{long weekend}

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Having Brad & Kalen & Norah (& the new baby bump!) just a short drive away is really great. It is great for the children. They get to spend time with family more frequently. I really believe that having extended family around gives children confidence & comfort. There is something about knowing where you are from & that you are loved unconditionally that helps children be happy & well adjusted. I loved having cousins that were like brothers, & aunts & uncles that were like parents. I want that so badly for the 5. & also for Norah & Destiny & Talan. I wish I was able to spend more time with Destiny & Talan. I sure hope they know my heart is with them. Having them close is great for me. I feel I sense for support knowing if I needed Brad I could call on him. With Rod's upcoming months away Its nice to know I have family so close by.  The children had a 3 1/2 days weekend & We headed to Brad & Kalen's city for a weekend in cooler temperatures & family time. We watched the 90s version Pipi Long Stockins & Brad & I wowed Kalen & Rod with our recall of all the song lyrics to the movie. The weather was chilly & stormy at night. It felt like fall for the first time. We took the children to the park to play & blow bubbles. I love watching Brad with Norah. He loves his family so much. I love watching Rod with our children. He made sure to give each one of them some time while they played. We have plans to be together for Thanksgiving & that makes my heart want to burst. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. Its family & food & that warm fuzzy feeling without all the presents. It will be wonderful to share the day with them. Now if we can convince mom & dad to come sooner rather than later for the holidays!  Tre was so sweet with Norah, as he is with hi sown baby sister. He went right up to Norah & told her she was so pretty & that he loved her. He really is such a sweet boy. The kids are back in school for the week & I am  chasing my own tail. I made it to the gas station with less than 1 mile left in the tank & just barely got Presley off to carpool for school. Tre has scouts & we have homework projects to do. We have to pack Rod up & I am clueless as to what to make for the family for dinner tonight. The speed of the week is such a contrast to the nice relaxing weekend we had at Brad & Kalens. It filled my canteen so I can happily move through this busy week. 

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