Monday, May 23, 2016

Another baby has finished Kindergarten. She is still the smallest in her class & still has a baby voice. I love these things. I would keep her small forever. I remember when she was 3 days old i started crying because she was getting older already. So you can imagine today was hard too. Cooper was in tow & was super proud of sister! He ran up to her during the songs & hug her tight. She held him so tenderly back. Maddox saw her walking past his classroom to the stage & told her how beautiful she looks. These brothers treasure their little sis. Cooper handed her white roses & she even got the sweetest floral gift from Tye! She loved them both & they are on her nightstand tonight.  She is pretty sure she starts first grade tomorrow. just a few more months Presley. Don't rush it!
Oh yes! & I don't want to forget...just before diplomas were handed out each little from her class walked up to the microphone & said what they wanted to be. Lots of the children said scientist, zoo keeper, police man, teacher. Presley said Speech Teacher (like our beloved Ms. Felinda!) Break my heart that's sweet!

{South Carolina}

Monday, May 16, 2016

Before Rod returned we would talk about plans. Plans for trips with friends, a trip with the kids, a trip for just us. Bit when he came back we all just locked ourselves away. Our own little love nest. We all just wanted to be home together. Time slipped by & our plans for the 3 weeks he had off from work just flew by. Not loving that part. We were going to sneak away to South Carolina just the two of us to attend Rod's sister's graduation & visit his family. In the end all 7 of us went. The looks we got at the airport marching all in line were hilarious. But we did it & the kids did super well. One leg was 4 & 1/2 hours & the other 1 hour. I was a proud momma. They really were very well behaved. Coop even snuck in a nap...& at 3 he is usually way to busy to sit still for 10 minutes. We were sad not to make it to Charlotte North Carolina to see my grammy, & their Mema! But with all the festivities for Jessica it just wasn't going to happen. Next Time! We miss her so much!  We landed & got into our big big rental & then headed straight for the beach house. The kids claimed beds & we freshened up for dinner. Myrtle Beach actually had a handful of our favorite places to eat that our new city does not. & being a big fan of food that was a great thing for my mother's day weekend! Burger Fi & bonefish grill were 2 places we stopped. Burger Fi is just the best. Salt & Vinegar fries....   We planned to attend church but with the late night arrival & the early hour of church we ended up completely sleeping through. The kids slept till 10:30/11...granted thats 7:30 our time, but it felt nice to rest up together. We met up with Rod's mother & Jessica & our nephew, Talan & Ryan. we had a wonderful day together. Talan came back to our place with us so we could keep the playtime going. The kids watched movies till very late & had nerf gun fights & lots & lots of chocolate. Monday Jessica had her certification Exam so Talan played with us. We went to the beach just next to Rod's mother's house. The kids played & we all got really strange sunburns due to horrible application of sunblock! Rod's was the best! a straight crazy line! turned many heads.  We went to the cutest, cheesiest pirates dinner theatre. The children all had their faces painted as pirates or mermaids. They had flags they waved for the pirate clan they were a part of....clans probably the wrong word. It was so so sweet to see our 5 & Talan enjoying something together so much. There were performing high divers too so that was a lot of fun for Britt & Madds! The food was all finger food & super funny to eat. We were pirates for a night. The kids crashed hard that night. Tuesday we ate breakfast & swam with Rod's father & sister, Ryan & Talan. Tuesday night was the big night for Jessica's hard earned graduation. We dressed up & went out to eat with the family & then headed for the graduation. Thank goodness for uncle Tobias! he entertained Cooper a lot through the ceremony! & Jess had bought all the kids activity books. so well thought out! Talan was so proud of his mommy. He was beaming. Jess was glowing too! She found something she loves & we are so happy for her. After the ceremony we worked our way back to the cars & headed over to an amazing little candy shop called Candy Life. The ladies are from Jamaica & are so so wonderful! It is an ice cream shop & candy shop that is brightly colored & such a sunny place to visit. We had a great time visiting & snacking. We hugged grandpa goodbye and went back to the house to sleep off our sugar highs. The next morning we packed up & had breakfast at the little cafe a block away with Jess, Ryan, & Rod's mom, & Tobias too. Cute Talan was back at school for the day. We missed him. The kids were resteraunted out. All that sitting still was starting to catch up to them. But really they were good babies the whole trip.  Before leaving we had to put a treat & a card on the doorstep of our beach rental's door step. He lives their year around & is truly just the sweetest old man. He told us about how he lost his wife & then was diagnosed with cancer but is doing great now. He told us that he was a parachuter in the Korean war. He was so gentle & kind & when he shook our hand he cupped both hands around ours.  He gave the children collectible cars & helicopters. He was such a lovely man. We are going to write to him & draw pictures for him tonight for Family Home Evening. He seemed so lonely but was so kind & generous & incredibly patient with our noisy brood. He left a big impression on our hearts. We were all starting to feel the exhaustion from all the fun so the children were a bit sleepier for the flights home. We are back now & I am so glad we were able to have all the children with us. Tre even skipped Astro Camp to come along. I am so proud of him that he chose family time. I know the memories made with Rod's side of the family will never fade. We do not see them often. It is so important for our 5 to know where they come from, who they look like, that they are loved. This trip was a great success! We had a wonderful visit!

(The pictures are all out of order. Blogger & I had a hard time cooperating today. )

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