{2nd week}

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This past week was a little harder. the excitement of being with Omah & Opah is still very much here, but it also became very real that we are not heading back south to Texas. The kids have been writing letters & are always so excited to check the mail for letters from San Antonio. I remember I had a pen pal when I was younger & I loved the anticipation of getting letters from him. & then as a college student Rod wrote me a lot while he was in Italy & those were always really fun to get. He was silly & would send me all sorts of hilarious & clever things. Rod comes here in a week. He has been in Michigan for the weekend. His Dad flew him out for a man's trip. Lots of hot dogs, guns & cars. Its been strange having him in Texas for his last weeks of work & us having to leave the house. He will be tying up loose ends this upcoming week, car stuff,  goodbyes, utilities. & Then when he gets here we have 3 days before he has to head to Nevada to  start at the hospital there. The babies & I will follow him up a few days later to be there for our furniture delivery. After that we will grab the big boys  & start getting settled. I am so grateful that we could come to my parents house for this in-between time. They really take care of us! We spent 2 days with Tamsyn & the kids this past week. I always feel like I am home when we are together. She is an anchor in my life. A constant. Boone & Madds really hit of every time we get together. They are always cracking up. Tre & Kailyn are shy & I am not sure they have even said boo to each other.  The kids do well together. I wish we had more time so they could be closer, like they were when they were itty bitty things.

{1 week}

Monday, June 22, 2015

We have been in Arizona for 1 week now. The time has flown by. Three more weeks till we head to Nevada. Rod comes in a week & a half. Presley cannot even stand the wait. She asks if Daddy will jump in with her today everyday. Being separated is hard, but is something we have grown used to. The children are filling their time with lots of swimming, face timing/texting/writing to friends & Omah! On Fathers day we celebrated Opah with breakfast & dinner with a dessert. It feels good to take care of my parents. They do so much for us. The children are thrilled to be visiting with my parents. Cooper was super cute, unscripted he took the phone from me & via FaceTime said "happy fathers day" to Rod. We thought a lot about him...we always do. I have been taking a lot of pictures for they are. all 800 of them. Also, even though we are hundreds of miles apart I was able to sneak a picture of Avery while T chatted. That gave us all a little laugh.

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