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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Presley is 6 now. 6 feels big. 6 feels not like a baby anymore. & Its incredibly sad for me. I remember her being a tiny 4 day old. She & I laid on the bed with the windows of my room open. The windows faced the side yard where the boys played with pinwheels & water toys. I could here them making boat sounds & racing around on the grass with arms stretched out in an attempt to make the pinwheel spin. The curtains gently moved from the air passing into & out of the house. In front of me was the most beautiful thing I had ever played eyes on. The boys were each so special, but this one...this baby was beautiful. She was quiet & still & pink cheeked. I remember crying over my little girl of 4 days devastated that with every passing moment she was getting bigger. Each stage has felt that way with Presley. She had a rough 3rd year, but on the other side of that year came the sweet baby we knew & loved. She is a dreamer. She creates worlds for her toys.  She loves to play with her dolls & her play kitchen & doll houses. She loves to build with blocks & swim & ride her pink bike. 
On her actual birthday Rod was away out east completing an exam. The day started off rough (the flu is in our home!), but I determined to give sis the birthday she had asked for. She had requested presents (of course) her ferris wheel, cupcakes & a tea party before bed. Presley opened her gifts early & then we gathered a days worth of stuff & hurried out the door. We went to the ferris wheel & had a great time. We always end up dancing! & we then headed straight next door to sprinkles cupcakes to eat a treat & make wishes into the fountain. We then headed to Tre's Lacrosse practice. The kids handled the interruption in festivities well. Tre played great. he really likes playing goalie these days, although he is versatile. After Tre got good & sweaty we headed out to a sit down restaurant. Just the 6 of us. Kids & grown ups all around us were being sung to by the weight staff. Man a live! Overtime they started, Presley would make a scowl & yell...HEY! ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU KNOW! its so funny because she has such a tiny voice even when she yells, & she's size 4T even at 6 yrs old. The brothers got a good laugh out of her anger towards the idea of other people getting sung to on HER birthday! At last it was Presley's turn. She got her sundae with sprinkles & a bunch of strangers singing to her & she was just beaming with excitement! So so funny! 
so my darling...when you think of your 6th birthday I hope you think of our fun adventures in the city & how excited Britt was to hold your hand & sit by you all day long! I hope you think about how you knew just how you wanted to wear your hair & just a little lipstick. I love you my darling girl! Happy 6th Birthday to you! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

I love the way you talk about your children. Do I always say that? You are an amazing mother. People always said to be that I needed a girl, that everyone needs a girl and I never believed them. While I love having mine, I can't help but feel a little sorry for her that she doesn't have a mother more like you.

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