{Last day of 2009}

Thursday, December 31, 2009

{My favorite birthday present this year}

Monday, December 28, 2009

any guesses?


what do you think?



another rough & tough sclater boy



or something sweet for this momma?



that's right......

& I just cannot stop laughing!
I knew it all along too!

Finding out the day after my birthday was perfect.
I love my boys
& I just know this little guy
will be the sweetest yet!

We are sticking with blue!
& happily!!

{Bowling with the Binghams.}

Sunday, December 27, 2009

We met up with some friends from our Ward in Provo.
Camree was my Visiting Teacher & I hers.
She was a fabulous neighbor.
She would drop by & visit...
never empty handed.
She makes a killer Cinnamon roll!

She & I have stayed in touch the past 4 years.
Both our Husbands are in medical school.
She offers me lots & lots of suport &
she is just sweeter then can be &
a stellar momma!
(not to mention GORGEOUS!)

I finally met her little ones Brookly & Brody.
(Brody was in his mom's belly when we moved from Utah.)
Sweet hearts!

Our families happen to be here in AZ at the same time!
We met up & went Bowling on the 26th.
T & Britt's first time...
not on Wii.

We enjoyed the whole thing!
We love you Binghams!
Thanks Josh, Camree, Brody & Brooklyn!

{Christmas in Pictures}

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Omah took T out shopping a few weeks ago.
He picked out presents on his own for all his family.
That clever little boy picked out the game "Operation" for his Dr. in training Dad!
How cute is that?!
I got darling little christmas earings.

We love these mugs & had to get them for my parents.
Complete with Godiva Hot Cocoa.


While the babies napped
Rod & I took T outside to try
his hand at his Remote Control Monster Truck
(that he talked about for the past 6 months!)

The boys loved the Igloo & spent the after dinner hours in it.

---Hope your Christmas was as magical.

{TWO birthday songs. one by a giraffe.}

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rod is a pretty Lucky guy if you ask me.
He was serenaded by a giraffe on his birthday.

My parents took us to the Phoenix Zoo lights on the 24th.

At the Zoo was this mechanical giraffe that moved & talked.
As we were talking amongst ourselves we noticed this giraffe was
interacting with us.
I thought to myself
My hubby hates his birthday.
hates attention.
what better way to show him I love him then let this loud giraffe
surrounded by a crowd know it is my hunk's birthday.
I did just that.
But this giraffe did not just say happy birthday.
oh no.
he began to sing a song.
not just the simple birthday diddy,
but a very funny birthday song.
We were hysterical.
Then the Giraffe proceeded to ask Rod how old he was.
"29" he responded.
"your OLD!" replied this mechanical giraffe.
We were nearly in tears.

After all the laughs

we went home & had cake & presents.

But the fun does NOt stop there!
We checked our email.
& in it was a SONG.
WAY BETTER then any Giraffe song!
Craig & Taralyn wrote us a fantastic birthday song!!
If I were tech savy It would be up here for all of you to enjoy!
Ill tell you this...
It was Thug-a-licious!
Thats the only word I can come up with.
Britt danced his heart away to it!
We will have to find a way to rock out to it in our car.


As always
"Santa Clause" had brought new jammies for the whole house.
We all snuggled in our jammies.
laid out the gifts & went to bed excited for the little boys.

{& then they went to bed.}

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Food, presents, love, & the story of the birth of our Savior.
& then they went to bed.
Hope your Christmas was as marvelous.
More pictures of these lovely faces to come.
when I recover from the fun of all the spoiling.

{no specifics}

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A certain someone has made a
certain request that I not mention a
certain special occasion that takes place today.

So I am making certain not to be specific.

I will say this...
29 years ago today

the most
guy was born.

This guy goes out of his way to show love to everyone he meets.
He likes to make others smile & laugh.

But I wont name names.

This certain guy doesnt find this certain day particuraly special.

But I do.

29 years ago my best friend
& the friend of many came into the world.

I love this certain someone.
That is for certain!

{All the Rods}

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rod I, Rod II (my hubby) & Rod III (T-man)
went to Vegas for a boys overnight.
They went to the Maaco Bowl.
Where BYU beat OSU!

(post-edit: I try not to curse in my blog...
apparently I let this one slip.
I apologize to those I may have offended. haha
you now know I cannot spell. )

My parents & I watched the game from the comfy couch.
I was twitching the whole time.
The wind in Vegas was 48 MPH & it was chili!
This momma was worried.
But T assured me after the game that he had fun.
After cotton candy at 10pm
the Rods headed to a buffet & ate until 11pm.
It made for a special father + son overnight!
(Rod is the worlds best Dad)
They crashed at a Vegas hotel
then headed back to us
tired but happy!

{Eating like cowboys}

Friday, December 18, 2009

My parents know all the great places here.
They took us all out for dinner & live entertainment
at a western steakhouse.

sawdust on the floor,
fried food,
fresh baked goods,
rattle snakes,

live country band,
picnic tables & benches.

we ate good!
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