{1st day Eve}

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Each year we have a special dinner 
the night before school begins.
This was our 4th time around. 
We have spaghetti every year. 
The children are given a yearly challenge.
We choose a family verse to focus on.
The children make a wish & blow out a candle on cake.
(I even made a wish.) 

& the best part...
father's blessing for each child for the new year.
(What is a father's blessing? read here )
Rod lays his hands on each child's head.
Having the  priesthood in our home 
is such a comfort to me as a mother.

My 3rd to leave the nest. He is excited! 

Heaven help this ones teacher.....sigh.

 We have 3 school children this year. & next year 4. 
This season of our lives is flying by. 

{block party}

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our fun neighbors the Johnsons threw another fun back to school bash this year.
This year with a bouncy water slide. 
The kids played out their last night of summer vacation together. 
I feel so much love for these people. We love their children & they love ours. 
What a fun night...

{bird does ballet}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I cried.
Mostly because I really thought for a long time that my days of motherhood would be about sports socks and cleats & the color blue.
Yesterday our baby bird started ballet & tap. 
I was so excited while dressing her in her tiny tights, leo & skirt that I cried.
She was a nervous nelly when we arrived and brought in Britton's moose to ease the nerves.
But once she saw all the other sweet girlies in pink arriving she relaxed.
she loved it! 
heck. i loved it! 


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rod's mother visited for a week. 
First time she has seen the kids in 3 years. 

River day.

My children have an amazing father. I love him deeply. 

Britt wore this bucket all day. we called him sir. bucket head. he liked that. 

our 3rd grader! cannot even believe it! 

whats this I see?? Madds loving on his sissy? 


bird was scared when we went under the bridges on the 
river tour downtown.

goofball gave me this look every time he caught me taking his picture. thanks buddy. 

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