{Fathers Day sans father}

Friday, July 01, 2016

Fathers day weekend was super fun! For us. But poor Rod was on first & second call so he was at the hospital pretty much the entire weekend. But the kids still went ahead with our plans. On Saturday we had a picnic with neighbor friends. On Sunday we made Rod's favorite peach cobbler for breakfast & made home made pizzas for dinner. The children decorated the kitchen door with colored in letters. Monday night Daddy was gone again so we swam during the sunset & into the night. We sure missed him but we just spent an entire week in Utah together so no complaints here! 

When I thought about what kind of father Rod would be in our early days together I remember knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he would a very involved & selfless dad. I knew he would be patient & approachable. But I never dreamed that he would be as generous with his time, & energy as he is. He teaches our children in all areas of life, but particularly things of the spiritual nature. He will send me a text some days with a talk he thinks the boys should read that day & when he gets home they talk about it. He works to provide & teaches the children the value of work ethics. He challenges them when i am prone to baby them. I love him. They love him. We are incredibly blessed to have him! 

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