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Saturday, July 02, 2016

While Rod was deployed he accrued a bit of leave time. Most of which we are using this summer. This past week we packed up & went north to Utah so the boys could attend lacrosse camp BYU. We were so incredibly lucky to have my Mom join us too. We rented out a house that was up in the Tree streets at the base of the mountains just behind the Provo Temple. When Tre was a baby I would walk those streets for hours & hours while he napped in the stroller or baby carrier. I loved the trees & the old homes. We pulled up to this house in the afternoon & I immediately remembered why I loved those streets so much. Its so quiet & still up there. All you hear are bees & birds and maybe a child or two playing in the yard or garden. The weather was a good 25 degrees cooler than here in the city so we just sat outside & played till dinner time.  It was a perfect start to our week in Utah. 

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