Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We are so so spoiled! We have had visitors almost non stop since we moved here. We have needed these visits! This move was pretty hard on us. Sunday our sweet little babysitter from Texas texted to ask if she & her Mom & Grandma could stop in on Monday. Heck yes! So they drove in & spent the day with us. We loved it. The kids were their usual crazy selves for poor Ashley. Sadly Laura could not make it. We sure missed her. Ashley was so sweet to make the rounds with the kids. Cooper had wanted to play cars with her & she made sure to set up a big track for his cars. She swam & raced with Tre & Maddox & gave hugs to my grumps of the day-Britt & Presley. We tried to keep her! I don't know how we will ever find another pair of sitters as loved by our kids! Cooper was so sad to see his Ashley go. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When we figured out we were heading to our new city the part that excited us most was having the Keys family in the same area. We live on opposite sides of the city, but we really really hope to get together often. I love that Rod has Travis here. Rod was so busy in San Antonio that he never really got out with friends. Things should be very different here. Travis & Rod should get time to golf. That makes me very happy. Rod has worked so hard the last 8 years through medical school & residency. Its about time he have some fun! Travis' birthday was Monday so on Saturday we had our sweet friends over (to our VERY undecorated house) to celebrate his birthday. We did the Texas taco thing & cake. The kids played super well together. & I got to visit with Kim & Rosemary, Travis' mother who is just so fun. The kids loved Kim. They just thought she was the coolest! I am so grateful to have these wonderful friends so near by! Kim is pregnant with their 5th so between the 2 of our families we have 10 kids! Our get togethers will never be dull & I hope there will be many. We just need to live in the same neighborhood! Now that would be wild & fun! 

{museum with bears}

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It has been a comfort having friends from med school just a few neighborhoods up the road. Audrey & the girls invited us to the children's museum a few days ago. The kids had a great time. We only lost 1 child the entire outing. Not too shabby if you ask me. Getting a picture of the kids together was a bear (because of mine.) The proof is in the pictures.  This city has so much to do. We keep pretty busy.

{Surprise! prt. 2}

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 In the morning after all 7 children had eaten a donut or three, we drove into the city to meet up with Gabby & Brian. We visited lots of the different resorts & even saw animals, dolphins, gardens, fountains & drank lots & lots of water! It was hot outside! The children all handled it so well! Dads took turns carrying the littler ones. There is so much to see here. Saying goodbye this time was different. It felt more like see you soon. I know we will. I am so grateful for the love the Woolards show our family. They always took a little hand in theirs or helped where they could. We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in our  lives! I love them so much! 

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