Friday, January 29, 2010

mean while T was here...

sick as can be.
poor tough guy.
tummy bugs are the pits!

{First Love}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maddox had a Vanilla Milk Shake today.

He took a sip & gave me the dirtiest look.
I am sure he was thinking
"why have you been holding back on me Mom!"

Then went in for another slurp.

Held the cup up to get a better look
& gazed at it as if he just fell in love.
a smile plastered on his face.

and then proceeded to devour the contents of the cup.

taking breaks only to lovingly look upon his treat.

He looked at that cup the way he looks at me.

looks like Ive been replaced.
I thought I had at least 16 more years.

The moment was entertaining for the neighborhood kids who
were in the front yard playing with T & Britt.

He is one animated boy.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

When Rod is away for rotations
I get the splendid task of taking 3 little dudes to church...

good luck to me.

In reality....

I think they go gentle on me.
They know I have my limits.

Today all 3 were sweet as could be.
not a hiccup or a tantrum.

good boys!

I miss you my hubs!
T thought you needed a kiss...
he thought he should take the picture.

{3 days}

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T & Britt made the Daddy some welcome back brownies.
(he has a sweet tooth. Its a Sclater thing.)

& then the big boys loaded into the car
with my Father to pick up Rod at the airport.
I stayed behind with Mads to get the little guy off to bed.

All arrived home safe.
But Poor Britt got car sick.
Or should I say...
poor Opah. (sorry Dad!)
Rod & I went on a fantastic date
& then Rod slept in a bed for the first time in a week.

We went across the street to have a cook out with a great family
(& new friends) from church.
The boys were thrilled to play with lots of boy toys
& the trampoline.

Curtis & Joyce prepared lamb, chicken, hot dogs & sausage.
we went home with full bellies.

Let me say this...
having those extra 2 hands to help me with the boys during church is

Rod & I stayed up late talking about the future
& some decisions we will be making.

We got out early.
Mauri, we went to Oregano's like you suggested
cookie pizza?!

best thing ever!
(we owe you Mauri!)

What came next may haunt me for years. haha
We took the boys to the Children's Museum in the city.
lots of dangerous situations.
On the bright side the boys played & loved exploring.
& most importantly no one died or was lost in the crowd.
Rod & I were still twitching after we left.

after a busy day we settled in for some family games.
Don't Break the Ice & Hide & Seek.

we got the boys off to bed & packed Rod up &
now he is on a plane headed back to California.

I have the best guy to work so hard
to make his way to us for the long weekend.

Gosh I love that guy.
3 weeks & counting....

{The Dudes}

Friday, January 15, 2010

Down on the farm....

The petting Zoo was a hit!


& I am certain the best part of today
is going to be a spur of the moment visit
from a very special guy
who decided last night to fly in for the 3 day weekend.

Lots of chatter about the exciting long weekend
amongst our talking brood.

{4th time around}

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

& its just not getting any easier to chose a boy name.

Our goal this time is to have a name
at least 10 minutes before they kick us out of the hospital
with a nameless baby.
(Its true. we are indecisive.)
We could use all the help we can get on this one.

Is it just me or did I just do a similar post? here. haha
I see some repeat names.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Mario & his race karts have taken my boys.

T is one of those kids
that is good at everything he touches.

whether it be school work or play.

the kid is a everything.
(which he DID NOT inherit from his momma! I know that for sure!)
he kicks all our butts.

As for the Britt-ster.
He is like his pops.
less competitive & more fun.
He just enjoys driving Donkey Kong is circles.

Mads likes to play interference.

I just sit back & love watching.

On a totally random note...
before Rod left he left me this

sweet. huh?!
I am a lucky lady
to be so loved by so many guys!

Once the newest little charmer is named
we will be adding another tag.
but what name.....

{The Boat to Mexico}

Friday, January 08, 2010

I don't even know where to begin.
Rod & I traded in the boys for our passports for a week
& took a cruise down the Mexican Rivera.
I know they say less is more...
but, narrowing down these memories just wasn't in the cards.
I'm pretty sure there are more then 20.
I refuse to count.

We went on an ocean kayak tour.
We were laughing at each other the entire time!
the ocean floor was filled with brightly colored fishys.
We were definitely the goof-offs of the group.
We worked pretty darn good as a team.

The formal nights on the ship were lots of fun.
All decked out & lots of activities on board.
We fell in love with this chocolate cake they offered every night.
The ship had 24 hours of food food food.
which equals trouble, trouble trouble!
Hello 10 more pounds!

There were so many things to do & see at
each port.
It was hard to decide how to fill the day.
We loved all the new sights & sounds.
But Id say my favorite part was just goofing off with my hubby.
He is just too fun to be with!

I even got the poor guy on a horse for a beach ride.
We walked like cowboys for the rest of the day.

Rod's highlight was the food!
oh the yummy food.
great little taco stands were everywhere.
I ate shark. pretty darn delicious!
Rod stoke to the chicken & beef variety.

The flea markets were both hilarious & scary!
Lots of vendors in your way trying to get you in their shop.
I wont get into what was yelled at us to get our attention
This blog is PG. haha.
We are still laughing about the silly things that were heard.

Being the nerds that we are...
when we had down time while at sea we plated games.
we took turns kicking each others tails at scrabble.
we caught some shows & chowed down on the all day buffets.
walked around the decks & caught some sun & fresh air.
we loved relaxing with each other.
my lazy prego self took naps when we were recovering from our busy days.

we laughed the entire time.
I am a lucky gal to have a husband who still makes me laugh uncontrolably.

The whole cruise was a blast.
It let us have some 1 on 1 before Rod makes his way out to San Fransisco
for a rotation on Sunday.
(an audition rotation at that--so fingers crossed!)
I dont know how I lived without him for 6 months...
or how Im going to do the next 6 months without that silly guy of mine.
(although Feb. he is working at the clinic right behind our house!!!! So dang excited!)

We were anxious to see the boys today.
They were in our arms the rest of the night.
We love those little faces.
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