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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Lacrosse camp was a big hit! The boys learned a lot & Tre was a leader! So much so that he was awarded for his skills & leadership/sportsmanship...on both days that they offered awards! Pretty proud momma! Maddox & Tre fight like cats & dogs so so much...but they love each other. I know by the way Maddox looks up to Tre & Tre looks at Maddox. Maddox wanted to train goalie just like was pretty cute to watch. 
A funny thing...there was shop called the crazy cannuck in Provo when we lived there..lots of hockey, lacrosse & Canadian stuff. The guy who ran the shop remembered Rod as soon as he saw him...after 10 years! he remembered that Rod was always smiling! he told our boys that. I love that the kids get a glimpse into our earlier years. This guy ended up being Madd's coach...& couldn't remember anyones names but Maddox & Tre's. He would yell.. "Sclater!" so funny. 

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