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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The boys were at camp from 8am-12pm then they would come back to the house get a quick shower & then  we had things we wanted to see & do! Amongst them...
Eat J Dawgs...Rod & I ate here just about once a week in our college days. Just as good now as it was then & Mom & the kids loved it too! 
Go to the BYU bookstore... to let Rod buy everything  he didn't buy when he & I came for a visit in October. We also wanted to get some more art for the home. Our Friends the Keys recently put up new pictures of the temple in their home & I realized what a great idea that was & wanted to buy help our children remember what their goals are. 
Visit the the Temple in Provo...We walked the grounds & talked about the temple, & just enjoyed the beautiful weather & gardens!
Eat at the Sweet Tooth Fairy...The cupcakes did not disappoint & Tre thought it was so cool that we were eating at the shop of a cup cake wars competitor.
Get ice cream from the BYU its looking like most of our list revolved around food. My Mom always loved walking to the Creamery when she would visit us in Provo. The line was bananas so we just grabbed some cartons & brought them back to the house. 

in the evening the kids loved playing outside & playing games. Britt really loved getting everyone involved in games, but his favorite was called "Curses" & its such a fun & easy game. you have to do what the cards tell you as you play the game. Rod was twitching as the game became rowdier & rowdier with each card. 

We really did have such a wonderful time all together & screen free! 

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