O'Come let us adore Him...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Break!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today a much anticipated brown package arrived! My baby sling! With Maddox being such a tiny little peanut the bjorn just wasn't working. I had wanted a sling even before his arrival. I thought it would help me love on him, while still keeping up with my big boys & get house work done. I was RIGHT! The sling is all I needed it to be & more! I know...its just fabric, but those pieces of sewed together fabric will make these early months with 3 far more productive & blissful!

in other happenings...
My Tre is Mr. popularity at school. I hear all the time from parents that their son or daughter just loves Tre & talks about him all the time. I know my son is funny & sweet & giving, but it makes me think...whats going on at school? haha. He even received Christmas gifts that were just for him, and not for the class as a whole. It took me off guard. The kids respond so cute when Tre comes & goes from class. They all yell, Hi Tre! Good morning Tre! Bye Tre! Rod & I laugh about it, because he has seen it too. Lets just say we are excited for parent teacher conferences. haha. We are anxious to know what Tre is up to. We are not surprised that he has won over the hearts of all the kids in his pk class.
Today was Tre's class Christmas party! We were so excited for this day. We love knowing Tre is going to have an extra special school day now & again. They had pizza & treats & Santa visited & gave Tre a tool box & tools. His teachers gave him 2 ornaments & a bag of yummies. He came home with a grocery bag full of surprises. His classroom had a Christmas tree decorated with matchbox cars & hair bows. It was darling. They had been singing Christmas songs & talking about the story of baby jesus & making cute christmas crafts all month. The best part of today's party was the start of CHRISTMAS BREAK! yay! We get our Tre all day for 3 weeks! We are thrilled!
Britton is cracking me up each day. He tries so hard to be funny & often it ends in his hitting his head. Today he was walking around laughing with his head cocked to the side with his eyes shut thing you know his little noggin is bouncing off the high chair tray & then knocking him to the tile floor...head first! & that was just the start of it! The boy is constantly hitting his sweet little head on something. Heaven knows how we will make it to 2.
Maddox is changing & growing. He wakes every 2 1/2 hours to feed then wants cuddles for about 40 minuets. So Mommy isn't getting too much sleep, but I don't mind so much. Its quiet time with just the two of us. I feel like its at night that Madd & I really get to know each other. He eats great & the boys cant kiss his tiny face enough. Its no surprise that he has graham cracker crumbs in his hair from britton smooches. Tre is so trustworthy & helpful with the baby. We are all really enjoying him.
Rod has finished another semester...and not a moment too soon. My poor guy had strep throat & a headache like none other that knocked him into a sleepless fever the weekend before & days of finals. He is now on meds and recovering from botrh finals & illness. Needless to say hes exhausted & catching cat naps when he can.

I am so grateful for all his sacrifice & hard work. This month has been busy for him & he has been nothing but optimistic. We really love him & we are excited to have him all to ourselves for 20 days (although he will be studying for boards.)
Me..well, We have been working hard on a new car & we are pretty sure we found it..its in Hickory NC waiting for us! We will get it on our way to Charlotte before we continue on to Orlando. Im getting the my guys packed & ready for FLORIDA! Looks like it will be 80 degrees on Sunday...are we excited?! YES! I also have been baking for Tre's faculty at school & some staff & a family Tre goes to school with. Im really enjoying the holidays & my family.
The sclaters are happy & well...well almost Rods still kicking the strep. My bets are he will be back to himself in the morning!

I am sooo BOY CRAZY!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Growing up I was never one to dooddle hearts & write boys names over & over again. I wasnt one to kiss pictures or idolize a boy. I guess things have caught up with me 'cause now Im completly head over heels gaa-gaa over 4 insanely adorable guys. Ive gone boy 26. Im a bit of a late bloomer!

Where will the Sclaters be for the next 2 years?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Had you asked us this time last year we would have been singing a completely different tune. We were certain we wanted out of here. We missed restaurants & shops & places to go. We thought "when rotations come we will do anything to go to Knoxville or Chattanooga! anything!" But after a summer away from our house, our ward family, our friends, our neighborhood, parks & quiet we realized something. We are happy here. Not for forever, but for now. We are happy here. I think I was the first of the sclaters to feel this, or maybe Rod did too & we just didn't say anything to each other because we thought the other would assume we had gone crazy! I remember laying in bed one night and turning to Rod & saying that I thought we should stay here for rotations. I thought Tre could stay at the same school, we could stay in the same ward, we could ease some stress by keeping the familiar for the boys and us. Rod agreed. Then it turned out that some friends felt the same way. Our bishop/Dr. Thompson even suggested we stay here to have a support while the husbands are busy...and so the rest is history. Rod put lee county as his first picks with great schedules...and that's exactly what he got! So come June Rod starts Rotations (hands on learning!)He has his core rotations first...which is exactly what we wanted! Rotations will require him to be gone often, so he will be getting a dormitory near the hospital for nights when he cant come home (NOT looking forward to that. I cant live without my night time snuggles. boo hoo!!). (lee county is still a bit of a drive, but closest to here.) We are very pleased & have a great deal of peace! It will be nice to let our boys (especially Tre) maintain some familiarity, There will plenty of moves in our future, so we are happy to be staying put. So we are staying!!What great news!

Birthday dinner with friends

Friday, December 12, 2008

on december 10th we celebrated with chinese food & cup cakes, Two of Tre's favorites...& two of tre's most favorite people were here to celebrate with us! Yay!
Tre recieved a V-Tech motion & some games from Omah & Opah! He loves it! It was a nice birthday! I was pretty excited about sending a birthday treat to school with Tre, he wanted rice crispy treats...but there was no way I was sending plain ol' rice crispy treats sop i dressed them up with melted chocolate & marshmellows & colorful candy all tied up with bright ribbon. I love these first time moments. Im already thinking about next years birthday treat for school!

then today we had a low key party... VERY low key. Im still trying to figure out how to juggle three little we ordered some pizza & made a fruit tray & salad then topped it off with some ice cream cone cupcakes. Our dear friends the whitings & finkleas came over to celebrate & brought some very fun presents! The Finkleas gfot Tre is very own vacum. They know how much Tre loves to clean & help mom out! & the Whitings got tre a matchbox car race track...& well lets face it that boy loves all things cars! He was a hppy boy! While poor Britt was beside himself..he wanted to play with Tre's new toys & well Tre was not quite ready to do so. We had a good time & really enjoyed visiting with our friends & introducing my parents to them. & of course we discused our rotation placements! more on that later:) lets just say we got exactly what we wanted! YAY!

Now that all the birthday festivities are over & my parents have been my special angels for the past 3 weeks we sclaters are aboutto embark on an adventure were not quiet sure we are ready to take...parenting 3 boys ALONE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! wish us luck! Its been so fun having my parents here! They had me nap, cleaned myy kitchen, chased britton *which is a full time job!!) Gave Tre extra love, & cooked, cooked, cooked. My Mom was amazing & my Dad was great too when he was here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Now the tricky stuff starts! My parents leave at 9am tomorrow & Rod is going to campus to study its me vs them. haha. Im excited to dive in and take it all on!

4 years & more to come...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Tre was born our world changed. This little boy became our thoughts, our dreams & our payers. He had a contagious laugh & was absorbing everything he saw. His first year was full of fun & learning for each of us. He never could figure out how to nurse well, so he took to the bottle, he was hospitalized at 11 months on thanksgiving. He loved gerber puffs, & cheerios, Mommy made all his baby purees with exception to apple sauce...daddy made that. He started his fascination of match box cars at 10 months. He would line them up...and still does today.

Then he turned 1. He began to walk, then run, babble then talk. He made us smile. He was content to sit still with a pile of books, he loved stroller walks & footed jemmies. He loved watching his dad couch lacrosse for timpview high school, & he loved grapes & sweet potatoes. He was a great sleeper, & always obedient. he loved his choo-choo (pacifier)he and mommy would walk up to the byu bookstore once a week to buy a new board book. his best friend was little Katelyn Brewer from 2 houses down. He got his first haircut from our friends steve & mishay whitsitt.

Our boy kept growing & turned 2. He loved playing at the park, grazing in the pantry, he loved nap time & swimming. He spent a lot of time on Omah & Opah's boat & playing on the beach at grandmoms house. He took swimming lessons & loved bath time. basically the boy was a fish. He could remember anything & did. He loved his sleepy blanket & was not thrilled when we took his choo-choo away. He was a sensitive boy.

another birthday cake, & another year. Tre turned 3. He started school, became a sunbeam at church, loved to sing & dance, still loved matchbox cars & learning to spell. He started to play computer games, & his best friend was sweet payton finklea. He loved pasta & chocolate milk. He adored his daddy & could not keep his hands off of him. He became a big brother to two little boys. He started to show independence & loved to have a job. He loved to bake & play pretend. He was in timeout for most of the year. But we still loved him...naughty or nice!

now our boy is 4 & we have so many dreams for him. We have so many adventures we want him to take & so many things we want him to learn. We know he will be baptized, serve a mission & marry in the temple. We know his little testimony will continue to bloom. We know the best is yet to come for our little boy. We are so excited for the days to come & look back at the days we have had already with nostalgia and laughs! We sure love our Tre! He is such a blessing!

Happy happy birthday Tre-Tre dear....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

happy days will come to you all year!
If i had a wish then it would be
a happy happy birthday to you from me!

LOOK WHO IS 4 TODAY! we love our T-man!

Open for business

Monday, December 08, 2008

& before bedtime Tre asked to make and hang out a closed sign. I love that boy!


and as for the guess who...yay charlie & sara!! you guessed right! Tre, Britt & Maddox! we love you guys! Cant wait to get a peek at your little boy! Only a few weeks!

Any Guesses?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Can you tell which boy is which at 2 weeks old?

Constructing a memory

Friday, December 05, 2008

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