Monday, December 26, 2011

Rod had to work on his birthday. I guess people still are ill even during the holidays. darn. right?! So I had to make some compromises & for go the dinner & friends for his day. Instead I waited till he fell asleep on the 23rd & snuck out to his car & filled it with balloons & party decorations & dangeling notes listing things with appreciate about the man of the house. then on his steering wheel was a poem with challenges. He had to give a christmas treat to the nurses station, give children that he saw a little gift, & cupcakes to share. each challenge's supplies were provided in designated bags. The one challenge, & the one I knew would be the hardest...Rod chose to NOT do. whimp! He was supposed to tell someone it was his birthday.
at the end of his long work day he cam ehome. I had kept the boys up to help sing to their Dad. It was the first time Britt had seen his Daddy in 8 days. & only the second night Madds had seen. We have missed him this month. We had cake & hurried the boys off to bed for Santa to come.
I know his birthday was not perfect, but I am hoping he felt loved.


A big thank you to Rod for all the sacrafices he makes for our family. Imcluding leaving the house at 5am & working till 7pm on his birthday! We love you!

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Kim-the-girl said...

I'm sure you made him feel very loved. You put the rest of us to shame!! But Happy Birthday to Rod! Glad you got to see those cute kiddos of yours!

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