Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween is a big thing here. It actually seems fitting.  The schools here do parties & parades & get this...have 5 day weekends. Its so different from Texas. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween & this years hard because I sure miss my trick or treating friends, our sweet neighbors. We always had so much fun. I think had I known it was a 5 day weekend I really would have skipped town & went to see them! It came as news to me that the kids had such a long weekend coming. They told me today as they climbed into the car to go home. After school & lots of pizza, cupcakes & cookies we turned on a movie so the kids could rest before trunk or treat. Tre's friend stopped by to play & the two cute neighbor kids knocked to play too. After a bit of skateboarding/ biking/ rock throwing we cleaned up & headed to trunk or treat. The kids met up with their friends & played games, won cupcakes, went through the haunted (unhaunted as the boys informed me) house. Cooper was a riot. He would not go up to any cars. But when he saw his nursery teacher he was ready to go right up to her car to claim his chocolate. He also thought it was his responsibility to rip down all the yellow tape that was up to mark where children should not pass. But easily the funniest moment was when Addie was attempting to draw on my face with eye liner so we could be cats. Cooper lost it! He kept yelling "no don't do that!" I couldn't keep still to let Addie work her magic. Somehow she drew a perfect cat face.   It was a good night & the weather was beautiful. A big part of us was missing & that kept sneaking up on me, but we felt very loved & we had people watching out for the children to make sure everyone was accounted for. We still have another day of Halloween activities.  Tomorrow will be a little breather, but I am sure the children will be asking for candy by 6am.  I will probably join them! 


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rod & I went away this past weekend. I need to write about that, but I'm skipping ahead to family home evening yesterday. We went to a little ranch right near the city with our friends, the Keys. It was so funny the way the city lights were lit up just a few miles away & there we were with chickens, turkeys, roosters, horses... all kinds of animals. There was a hayride, corn maze, a gaggle of ganders, & lots of pumpkins to pick from. We played until the sun went down & then grabbed a bite to eat. We laughed & chatted while the kids had their own booth with their own funny stories & jokes. These are precious memories we are making here. 

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