{Building a house}

Monday, November 30, 2009

& in some cases...
eating it.

{who are these kids?}

Sunday, November 29, 2009

aside from the occasional growl & tatal telling moments
the big boys have decided they like each other.
I feel like some alien life form has
taken over T & Britt's little bodies.

We are on day 3 of brotherly love!
I am sure the moment I post this I will hear screams of protest from their bed room.

T & Britt have been busy:

Being chased by pretend ghosts.
playing trains
Building car ramps
making hats out of play-doh
reading Christmas books
marching like soldiers to the hymn "Called to Serve"
eating M&Ms & Rice crispy treats (which Britt pronounces as "Christmas trees.")
playing eye spy

Please...heaven above...let it continue!!!

Thanksgiving was relaxing.
Wednesday, Rod's Mother arrived.
Thursday could not have been more relaxing.
We stayed in our jammies till 11
the parade was on.
the turkey was cooking.
we had a breakfast of stuffed pancakes & apple crisp.

Rod helped out in the kitchen.

(he makes a mean brussel sprout!!)
Together we cooked up this menu:

Apple cider & spiced Turkey
Apple & Cranberry stuffing
fresh pan fried brussel sprouts
Peanut & spicy green beans
Fresh rolls
Fully loaded mashed potatoes
Roasted maple sweet potatoes
cranberry jam
chocolate pecan pie
mini pumpkin & chocolate tarts
chocolate cream pie

We ate &
then the whitings joined us for dessert.
Tamsyn made a yummy pie that I wish she had forgotten here.
We crashed at the end of the day.

It really was just so very relaxing!

Maggi had to take off to
pick up her two puppies
on Saturday.
She spoiled the kids with treats & more treats.
they loved it.

We were glad she came.

Beacuse I was in the kitchen & with my family
my camera made it out for one early morning shot
before Maggi made her way back to the beach.

Hope your thanksgiving was just as beautiful!

{November 24th}

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

T's class is having the first dinner today.
( & then break starts!)
All the children climbed out of the minivans & SUV s this morning dressed as
Pilgrims & Indians.
Tre opted to be an Indian.
My trusty needle & thread kept me company last night.
Today is Mads actual 1st birthday.
1 year ago this little soul blessed our lives.
He is currently growing 4 more teeth &
taking a few steps at a time. He is not in a rush.
He thinks he is supposed to make noise all the time
...because his brothers do.

He hums when he eats something he likes &
loves nap time.
He attacks everyone's food &
has already mastered the art of destruction.
He scrunches up his nose when he smiles.
We still haven't heard a belly laugh from him.
He needs his mommy all the time.
He enjoys books.

We learn something new about him everyday!
We thank heaven for him!

Im starting the baking tonight
& taking my turkey from the freezer.
Have I ever mentioned Thanksgiving is my favorite of holidays?
LOVE the parade, the food, the family!

{Secrets out...}

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I subscribe to all the Twilight Saga hub-bub!

I had wanted to throw a Pre-New Moon party.

But with T's birthday coming & Mad's birthday just wrapping up...
I was swamped.

& totaly dropped the ball!

LUCKILY Cute Miss. Amy took it & ran with it!

Between her & her also very cute sister, Mandy
they threw the very best Twilight themed party.
The decorations were amazing
& the food was yummy.
Katie makes this amazing Chex Mix!
Amy even got her hands on Edward & Jacob.

My mom watched the sleeping boys
while I went out for GNO with some ladies from the ward.
I appreciate her a lot!

Top (L-R) Kelsey, nicola, Taralyn, Sister
Osborne, Aspen, Jacob, Millie, Laura, Edward,

Mandy, Kima,Katie, Sandy.
Bottom (L-R) Anna, Audrey, Sarah, Amy & Me.

Amy's birthday was this week also.
We just couldnt let it go by without a chocolate cake!
I thought it would be funny to have a vampire bite out of it.

There were alot of great shirts & flare at the pre show party...
these kept me laughing.

Amy & Mandy sure know how to throw a party!!!
It was way above & beyond!

Im skipping the 12:01 showing that the girls are all going to....
Rod bought tickets to take me tomorrow night.

He loves me.

But I love him more!

{Who knew?}

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

After 2 years of living here,
& after 100 Google searches for children museums in the area...
Who knew that there was a hidden gem in Oak Ridge Tennessee?

My mom & I packed up the boys for a fun afternoon out.
It took us 2 & 1/2 hours to get through this super fun museum!

(I cant wait to go back with my local girl friends!
I just know they & the kids will LOVE this place!)

& that is not all the fun we have been having
since Omah has come to town...

we also went to Bristol & drove all around the speedway park
& race track while enjoying lights & music!

We sure miss you Rod & Dad!
Dad, Britt asks to wake up Opah in the mornings.
I think he is under the impression that you have been sleeping
the whole visit & are hiding somewhere!
We love you!

{Maddox has a party}

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maddox turns 1 on the 24th.
we celebrated on the 14th.
We partied with a Dr. Seuss theme.
It was just too fun.

I still remember when he was born...

I am so glad he is here with us.

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