{Heat wave camping}

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last week was awful! It was a major heat wave! As in 120 for the week! & it also happened to be the week T had scout camp. Camping in hat kind of heat for a week?! But T was excited so I put on a brave face, kissed him goodbye and then cried & was grumpy till he walked back through the door Friday morning. I am not going to be a very good missionary mom! Ill be a mess! This boy is such a light and his absence really was felt in our home. The kids prayed for him in every prayer. They knew how hot it was, & dangerous. I mean Maddox got a blister touching the playground equipment one morning before going into the school (kids here can't have recess its so hot, but the school has cute activities and movies. too too cute!)  & Then one day on our way back from one of Britton's doctors appointments a large woman in a wheel chair passed out and fell into the street with her motorized wheel chair. I was the first to get to her with a kid about 13 years old who was walking from the bus stop. We tried so hard to pull her up off the hot top but we just could not lift her. The cement was actually cooking her skin. Smell of flesh and blisters and instant bleeding. It was scary. I grabbed Rod's windshield cover and found someone with a blanket to roll her onto it until the ambulance could be there. She was in so much pain from the heat of the air and concrete. I had cold waters I had just bought so we tried to cool her with those too. I left Britt in the car (with it running!) because it was really very scary. A lot of people pulled over to help once they saw the bad situation. This heat is no joke. After the ambulance came and we wished her well I climbed into the car to get home. I lost it thinking about that poor woman, but also worrying about my own sweet buddy camping in this crazy heat.  I was so happy to get him back Friday morning. We left immediately for California for his tournament, but he was near by and that was just what I needed. Now the heat needs to subside a bit. 

{Jessie and Talan}

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last week we had such a fun visit with Rod's sister. Aunt Jessie & Talan. The elementary kids still had school so while they were in class Tre, Coop & I  ran around to show Jessie & Talan the city sites. We visited all the fun kid friendly spots & went on a hike too. & When the kids got out of school we hurried to finish homework then went to straight into the pool till dinner.  The kids loved playing with their cousin & we were finally able to give him his baptism gifts. We are so proud of him for making the decision to be baptized. We loved having Talan & Aunt Jessie with us for family scripture study in the AM and song & prayer in the PM. Hope they had as much fun as we did.

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