. its 100% toddler friendly & we get a kick out of going with friends. T went down the big water slide & LOVED it!
(i just noticed the Jones' are in the back ground working their way around the lazy river.)

& when we arent running around we are happily
playing at home.
so that is the short version of it if you can believe that.
we also went to the splash pad in morristown & have had a few play dates & girls nights ...& it goes on & on.
I am not looking forward to school getting
started up again in 3 weeks!
so sad....
have you seen presley's blessing photos yet?
keep scrolling...

{a blessing}

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today we took Presley's gown off the hanger.
she was enchanting in white pintucks.
Her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing.
she was surrounded by worthy priesthood holders.
Photobucket Couldnt you just stare at her forever?!!
Photobucket I love Britts picture smile-totally goofy!! & Mads big blue eyes & big ears are too much to take. Too cute!
Having a daughter makes me want to be the woman that I want her to be.
I want to be the mother I want her to be...
the friend, daughter, wife...
She makes me want to be a better me.
I love her for that gift.
I love my husband for being an example to our sons.
I plea in every prayer that our boys might always strive to live worthy of the priesthood.
(what is the priesthood? Read here. I have a testimony of this.)
It is such a comfort in my life to know
that at anytime my husband can give any
of our children & even myself a blessing of comfort, or healing
& that by faith we can recive those things we need.
T was especially intreted in the blessing of our sweet daughter.
I pray that he will recieve the priesthood
& one day bless his own babies.
(what is a blessing? read this. Its a beautiful thing.)
I was especially touched that
bishop thompson, jeremy whiting & austin finklea were
willing to particpate in the blessing of Presley.
They also particpated in Britton & Maddox's blessings.
I feel very grateful to our friends.
After church our friends poured through the door.
about 40 people filled our home.
We ate, visited & even some babies napped.
Presley was passed around while she snoozed.
We love having a house full!
Rod bought Presley flowers for her special day.
He is head over heels for his baby girl!
(we all are!)

Audrey thought it would be a hoot to take a picture of all the kids....
& the funny part is that not all the babies made it into the picture!
All these little ones are so sweet!

& when everyone trickled out
our disobiedient friends the sowby fam cleaned up my house!
stinkers! I told them not too!
We had a beautiful day!
well...untill Rod had to pack up bedding, pillows,
towels, jammies & scrubs.
We are officially off vacation time.
this month its Virginia for Rod.
Then 3 months in Texas.
After 2 months of having him at home at night
Its going to be a transition.
bright side is...
he will be home off and on this month & then in less then a year
residency starts & we will be living together a heck of a lot more!
I know the boys will be thrilled.
there were lots of tears after Daddy drove away.
I am many posts behind...Im gonna be playing catch up this week!
We have been having too much fun!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Presley & I went to church with the sclater boys today.
I miss church when Im home with our new babies.
I miss our ward family & the lessons. I miss the spirit I feel when I go.
Today was beautiful & busy. Church with 4 is gonna be fun! haha.

Presley was head to toe pink & wore a rediculously huge flower on her sweet baby head.

She continues to steal my attention from all house duties!
I could look at her all day if I didnt force myself to accomplish something other then memorizing her tiny features.
This is Presley's "kissy face" as the boys call it.
Its darling & she makes this face when she wakes from naps.
so of course we all kiss those pink lips!

After our outing as a family of 6 we came home.
The house smelled like chili that had been simmering for hours, & corn bread, & a simple, but yummy treat. We fed Rod & kicked him out the door for a night in a hotel in hopes he gets a great nights rest sans kidd-os! He didnt leave empty handed though. He left with a bag of study treats the boys picked out & a love note from each sclater for tonight & tomorrow.
because...Rod takes STEP-2 (2nd round of med boards) TOMORROW!
He has worked so hard in preperation for this monster of a test!

I hope he is sleeping & dreaming of success & NOT up studying from question banks!
(ROD! GO TO BED! I love ya!! & am so excited
for the inevitable FANTASTIC outcome!!)


& in addition to tomorrow being test day...
its our SEVEN YEAR anniversary!
(we celebrated big already...remember THIS?
we sure do!! a week of fun!
BUT I am sure we will take a night to ourselves this week!)

{Tub Time.}

Friday, July 09, 2010

I have lots to say about how the boys are adjusting & how our girl is sleeping, eating, growing.

But In all honesty things are C-R-A-Z-Y here in Kentucky!
Boards are coming up for the hubs so he is MIA
trying to make a future for us! (so proud!!)
& Our house is finally selling.
So this momma has to find a new place to call home for a year.
busy times! But exciting times!
T & I took some pictures of Miss. Presley taking a tub.
I love her skinny little dimpled everything!

Bathtime is a favorite of my motherly duties.
With a house full of busy children I do not often get the one on one time I want with each.
But with tub time Its just me & a baby & quiet & the smell of lavendar.
T snuggles his baby sister all day long.
Odds are if you stop by this is what you will find on the playroom couch.
Melts my heart!


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