Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Britton was so super blessed this past weekend! His Omah & Opah & his Aunt Kalen, Uncle Brad, Norah & Piper all traveled a long way to attend his baptism. Our sweet neighbors came to Britt's special day, just as they had for Tre. It meant a lot to our family. Rod did not leave a single eye dry when he confirmed Britt. Our children were calm & I could tell they were feeling that strong spirit that dwelled in the relief society room. Cooper particularly was still & quiet the entire time. Our sweet Johnson girls participated in the program as well as our friend Chrissy Oliveros, the children's piano teacher Ms. Emma & Britt's primary teacher spoke, Tre offered the opening prayer, & primary children sang. It was simple & sweet. I should snap a picture of the program & put it up when I post his announcement pictures. I want to remember those sweet people who played such a big part in making his baptism beautiful. Britton said "being 8 is great, but being baptized is AMAZING!" He certainly has a testimony of the gospel & I feel as though the holy ghost has already spoken strongly to his heart. His dialogue with us about all things spiritual has increased so much in just a few short days. He is such a darling boy & I know his father in heaven is pleased with him. I know Rod & I are! 

These beautiful girls have been my angels here. My Amy Jop of Texas! They are so wonderful with our babies & always eager & willing to be here to help save me. They are trust worthy, tidy, fun & loving. Cooper sings songs about Ashley in his crib. The 5 will miss Ashley & Laura & their mom & dad so so much! 

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Kalen said...

Love the picture of Tre & Piper! This girl, right here, needs a diet plan and a hair cut. Oh, the beauties of newborns. ;)

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