{31 & counting}

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st 2009

31 friends.

15 little trick-or-treaters.

1 machete for cutting 6 pizzas.

6 itty-bitty babies.

2 snugglers.

1 of 2 cheerleaders +1 duke fan +1 referee= the Jones' family!

1 cow girl + 1 cow boy + 1 pumpkin= the sweet Shawvers

1 BYU nerd (with BOM) + 1 shunned cougarette= good laughs.

31 people marching through the rain.

2 trick-or-treaters.

1 adorable family that I LOVE.
(Ps: Rod totaly got into his roll. Tre & I were dying!)

1 harmless lion.

1 great thinking momma.

2 beautiful girlies!

1 daddy + 1 katie= a sweet pair.

1 little girl on her first halloween!

1 sugar filled fun night with friends!



Thursday, October 29, 2009

(stole this image from facebook. pardon me.)

This is Theresa Ryan Lacadie,
But to me she is Teri-Ryan.
One name.

She is my mother's dearest friend.
& as I have grown up, she has become my friend too.

She was that friend that I would happily give up my day bed for when she visited.
She did my prom makeup & played with us when we were itty bitty.
Shes been in my life since I could walk.

My mom called to chat on tuesday. (like we do everyday.)
& she told me Teri-Ryan & Butch were getting a baby...
& on Friday!


this is what its about.
happiness, looking for good, seeing sunshine,
being happy for others, sharing joy.

Now she is running around getting diapers, onsies, bottles & blankets.
Im certain shes nervous as final papers are still unsigned... but not enough to deter her from preparing for this new little baby. Shes getting ready to be a mommy.

While Im sitting here crying...

Because if you knew Teri-Ryan you would know her heart in & out.
Because shes that type of person who gives it to you immediately.
so loving, with a contagious laugh that you can hear through the house.

She will be this little boys sweetest blessing.
She will be a wonderful Mommy!

shes waited a long time for this little boy!

Congratulations Teri-Ryan & Butch!
We just love you to pieces!

{When I am 83}

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When Mads wakes up from his naps
his eyes are always dewy,
his lips extra pink,
& his face full of expression.

I want to remember this baby face when I am 83.

When I came down stairs with Mads in arms
after taking these pictures

Tre came running to me saying someone was here.
I asked who.
He said Daddy.

To my surprise he was sitting on the playroom couch
with a big grin & treats.

I screamed in delight. Really. I did.

It has been fun having him home.
He has been a big help tonight
as all 3 boys are beginning to feel a bit icky.

poor Britt is just feeling sadder then sad about being sick.

Nothing a little extra love & vitamin C wont fix.

{when I think of Rod...}

Monday, October 26, 2009

I think of Charles Dickens

just thought he should know!
Rod...not Charles.
Im a pretty lucky girl to have a guy who is this.

{Chairs that fly}

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rod was on call this weekend.
(& there were a happy bunch of babies born!)
since he could not come to us...
we went to him.

The foliage is nearing the end of its run, I think.
We chose to spend the afternoon enjoying the leaves
before they all fall.

(I even took one.--but if you know me, that is no surprise. I am a car sleeper.)

after some naps in the car were had,
& colorful leaves were seen through the sunroof

we picked a destination.

& then we rode the chairlift back up.
The boys were in awe.
a chair that flies?

Beautiful Day.
Beautiful Boys.
Beautiful Husband.

I miss him....

{Sugar Rush}

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We had been anxious all 3 weeks for
Tamsyn's Halloween Party

She really knows how to throw a party.
Ghost hunts, pin the nose on the pumpkin,
crafts, a fantastic lunch, treats,
prizes & costumes!

oh my!

can we say...
Sugar Rush?!

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