Tuesday, June 09, 2015

When we found out we would be moving my heart sank into my stomach. Brad, Kalen & the girls are  only 5 hours from us & its been a dream seeing them almost monthly. Norah is my sweet girl & Piper is precious. i love them. I love Kalen. She is a great sister in law & best part, friend. The children have loved visiting with their baby cousins & ask to see Norah weekly. I am so grateful that we had this year to be closer. I hope it happens again. Thank goodness flights to our new city in Nevada are inexpensive! We have a room waiting for them! 
Since the whole family was together we went to my Mom's favorite Mexican restaurant & listened to mariachi music & remained about how Maddox was sure as a baby that this restaurant was a party in his honor. We walked the river walk after & looked at baby ducklings & colorful umbrellas covering cafe like tables outside restaurants. We rode a river boat & enjoyed the breeze on the humid day. Ill remember this last day as a family in this wonderful part of the world. Ill remember how My parents & Brother & Sister in law traveled to spend this last weekend in Texas with us. My heart is full. 

Piper was the star of the show! The children all wanted to snuggle her up. Cooper was her biggest fan. "I hold baby piper please?" all day long! It was hilarious. 


Kalen said...

TEARS!!! LOVE the photos of Norah & Presley & her beautiful necklace. I hope we all end up close again soon. We'll miss you guys!!

Kim-the-girl said...

Beautiful photos! What a great city you've enjoyed. And your family seems to be the best!

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