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Friday, July 08, 2016

After camp on Wednesday we drove to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square.
It was emotional for us. Or at least those of us 9 & older. I could see Britt soaking it all in & feeling the spirit. I could actually see his testimony going in his eyes & face. Watching Tre walk Temple square & its visitors centers was truly something I will never forget. We have been to temple grounds before, but this one was different for him. His eyes were open, he was still, he was quiet. He had a slight smile on his face. He walked slowly from one interactive & informational exhibit to another. It was very evident that he was feeling touched by the spirit. I pray my children remember the feelings they had outside the Temples & have an unquenchable thirst to be IN the temple! My mom was teary eyed as she visited the sights pertaining to the savior. I could not of asked for a better day. I put on hymns while going through the images of this day on my computer & I found myself feeling intensely grateful that I have this gospel, & this family & eternity! & then the tears came. 

I love the pictures of Press outside the think of our dolly in white one day...
I love the pictures of Tre looking out at the temple.
I loved our quick stop for a snack of rolls at lion house.
I love that the children were eager to bring home souvenirs from Deseret Book in SLC. Tre even picked out the Joseph Smith ring...the same ring his daddy wore everyday when I met him before his mission to Italy. Tre loves it & says it reminds him to have eternal perspective. 
I love that my mom was with us.

This trip was so perfect for our family & I love knowing we get to do it again next year! We definitely returned with stronger testimonies!

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