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Friday, December 23, 2011

on the same day that we went to the children's museum (the post that follows this one) the boys woke early & I needed to busy them so we covered the table with butcher paper & dumped out our pale of crayons. away they went making christmas trees & wreaths & rainbows & scribbles. I thought it was cute watching them each draw what was in their I snapped a few shots. & then after the trip into the city we came home took a 45 minuet siesta & hurried back out the door for the neighborhood christmas party. We helped set up for about an hour (all while Britt was trying to flood the ladies room by the pool. nice.) & then the party began. We drank cocoa, ate cookies & mingled with neighbors , slid down slides, roasted marshmellows & even saw Santa..again. It was all fun & games until... presley decided she was just too tuckered out so we headed home & when we pulled into the drive the kids were all excited to get into the house. So they quickly unbuckled. I pulled presley out & walked around to the other side of the car...opened the door &


maddox fell belly flop on the concrete.

blood & cries everywhere! Presley was screaming in my arms, maddox was hysterical from scare i imagine, Tre was freaking out because of blood & Britt just skipped into the house as if nothing was going on. I hurried the kids in. put presley in the high chair & laid maddox on our butcher papered-table masterpiece to check out the damage. sure enough he had a gaping hole in his chin. tissue was hanging out. So I called a friend for a second opinion & some back up. Rod was at work. Omah & opah were out shopping about an hour away. Sitters came & Maddox & I headed to the hospital to get put back together. The nurses & doctors kept saying it looked like he had two tongues...thats how much tissue was spilling out the wound. um..gross. We snuggled & Rod met us at the hospital. Maddox is such a sweet kidd-o. Poor guy was sore all day, but was a super tough boy!

This is a big deal for us! We have 3 boys & in 7 years this is our FIRST ER trip for an injury. pretty freaking awsome record if I may say so myself! hopefully we can go another 7 without kids flying out of cars & making huge holes in their chins.

Ill spare the gross pictures...heres the happier parts of the day...

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