Tuesday, June 09, 2015

At least we had a table this year. The day after we moved into this house Britton had his 4th birthday. The furniture & all our belongings were still on a moving truck on the way to our new home. We ate cake on the floor & he got a bike & a Thomas balloon. He has always been easy to please & he never rode that bike. He prefers scooters & skateboards. This year our things were being packed. Curtains & pictures were down. 4 years have gone by & he is four times sweeter & 4 times smarter. He is a brilliant brilliant boy. 
For his 8th birthday we did the traditional breakfast with candle. I went to his class to deliver "christmas brownies" (his absolute favorite treat) followed by being taken out of school early. We had cupcakes as an after school treat & we went to burger fi at la cantera & returned home for an oreo cake & presents. Lots & lots of pokemon cards, a new backpack & running shoes. all per his request. A bike is on its way. Maybe he will ride this one. The new house is on a culdesac with no hills. Bike riders paradise! 
Being this buddy's mom is wonderful. He is tender & creative. He makes me worry. He makes us laugh. I still whisper in his ear "who is mommy's special boy?" & he knows it is him. He holds a big chunk of my heart. 

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