Monday, July 18, 2016

We have a big chalk board with a list of things the children want to do this summer. We are working our way through the list & making some great memories along the way. The children love to watch the food network. Their favorite show is Chopped. We decided to add our very own chopped challenge night to our list. Saturday we were able to check that one off. I loved watching each of them use their ingredients and their creativity. Britt wowed us with making pizza sandwiches, Tre made an antipasta. Maddox made a "cheese salad" and a pasta bake. Rod & I helped the little ones make pasta bakes too. We decided that everyone would get a prize for best presentation, best flavor... Coop was extra excited to "win." After dinner we moved onto the dessert round. The kids used pastry dough to make pies, dessert pizzas...& they were all so yummy. Stuffed with marshmallows, peanut butter  & chocolate. Tre was really focused & loved using the kitchen. I can't help but think about how useful cooking will be to them in just a few years when they serve missions and move away for school. I feel so honored to be their mom & teach them as they grow. We had such a fun night...and lots and lots of dirty dishes!

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