Friday, November 29, 2013

"Anyone want to eat some red meat before tomorrow?" was the text Gabby sent some of us neighbor moms. The kids were itching to get out with friends and who doesn't love a good burger? Here in Texas there are lots of  backyard bbq places. Usually these places have playgrounds & soccer fields, places for kids to run around between bites of their meal. Its ideal.  The weather was still a bit chili, but dry unlike the previous days. Us Moms parked ourselves in the sunshine while the children played together. These children are just so sweet. I could not ask for a better bunch for mine to run with! 


Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving break looked a lot like this...

The children played a lot with each other & neighbors during the day. Natalie, Gabby & our houses became the headquarters or rainy days. We had a cold spell here in Texas & it kept the kids inside for about 3 days. The first day the kids did go outside was Tuesday afternoon & wouldn't you know it...Tre fell off a skateboard and broke...BROKE...his permanent front tooth in 1/2. I freaked out until I realized it was freaking him out then I took a deep breath & hugged him close and assured him it would be fixed! We called our friend Thad & he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He stayed at his office longer to treat Tre. Tre trusts Thad so I could stay in the waiting room for most of the procedure while Tre was hopped up on gas getting it all repaired. He looks good as new now! Thank goodness Natalie took Presley for the afternoon. I couldn't leave her in the waiting room while i was logging around a baby and trying to calm a scared boy.  Complete craziness!  in the evenings the children have enjoyed watching old family videos and slideshows on the computer. its so sweet to see them watch themselves on the screen. It seemed to bring unity to our little crew here. they were telling stories that we have told them or telling stories they remembered. they were all cuddled up while watching themselves as babies. 

{Birthday x3}

Friday, November 29, 2013

We have a 5 year old amongst us again. (we didn't for all of 5 months.) This time it is Maddox. Again, still waiting for that boy to settle into himself. Each year I think...this will be the year. & Each year he is determined to prove to me that he can be just as busy as the last. He is adorable. His nose scrunches up when he is being mischievous (which means his nose is always scrunched up with that smile of his.) He has zero volume control and talks and talks and talks. But I love what he has to say (mostly) His stories are hilarious and he is all boy. He asks me math riddles all day long and then tells me that I am wrong. & thats okay.  I used to worry about him day & night. He was born sad. That baby cried & cried. He would not talk to us for years. With a bit of therapy and a whole bunch of patience & love he can talk enough for alllll of Texas. It makes us laugh. Its almost as if he is making up for lost time. He sees everyone as a friend. He does not discriminate by age or gender. You could be our 40 year old neighbor who he has met 1 time and you are his best friend! I love that about him. He is so accepting. He wakes before sunrise every day & plays hard! He loves running around with Tre & the neighborhood children. His ears still look like my grandpas, but he has grown into them more. I miss those big ears of his. My Dumbo. I really did find them so endearing! Friends often say that they love Maddox, and enjoy him. That warms my heart. He is a lovable little turkey. a chatty, loud, huggable little turkey boy. We had a small, no big fuss get together with our neighbors on Maddox actual birthday to celebrate Tre, Maddox & Cooper (babies 1st!!) all in one shot. We did a mini version of the party we did HERE.   It was cold outside so we warmed up with good company & cupcakes. The boys felt loved & ran around the house giddy with all our sweet tiny neighbors. Your gonna have to drag me away from this house. We love these people! 

I would also like to add that these pictures pretty much are awful. I was having too much fun to fiddle with the settings after the sun set or in this first pictures case...before the sun rose. 

Happy Birthday to our Maddsy! 

{The 5th}

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Originally my mom was going to stay for a week, but then we were just having too much fun & time was flying by. She decided to change her flight out for a week later. Lucky us! On the 5th it was my mothers birthday. We decorated the house with pom poms & banners & I had ordered a cake in advance that i knew I could not make as good. The children gave Omah some bracelets in her favorite color & sang to her. I k ow it was not a big party, but I truly hope she felt loved. We were so glad to share her day. she deserves so much more than bracelets & bundt cake. We love her. 

{Mustang Island. Prt 7}

Friday, November 08, 2013

& this wraps it up.  The time we had on Mustang Island & at the Addison Bailey house have made for some unforgetful moments. I will always remember the boys falling asleep on the same couch while watching christmas movies (2 days after halloween). I will remember pancakes in the morning & the way presley smelled of syrup. I will remember  butterflies migrating to Mexico, sandy children & windblown hair.  I won't forget feeding the children Ice cream for dinner, dance parties & evening chats with my Mom & Rod.  I will not forget the kindness of our neighbors & their friends. 
Now to pay it forward. 
-the end-

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