{Cabin Prt.2}

Monday, July 25, 2016

While we were up in the mountains we went on a little hike. The little ones couldn't make it too far, but we had a good time anyways. Kim told pioneer stories & we talked to the children about how hard it must have been for the pioneer children to walk so far while carrying all of their belongings.  The scenery was beautiful & we ended up at the end of the ski slopes. We saw wild horses & wild flowers. When we arrived back to the cabin we were surprised that the boys all had plenty of energy still to explore. They returned to the hills. The littler ones rested on their beds. Later in the afternoon the children all made rag dolls & rag men, tic tac toe pieces & played pioneer games. They were way too much fun. We even dug out a puzzle. The girls made potato soup with bread bowls for dinner. We played some more games. Us moms had a good laugh when was just couldn't break the tie while playing. Our kids tried to help us out but even then we couldn't get a winner. Guess that means we are just so strong! Our pioneer day weekend was wonderful & full of little lessons. It also lacked electricity as the power would only work for a few moments at a time. True pioneer style!  So grateful were were able to spend our weekend at the cabin with our dear friends!

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