How do you know its been a good day?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dirty little shoes of course!

"Speculate the Story Saturday" launch

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My goal is to have a fun photo story every Saturday. so stay tuned and use your imagination as to what the heck is going on at the sclater situate.

This Moms week

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What we have been up to this past week & a half....
1. root canals x2
2. Rain
3. Raod trips
4. Omah & Opah's house
5. Yard work & house work (always.)
6. 3 row car hunt
7. Pre school
8. yucky colds x3
9. ridding the car of old milk smell
10. smiling

The Wheels on the...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

go round and round!

Wordless Wednesday...or not

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I had wanted to start a day of the week where I would just post fun pictures of the boys with no words. today was going to be the first "wordless wednesday"...but today happened to be Tre's 1st day of school! Yay! So I have words to say:)
My big big T-man DID GREAT!!!!!! he was so grown up about the entire process. No tears, no clinging, just excitement and intrest! He is one of those kids who needs to be told exactly what to expect s he got a good ol' pep talk this morning (and every day for the last week. ha) about his teachers, school books, his desk, potty at school, snack time, play time, friends etc... When we showed up at school his teacher Miss. Shannon was outside looking cute as anything with bright chunky jelery and a smile. She had musical puppets on her hands which was just adorable! She gave Tre a hug and was just amped up to begin the school year. Im certain taht between shannon and my own excitement (even if i was nervous myself) that Tre bought into it! The parents were allowed to walk the kids into the school today so we all lined up and walked in. Tre sat at his little seat at the yellow desk (his favorite color is yellow, so he was thrilled.) and he put his little bear name tag on and just soaked up his new class room. The parents began to trickle out. I gave Tre a kiss on his palm ( a new thing we started from a book called "the kissing hand" about a lil' raccoon taht goes to school. cute book.) and off I went leaving him smiling!I am just so proud of him. Rod and I are thrilled that he has this oppurtunity to jump start pre-school. And I am cloud 9 that it was a tearless morning! So...Yay for Tre!!! And oh well to wordless wednesday! This is one proud mama hen!

(The first 2 photos are of Tre beaming before school, and the last is of Omah and Tre after school. we went to Cumberland gap to walk around and eat at Webbs, we checked out the fish by the mill and had a great time. It was a fabulous 1st day!)

My Mom

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Mom is coming to visit for a week and we are all just thrilled. she brings such a joy with her when she comes here. She is just one of those people who really loves and shows it with everything she does. we are really looking forward to seeing her!

Some things to know about my Mom...
She gives, and gives, and gives, then gives some more
she taught me all I know about being a mom
She loves her "grand babies" to pieces and they know it!
She is an amazing wife to my father
She is the best cook around, just ask.
She shares the same weakness for ice cream and chocolate as me & Tre.
She is so supportive of my brother's choice to be a police officer even if it scares her to death.
She is patient with everyone.
She is sensitive & understanding.
She is always thinking one step ahead and is always prepared.
She makes me feel good about who I am and what I am doing.
She always has a hug available.
She has the most contagious laugh
She finds ways to serve and love those around her everyday
She is so much fun to be around
She loves to explore her world, and travel.
She taught me to pray
she loves to be healthy and runs 2 times a day.
She taught my father, brother & Myself to live healthy
She loves my husband as if he were hers.
She goes all out for every holiday and celebration. (thats where I got it from!)
She leaves people better then they were when she 1st met them.
She has class running through her veins
She is humble
She knows when to stand up for something she believes in
She loves sports of all kinds.
She is amazingly beautiful!
She is always only a phone call away, even when its my 6th time calling that day.
She keeps an immaculate home, where people want to be.
She spoils her family with love, treats and care packages!
I am invisible to the boys when "Omah" is around. (& I love it!!)
Britton took his 1st steps to her.
She witnessed Tre's first steps.
She has such pride in her family
She has never missed a birthday and makes each one special.
She is strong
I want to be just like her
She loves being around different cultures and learning about diversity.
She loves to read
She enjoys the outdoors
She will watch the kids at a moments notice & happily
She has been there for both boy's births!
I can count on her for anything!
She challenges me to pursue learning always.
She is superstitious and it makes her family laugh
She teaches Tre to be a helper.
She has great taste!
She will sing to the boys even if it embarrasses her.
She dances in the car.
She is devoted to her faith & Savior.
She was thrilled to hear we are having another boy.
She is crafty with a sewing machine
Her door is always open
She can translate the Boy's cries and baby babble.
She put Tre on a schedule when he was 3 days old. Which saved our lives and sanity!
I never doubt her love.
She is trusting.
She makes those around her smile.
Her marriage is an example to her children.
She puts up with me.
She has a green thumb.
She sacrifices for others.
She is my best friend!

Party People

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last week we celebrated Payton's birthday at her home. It was a lot of fun. Laura went all out!! The party was adorable. Tamsyn took some pictures and sent them my way.

(Princess Payton & all the kids together for a party!)

(Payton & Tre all smiles!)

But thats not all the fun we have had. Laura and Tamsyn teamed up to throw a big birthday bash for both Kailyn and payton. As their birthdays are so close together. The ladies put together a great evening at the park and a great guest list. It was so fun to get together with friends from church and the school. We sclaters really enjoyed the celebration!

(Getting ready to sing happy birthday to the sweet girls.)

(All the party kids playing together at the park.)

(Rod and Jeff with the boys)

(Rod with the young men from church. including bishop thompsons sons and the smith's son.)

Not only was this evening fun, but today was FABULOUS! I am constantly inspired & encouraged by my mommy friends! I have always chased messes. If the boys stop playing with something for even a split second I have it packed up and put away. I have always kept the "only 3 toys out at a time" rule in our home...and thus driving my poor babies crazy, as well as myself! Laura takes a different approach, DO NOT misunderstand me...her home is immaculate!!! But, she lets her kids be kids & PLAY! I love it! So I thought I would take the laura approach today. So when we were all up I opened the toy bins, opened the toy closet and let the boys go to town. The mess wasn't bad at all, and we all loved it!! I had a blast myself, and relaxed! And to be honest it took me less then 5 minuets to clean up the toys tonight. This is definitely a tactic i will be adopting in my home! Play on!! I love being a mom.

Fabulous Friends

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I had some girlfriends over today for lunch. I loved the opportunity to love on them, because heaven knows they each do so much for me. They are just too fun! Our kids play great together and we all do too:)

(Heather, Tamsyn, Myself, Laura)

(Yummy treats and adorable faces)

All is well on the home front

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thanks for the love friends and family! I am just fine and so is baby. I was admitted to the hospital and then after some tests and ultrasounds they concluded that the bleeding and the pain was from a dilated right kidney (what ever the heck that means. haha) The ultrasound of my kidneys showed a lot of black around the kidney, which as I was told was excess fluid and pressure. But, baby is well and happy and busy growing. we just love this little peanut so much already. The bleeding gave us a bit of a scare. Placenta is fine, baby is fine, cervix is fine. all is fine and fabulous! Still feeling kind-a like I was beat up, or drop kicked, but Im just thrilled baby is safe and sound! And that is definitely a reason to smile!

Back in the saddle again

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well-p Rod is back in the saddle again. Rod is officially in year 2 of school. And I could not be prouder! I am so grateful for all he is doing to prepare a future (that does not involve med school debt, and does involve a paycheck. haha) for us. He works so hard, and never with a complaint or a negative attitude. I am so blessed to have him as my own and I couldn't ask for a better example for my boys. What a swell guy:) Now that Rod is back in school I have all sorts of time with the monkeys. I remember when I first moved here I thought...Holy Heck! What am I going to do here?! But now I have a head full of ideas. We love going to the LMU pool. Its free to us since Rod is a student, so we take advantage of that every time we can. The past 2 weeks my girlfriends and I have been playing together a lot! We celebrated Tre's little girl friend's birthday just this week. It was too fun, party hats and all! I really love the friends we have gained here. So fabulous and really supportive. Just the other day I took the boys to Pinnacle Peak. This particular peak overlooks where VA, KY, & TN meet. It is truly beautiful. Tre gets a kick out of being a tour guide and reading a map of the trails in the area. He thrives on those moments when he can be in charge (or at least thinks he is in charge.) We discovered a snail along the way and the boys just loved it. It was a really pleasant morning.

Smarty Pants

Friday, August 01, 2008

Im sure every mommy thinks their child is a prodigy, a genius, & just too darn cute. I think we are all entitled to think this! Here is our latest example of our genius at work. He can write the names of each family member, and his little friends without help spelling or forming the letters. We are proud parents! (note: his "A" kind-a looks like a Q, but hey he is three.)

Our smarty pants at work...

Double the trouble

Friday, August 01, 2008

one thing I really love about having boys (there are so many other reasons being a mom of boys is fabulous!) is the love they share for each other. Don't get me wrong Tre just about looses his mind (while taking mine) when Britt gets into a puzzle he is doing or touches his crayons...but The way Britt and Tre react to each other when reunited after a short separation is priceless. Tre goes to pre school 2 times a week for 4 hours, and when Britton and I go to pick him up It nearly melts my heart the way Britt gets so uncontrollably excited! He giggles, and squirms, waves his little hands. Its precious. Tre always has a kiss for his baby brother. He watches out for him. After Britton's naps Tre is thrilled to pieces and in his high pitched voice (many of you know what voice im talking about. ha) will say "I missed you Britton. how was your nappy?" I remember the first time Britton acknowledged Tre. He looked at his big brother with the same exact love and affection that he looked at me. I was thrilled. I love to watch their relationship grow! Its fun when those rare occasions arise that they both can share the same activity. They love to race cars back and forth to each other on the train table, & they love to roll a ball back and forth to each other. Tre is certainly an example & help to his little brother. He is such a sweet boy. Our two boys are double the trouble, but also double the fun and double the love!

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