{2nd week}

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This past week was a little harder. the excitement of being with Omah & Opah is still very much here, but it also became very real that we are not heading back south to Texas. The kids have been writing letters & are always so excited to check the mail for letters from San Antonio. I remember I had a pen pal when I was younger & I loved the anticipation of getting letters from him. & then as a college student Rod wrote me a lot while he was in Italy & those were always really fun to get. He was silly & would send me all sorts of hilarious & clever things. Rod comes here in a week. He has been in Michigan for the weekend. His Dad flew him out for a man's trip. Lots of hot dogs, guns & cars. Its been strange having him in Texas for his last weeks of work & us having to leave the house. He will be tying up loose ends this upcoming week, car stuff,  goodbyes, utilities. & Then when he gets here we have 3 days before he has to head to Nevada to  start at the hospital there. The babies & I will follow him up a few days later to be there for our furniture delivery. After that we will grab the big boys  & start getting settled. I am so grateful that we could come to my parents house for this in-between time. They really take care of us! We spent 2 days with Tamsyn & the kids this past week. I always feel like I am home when we are together. She is an anchor in my life. A constant. Boone & Madds really hit of every time we get together. They are always cracking up. Tre & Kailyn are shy & I am not sure they have even said boo to each other.  The kids do well together. I wish we had more time so they could be closer, like they were when they were itty bitty things.

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