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Monday, June 22, 2015

We have been in Arizona for 1 week now. The time has flown by. Three more weeks till we head to Nevada. Rod comes in a week & a half. Presley cannot even stand the wait. She asks if Daddy will jump in with her today everyday. Being separated is hard, but is something we have grown used to. The children are filling their time with lots of swimming, face timing/texting/writing to friends & Omah! On Fathers day we celebrated Opah with breakfast & dinner with a dessert. It feels good to take care of my parents. They do so much for us. The children are thrilled to be visiting with my parents. Cooper was super cute, unscripted he took the phone from me & via FaceTime said "happy fathers day" to Rod. We thought a lot about him...we always do. I have been taking a lot of pictures for they are. all 800 of them. Also, even though we are hundreds of miles apart I was able to sneak a picture of Avery while T chatted. That gave us all a little laugh.

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Kalen said...

Ahhhh!!! RITA'S!!! Yummmm! Love these little faces, too!! <3

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