Monday, January 28, 2013

After T & Britt head off to school in the mornings 
I am left with the littles. 
Maddox & Presley are still learning to make way for the baby.
They love him 
they don't love that now they have to wait while I feed,
or share my lap while I rock.
But we are making progress.
& progress is good.

just me & the three....

& when Presley & Cooper are sleeping sometimes I sneak into Maddox quiet time & we read or share his bed for a snooze. or watch power rangers on T's iPad. which ever. He is getting BIG. 

{the clone}

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I often feel like I am having a second chance to see baby Tre.
Cooper looks exactly like Tre did.
They even share the same disposition at this age.
I cannot help but hope Cooper turns out to be much like T. 




eerie, right?! (insert twilight zone music here)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

It Is official. 
T is a scout.
He had hid first pinewood derby
Well, if you don't count when our ward in TN had a derby for all the kids...& grown ups too.
The car was U-G-L-Y and was made 1 hour prior to weigh in with a box cutter and spray paint.
Who would have guessed  that it would be a winning car?!
People dubbed it the "green latrine". They were just jealous!
Our 3 year old Tre-tre took 2nd with that pinewood car.
here she is...she is a beaut, no?
Im pretty sure my father would shake is head when he saw this car...its not aero dynamic or anything..but with Rod in med school and me with zero handy man skills--its the best we could do! Dad, when Tre is a scout we will mail you his cars! hahaha. photo treshowingoffthecar.jpg

Id like to say we gave ourselves ample time to prepare this go around, but no.
again we procrastinated.
the night before, T & Rod broke out their tools and paint & got to work.
they did a lot of work that night, but did not finish.
Rod was hopeful that he would have time before the race to do the wheels and weights.
so off to bed we all went.

The day was busy busy busy. I dare say it was even in the top 5 mosy stresful days of motherhood to this point. & then at 4:00 I get a voicemail from Rod saying he wont be home in time for the derby. 
Now, I have a handflul of abilities....
but pinewood car building is not one of them.
I looked at T's wheel-less, unweighted car & about cried.
Called my mom & told her if they lived here this would not be an issue because Dad could help & take T. 
Obviously that was not solving my issues, 
but moms always make things better.
I called up my sweet friend, Kacee and asked if her hubs would be willing to help me out! 
& he did! thank goodness! such a big relief!
So while the car was being finished I was free to get all 5 dressed, brush my hair for the first time that day, feed them a quick & void of nutrition dinner & race to the race!
We made it & I was able to breath a sigh of relief that T had made it & that his car had wheels.
A  few minutes after we arrived so did Rod.
Tre was super excited to have his dad there after all.
We watched T's BYU  car dominate. The kids ate at the nacho bar. presley hugged and latched onto any walking thing with a flower in its hair, & also spilled like 8 cups of water. the gym floor got agood cleaning by presley girl. the little boys participated in matchbox car races. Cooper who had a drs appointment that morning was all drugged up, and miserable. 
t took 4th...but their was a glitch in how the cars were put on the tracks and recorded on one really he was 3rd, but he is a good sport & did not throw a fit. He was just loving the fun night. 
By bedtime we were all exhausted! 
I am thinking we should build next years car now so we wont have another crazy pre race day. 

--until 2014--

{when no one is looking...}

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They become buddies.
(& then they caught this sneaky (or not so sneaky) momma peeking from the kitchen & they parted ways with a growl. We growl around here.)


Monday, January 21, 2013

We blessed our newest little blessing, 
Cooper Paul 
(aka: super cooper).

then his ear drum burst for the second time 
in his 6 weeks of life.
poor little buddy.

This weekend was one of those times in which our Father in heaven's blessings are made perfectly clear & obvious! a baptism for our eldest & a blessing for our smallest, my mother's visit.   our hearts were swelling, our testimonies doubled, or tripled. we are so incredibly blessed. so so blessed. 

{Saturday, January 19th}

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday, January 19th 2013

Tre, My dear sweet Tre,
To say I am proud or honored to be your mom is selling my feelings short of what they really are.
I feel overwhelmed with pride in your choice to be baptized a member of the church. What an incredible journey you have now embarked upon. When you were blessed as an infant by Daddy you were dressed in a sweet little cotton one piece with a baby bonnet that Daddy detested.  You had little white socks that slid right off your skinny feet any time you moved. You were darling in the color white then. & Now once more I saw you dressed in white. Head to foot.  You were dry & glowing with excitement. Daddy was holding back the tears so much that his cheeks were rosy red & his neck was pink. Seeing you wet was when we lost it. I think Daddy & Mommy cried enough to fill that font all over again. Even Omah was teary eyed. While daddy prayed he could no longer restrain his feelings & his voice said it all. I hope you felt that your daddy was overjoyed.  As soon as your little self rose from the water you threw your arms tight around Daddy's waist. he hugged you back & kissed the top of your head.  Everyone in the room oohed & awed at that sweet moment put on display to be shared.  My  heart was skipping with excitement as you prepared to receive the greatest gift. That of the holy ghost.  I pray you use it & be in places, & surround yourself with people & experiences that will allow the spirit to be your constant companion. I pray you use it & seek to take heed to it. be still & listen! I love you Tre, & so do all who meet you! neighbors & friends came to support you on your special day! you are one very blessed little boy! i pray this day has left its mark on your heart! love, mommy

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