Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When the kids get home our afternoon looks something like this...
when there is scouts, or church responsibilities or sports..then things get jostled about a bit until it fits for the day.
but on any normal afternoon the boys have a schedule.
2:45 Snack
3:00 Jobs 
3:30 reading time/story time
3:45 homework 
4:15 free time
5:00 bath time/shower time
5:30 supper time
6:00 song/scripture & family prayer
6:30 bedtime for Presley, Maddox, Britton
7:30 Tre to bed

of all these, reading time is my favorite! 
the house gets still 
Tre picks a book, Britton picks a few reader books, & Maddox reads along with starfall's reading app on the iPad or joins me as i read out loud to Presley. 
for 15 minutes I will hear little chuckles or see silent smiles as they read or listen quietly. Its the calm before the storm. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

Hair cuts had been issued for the 3 biggest in preparations for school to start back up. Hands & feet wrinkled from playing in the tub or shower much too long. Cooper needed a snuggle & a bedtime feed.  I needed to help dry hair & put jammies on. Britton wanted the job of giving Coop a bottle. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

When Laura told me that her & the kids were heading to Houston for a week in March I knew a road trip was in our future. Its been 3 years (with a 1 day visit in between for graduation) since we have spent time together. When we met Laura had Payton, Jaxon & Ashton on the way. I had Tre & Britt was a newborn. We spent just about every other day together with our 3rd musketeer, Tamsyn & her baby girl Kailyn. We became sisters in Medical school. We passed the days by with play dates. The kids were great friends. We added more to our group. Ashton, Jovie, Maddox, Boone, Presley, Brighton & then latter came Cooper & Tamsyn is expecting another baby girl. I love each of this kiddos.  I love their Moms' too. Medical school was full of fun & some hardships too & the experience would not have been as burden free without Laura & Tamsyn. We often tell each other that we will never again have the type of friendship we had with each other. The three of us had something special. 

Wednesday morning I filled up the car with gas & loaded up the kids & all their stuff...oh my heck...5 kids need a lot of stuff!  We drove to Houston. I genuinely enjoyed the drive. The kids were not sleepy at all, but watched movies, & pointed out sites. I use to take road trips with the kids all the time before we moved to Texas...It was nice to go on a little adventure. 
Laura's sister was so fabulous & invited me & my 5 over for dinner. The kids ate & played. Laura & I caught up. The kids had grown so much. They are as gorgeous as ever. Tre played the shy guy with Payt, but they warmed up after a bit. When I asked him what his favorite part of the trip was he said "seeing Payton again." Okay I just started crying again just typing that. 
break my heart! 
We said goodnight around 8. Raided Walgreen's & bought easter candy galore...because its our adventure...& we can. 
We checked into our hotel & the kids chowed down while watching shows on the iPads. Happy chocolate faces started to look tired! I moved the bed in the boy's room against the wall & had them sleep across it. 3 in one bed. it was pretty darn cute. Pres got her pack & play set up in the other bedroom & fell right asleep excited to be in a new place.  Cooper & I crashed in the living room. We all slept long & hard. We needed it because the next day we would meet up to go to the beach! 
We drove the 35 minutes to Galveston. The historic mansions & statues were amazing! People around here say the Texas beaches are gross...maybe I went to the wrong one...but it was clean & quiet & beautiful.  Ships were off in the distance, the sun was shinning, shells were ready for picking. The kids enjoyed their time making castles & collecting shells & drift wood. Presley & Brighton became little buddies! They played together so well. I only lost Britt 2 times. That's not too shabby.  Seeing Payton & Tre together really was such a nice site to see. They were the best of friends from 2 years old onward. The whole Hunsaker clan let us join in on their fun & i am very grateful. Laura has such a nice family. It was nice to see some of them again. 
We said our goodbyes around 3:30 in preparations for a 5 hour drive home.  I washed the sand off the kids & put them in their jammies. Their sun kissed faces were sad. They were not ready to return home yet. We really enjoyed seeing our dear friends again. It will probably be a long while before it happens again...
but Tre & Payt have plans to write & 
Laura & I are just a phone call away. 

& now for the 8 billion pictures....


Friday, March 15, 2013

There is a rumor that I once was scared of my Uncle Kevin. I would walk the furthest route around him in any room. Relatives think maybe it was his black curly hair. It certainly was not his demeanor. And at the risk of hurting feelings. He is absolutely my most favorite of Uncles. He was like a dad on weekends growing up. My brother & I would go to Uncle Kevin & Aunt Carol's house one weekend, & then our cousins Dana & Craig would come to our house the next. When I think of my childhood I always think of Aunt Carol, Uncle Kevin, Dana, Craig,
 & all the games, legos & forts.  
My Uncle & cousin craig are motorcycle enthusiasts, They packed up and decided to take a trip on their Guzzis. They stopped to spend a night in our home. we fed them mexican and then showed them the Alamo & river walk. as fun as showing them the sites of the city was...easily the highlight for me was seeing my boys so excited to have them there. Maddox clung onto poor Craig. Maddox thought craig was the coolest guy around (2nd to his own dad of course.)   I am super grateful they went out of their way to visit us! the boys proclaimed this the best spring break ever while Uncle Kevin & Craig were here. 

{can you find him?}

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tre was selected to be in "The Elementary Showcase of Stars"
It was a district wide presentation. 
T's school is represented by the kiddos clad in neon yellow. 
He performed to the song "At the Carwash." thus the rags. 
It was really darling. 
The kid has nerves of steel.
 Nothing intimidates him. 
I asked my biggest if he was nervous. 
his response. "why would I be?" 
Oh I don't know...because you are going to perform in front of hundreds of people.   
It reminds me of when he read at his pre school graduation when he was 3. he read in front of hundreds & it was being televised & the kid thought it was awesome !  
I get shaky in the knees just calling to order take out. 
 I hope he holds tight to that confidence! 

can you spot my showcase star? 

he is kind-of-a-lot cute! 
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