{The bewitching hour}

Monday, September 28, 2009

Four O'clock.....

The craziness always seems to hit the Sclaters at exactly 4pm.
(wresteling, fighting. lack of sharing, all around hyperness)
& ensues until they fall fast asleep.

Its at 4pm that I feel in over my head!
But by 8pm my heart is full
Ive forgotten about all the broken dishes,
colored on furniture,
grass stained pants...
By 8pm Im just happy to be Mommy to
3 crazy pumpkins.

(can you tell which pictures I took with my ole kodak point & shooter? I dug her back out toady.)

{feeling nostaligic}

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I was looking at pictures from September 2007
& stumbled across this gem.

Tre was 3 months shy of 3 & still using a pacifier.
which we lovingly referred to as his "choo-choo"
Friday night Rod & I formulated a plan.
Saturday we bought the balloons & told T that his choo-choo was going to say bye-bye tomorrow evening.
After church we gave him one last nap with his dear chooch then headed to the park with blue balloons & a new fire truck (aka: bribe)& the remaining pacifier.
We attempted to explain to T that big boys don't need choo-choos
& that it was time to send it to another little boy or girl
who needed one.
& that the best way to send it is through balloon mail.
He was excited.
we let him have one last suck.
tied it to the balloons.
& had him let it go.
The balloons floating above him caught his attention.


he remembered that his beloved chooch was sailing away.


& then the tears started...

for both of us.

{how appropriate.}

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love this little girl & her family....

They move 1 hour away from us today.
Its raining...I find it appropriate.
Im not happy about it either.
But I am happy for Tamsyn & the girls
that they get Jeremy every night now!

Because lets face it...
living without your man is not all that fun.


Remember when we all first met?
This picture is from the day our husbands took their
first med school test ever....

the kids were so little,
Kailyn had just turned 1 2 weeks earlier, Payton had just turned 3
& T was still two.

We have done a lot of growing up together.
& if they think for even a second
that they are rid of us Sclaters...

they are in for a big surprise!
we love car rides!

We will be knocking soon!

{Human Interaction}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

& now
for the birthday girl...

ps: how cute is the birthday girls mom?

It was a beautiful day...
& I never mind being among friends.
We Sclaters are social people.
Human interaction is a must for me while the man is gone...
& by human I mean people over the age of 4 & 3/4th.
(dont get me wrong T & I have some quality convos.)

Thanks to the Jones' we had a fun party invite for tonight.
the kids came home
dirty, sleepy & happy
just how I like 'em!


{Britty Proofing}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To the untrained eye this little boys room
looks child friendly.




So very very wrong.

Look again....

Exhibit A)
Window Shades.
OHHHH this one really gets my goat!
Easily taken down by 2 year olds
(& as it turns out with help of very sneaky big brothers!)
I have had to replace, rehang & re-freak out
because of these darn window coverings.
Im a hair away from just painting the boys windows.
(no, not really)
Exhibit B)
Wall hangings.
Need I say more?
Dangerous in deed.
Britt could tell you all about it.
Exhibit C)
Sweet little PB anywhere Chair.
soft, colorful, comfortable...harmless.
it is used as a climbing mechanism.
its uses are endless & plenty!
climb into closet shelves, over bedroom gates, onto dressers...
you name it.
its rather useful to our 2 year old escape artist.

& there are so many other shortcomings to their room.
Clothes...I dont even fold them anymore.
They just end up on the floor in a pile to be jumped into.

Books in their cubbies?
I organize them everyday...100 times a day.

Something needs to be done.
Im on a mission!
To make that room more Britty proof!

T never did these crazy shenanigans!
But I wouldn't want Britt any other way.
He is perfect.

{My love/hate relationship}

Monday, September 21, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.
I love waffles in the mornings.
I love going to church with my family.
I love coming home to the smell of dinner in the crock pot.
I love putting on some comfy clothes & staying home all day.
I love naps for all 5 Sclaters
I love playing on the floor with all my guys
playing cars/checkers/UNO/whatever.

Mads can clap! Yay for him!
Its cuter than cute to watch!

& this is why I hate Sundays....

Rod leaves for another week of rotations.
& I thought I missed him
when he was on his mission....
I had no idea what missing him was!

Okay & that about catches us up...
there are like a billion posts that follow this one.
happy looking!

{making some green}

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tamsyn is moving & wanted to shed some stuff.
I live in a town that is CRAZY & I mean nuts-o about yard sales!
So we joined forces!
my place & her stuff...mixed with some of mine & laura's too.
We set up shop Saturday & sold all sorts of stuff.
we both made some money &
even Laura who wasn't there sold some stuff at our yard sale.
We had the Sclater boys out with us for a few hours because the hubby was sick,
but after Tamsyn, Tre & Madsx3 were stung by bees we sent them inside.
So we got some solo girl time. which was welcomed!

We had a yard sale around this time last year too.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Rod is crazy about pumpkin carving.
He has a knack for making any image look
fabulous on a jack-o-lantern.
on his mission he drove his companions nuts making
their faces on pumpkins at Halloween time.
Its become a joke here for us.
He saw a road side stand
while coming back from his week at the dorm
& bought some pumpkins to start the season off...
a bit early, but T just loved it.
Rod justified the early carving by calling it practice.
I can buy that.
Can you guess what Rod carved
(hint: it was a game day for a certain white & blue team.)

{Bakesale part II}

Monday, September 21, 2009

The little cake bites are too cute.
I saw them here &
had to make them for Tre's scholol's

My hands were Red & green at the end of the night
(& my belly was full. I had to make sure tehy tasted okay.)

remember last year I made these?

{Party at the Park}

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Jo Jo" is 1!
(& soon to be a big sister too! & her Momma is just glowing!)

Thanks for the party Whitings!


& Now I am officially a weekend blogger.
since my computer met my kitchen floor (which is tiled.)
Not pretty...not pretty one little bit.

just think of all the house work Ill get done.

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