Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This past weekend I packed the children up in the van & we headed to Riverside California for a dive meet. I booked us a hotel that had an indoor pool so the children could swim & the boys could practice some NOT head first dives. Presley wanted to practice too. Tre, our casted boy, was happy to show little sis some things to get her started. She wore her floats because she was nervous after a winter of no swimming. Cooper was in heaven. He asks to get in our unheated pool every day! The children were warn out when we made our way back to our hotel room. I had reserved a 1 bedroom suite so that we would have a better chance at sleep. Adds & Britt in particular needed their sleep as they had to report at the pool deck by 7am both days. It was 52 degrees & an outdoor pool. It was a complete gamble how the boys would respond. They are still just little. & being wet in 52 degree weather is not a pleasant experience. But they did it! Britt needed some extra encouragement (read: bribe) but in the end Maddox got a gold on 3 meter, a gold on 1 meter & Britton got a silver on the 1 meter. They were happy & I really was so glad we went. Not because of the medals but it really drew us in as a group. Tre was so happy to be away & he was so kind to his brothers & sister. He felt like the big guy because I would send him with my money to get snacks down at the shop in the hotel lobby. The children shared beds & all slept so good! They were all snuggled up with arms & hands all over each other. It was just the sweetest thing. We really grew together this past weekend. We also enjoyed spending time with our dive family! The moms are so wonderful. Always so caring! Most of them stayed near the pool, but with all 5 in tow I had to stay about 15 minutes out to get a suite. But they texted & called & checked in with me to see how i was holding up with the kids. The older kids on the dive team are so patient with chatter box Maddox & day dreaming Britt. They are eager to help the boys & cheer them on! I think my favorite pictures are when Abby & Timmy are talking care of Maddox during his event & then watching with smiles during his dives. These kids are just so good! I feel so blessed that my children are around such great families! This weekend will be a weekend I am confident the children will hold dearly as an important weekend. we were all so lovey dove with each other! It was perfect! 

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