{Birthday Baby}

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our poor baby girl. She had a birthday in the car. But her surprise birthday from Isabella was so special that I do not think she minded a bit. Me & I 5 drove 17 hours to Omah & Opah's house & when we arrived Omah had decorated for Presley & had a super adorable cake she had made & presents too. The kids swam, ate pizza, cake & then crashed hard! I am so grateful My Mom is here. She was supposed to be in Seattle with my Dad, but stayed for me. I need her. The kids do too. She makes everything better. We miss Rod a lot, so Having Mom here is really a blessing.
Presley is a doll. She makes us all smile. Yes, she has sas, but I am starting to learn that all little girls do. She is a tender soul with love to share. She loves to color, play playdoh & dress up her "kids." She loves oatmeal with syrup & her friends, Bella, Chloe, Carson paige, Fiona, Madalyn, Jordan, Camille & her cousin, Norah. She is a fish in the water. She is a hoarder of all things pink! 5  has come too quickly. I remember when she was 3 days old I cried hysterically because I did not want her to grow at all! I wanted her to stay tiny forever.

(Pictures with no bows below! I know crazy! We had just swam.)

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Kim-the-girl said...

5 has come fast! I'm in denial about Bolton's birthday in a few weeks, I hadn't thought about these two being so close in age for a long time...but I'm remembering now a comment from Rod when I had Bolton that they should get married because they both haveare famous musician's last names for first names. :-)

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