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Monday, December 19, 2011

We have a few trees in the house this christmas. One of which stands in our living room where we as a family spend the majority of our time. It was important that this year we do something every day to encourage the children to remember why we celebrate christmas. It needed to be hands on, because the boys are not the type to sit still for a lesson every single night. so we started to make an ornament for the tree in the living room every night. & with each ornament a small message about the birth of our savior & his life. Its been something we all look forward to. After we do our bedtime song & prayer & kiss the baby & put her to bed, the boys & I pick a aseat at the table & I tell them what we are making & why we are making it. Having the tree in a place in our home where we are often has really been great for starting discussions about the gospel. I can see us doing this again & again in years to come.
heres a few of the things the boy's made to go along with our nightly messages: Photobucket


Kim-the-girl said...

GENIUS!!!! Love that idea! We are doing a little something each night too, but what a beautiful idea this is! Remind us all next year in time to do it early in the season, will you? ;)

By the way, Bryant asked me if we were going to see Tre and Brit this month? I thought it was cute and told him I didn't know, but I'd ask... so what do you think? Are you up for a Woodbury visit sometime after Christmas?

Laura and Bryan said...

Hey! Just wanted to wish you guys Merry Christmas! Looks like Texas is treating you well! Presley is adorable!

The Taylors

Jenni said...

Kim--um yes please!!!! lets do it! Imm get in touch or you get in touch@ either way..lets get in touch:)

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